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Gun grabbers kill jobs

Gun-control laws don’t reduce crime, but they do reduce employment. Some governors don’t care and are pushing for more pointless statutes that put their citizens’ jobs on the line. Smarter governors sense the opportunity to poach a few manufacturers from their colleagues.

Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy, a Democrat, is not one of the brighter chief executives. He’s upset that his own “Sandy Hook Advisory Commission” and the General Assembly’s bipartisan gun control task force aren’t moving fast enough to ram through gun-control measures before the memory of the Newtown tragedy fades.

Accompanied by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. at an event in Hartford on Thursday, Mr. Malloy emphasized the need for haste. “We run a risk of letting this critical moment in history pass us by,” he said. The governor is following the White House lead by demanding background checks on private sales, bans on firearms with scary-looking cosmetic features and a prohibition on magazines that hold over 10 rounds.

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  • sounds like emanual in chicago,something like “don’t let a tragedy go by without using it for an agenda” Thats not exactly it but that governor wants to use the killing of those people to push forward his political agenda or gun control,typical democrat,what an a**h***

  • Gary Smith

    Like the tree huggers they do NOT care about those that will be out of work as long as they can FORCE their belief on someone.

  • barbiecakes

    No one has put people out of work than obama.

  • They don’t care they get fed, taken care of by the nazi’s plantations they live on, a bunch of dumb and stupid give me people and will get their rewards not long from now and they won’t be happy.

  • Rattlerjake

    It’s amazing that no matter how many facts you present to these libturds they will ignore it and continue with their agenda. Liberalism and it’s socialist agenda is the downfall of this country.

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