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NY Democrat calls gun rights advocates ‘gun toting tea party psychotards’

2nd Amend.

NY Democrat calls gun rights advocates ‘gun toting tea party psychotards’

A local lawmaker in Hudson, NY is catching some flak after he accused gun rights advocates of being “gun toting Tea Party psychotards” in an email.

“Its really neat that all you gun toting tea party psychotards are so interested in the goings on of our little City,” Hudson Alderman David Marston wrote to Joanna Johnson-Smith — the New York state organizer of Gun Rights Across America — on February 22.

“On the other hand, I guess its not surprising, considering you ideologues aren’t interested in actual policy, but rather grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization,” Marston continued.



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  • Black Rain

    WOW, that comes from a state and city that has a governor and mayor with a screw loose. They can’t take care of their own front porch but can tell everyone else how to lives their lives. Funny

  • Streaker

    Wow. A libtard calling someone else a “psychotard”, when that describes him to a T.

  • Larry

    sounds to me the only psycotard (turd?) is alderman Marston. Obviously, a true kool aide drinker!!

    • violater1

      Is this kool aid folks speak of perhaps manufactured for them by obama!???

    • Richard

      He meant psycotard, I’m sure! It’s OK for libs use “retarded”! Hes’ a piece of septic crap!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Marston is the kind of would-be tyrant the Founders were thinking of when they wrote the Second Amendment.

    • 7papa7

      Boy are you ever right. These anti Constitution morons should be fired. If they are so anti American, why don’t they pack their bags and get the hell out. We don’t need them nor want them screwing up America.

  • chamuiel

    He must be a follower of “nanny” bloomberg. there reaches a point in a persons life where their last name needs not be capitalized. bloomberg and marston have reached that point.

    • colt38

      I’ll bet they are dating.

      • tedthebear

        Or meeting at a mens bath house in Chicago!

    • violater1

      Inclusive of obama,pelosi,frankenstein,reid and on and on and on! The lower forms of life deserve the lower case and class in life! OMGoodness I left out the hit man holder!

  • CK

    Well, this guy needs to go to sensitivity training to learn to be more tolerant! And to make a reference to retards and not call them mentally incompetent individuals is just so mean and cruel! Where are the PC police on this one!

  • busyboots

    This could only come from a Democrat. I wonder what he”ll think when all of a sudden he finds himself a Socialist.

    • beckmaster

      great remark

      • busyboots

        Thank you kindly, friend.

  • Victor

    OH, but if Name Calling SAVES ONE LIFE, it is all Worth it. BULL SHIZA

  • Crowds Gather

    I’m sure he thinks of himself as a tolerant person who encourages diversity. Most leftist liberals do while trying to impose their will and beliefs on others.

  • reggiec

    Dear David Marston,
    I would suggest thay you do the following:
    1. Buy an English dictionary.
    2. Read the Second Amendment.
    3. Then read the following.

    Words have meanings! If those meanings are bastardized all becomes chaos.
    “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” James Madison
    Definition of to KEEP: to hold or retain in one’s possession; hold as one’s own.
    Definition of to BEAR: to carry, transmit, transport, have a characteristic of and exhibit.
    Definition of INFRINGE: to “encroach” upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.
    THIS IS THE WORD MOST FORGETEN……INFRINGE!!!!! Read the meaning!!!
    Definition of INFRINGE/ENCROACH…….. 1: to enter by “GRADUAL STEPS OR BY STEALTH” (MY BOLD) into the possessions or rights of another. 2: to advance beyond the usual or proper limits
    Why is this so hard to understand? The meanings of the words in the Second Amendment have not changed since the amendment was ratified.
    I am not aware of the Second Amendment being repealed or amended.

  • Sarg.

    Here is an Iowa Rep saying N.Y. Dems Psychoturds!!!

  • don

    He IS a Communist, make no mistake about it, he does Not believe in freedom. Hang him by his thumbs for awhile.

    • Old American

      No………hang him by something else…..if he has any………..for a long time.

  • CaptTurbo

    The libtard said what?

    • violater1

      He was heard singing if I only had a brain I may be able to be retrained if I only had a brain!

    • Uzi Kattan

      You mean libTURD.That filthy swine.

  • tommie3761

    WOW!! Name calling from a Liberal Democrat. How original, and how 6th grade!

    • mar5t1n

      You give him at least 5 too many grades credit!

  • Ron Obvious

    LOL! Only Democrats standing behind a wall of state troopers/armed security would make such a moronic statement! But then again, New Yorkers voted these retards into office, so deal with the consequences of not paying attention to who you are voting for!

  • DJ_Fisher

    If that were true that punk wouldn’t have the nerve to say it. but in my case he might be right.

  • Gary Smith


  • Me Again

    liberals have only name-calling to fall back on. They are intellectually challenged and hope people listen, but they don’t

  • Cooleemee Edd

    I know a number of truly “retarded” people who understand the need for personal protection. Of course, they may not possess, let alone carry a firearm, and with good reason. They also understand the difference between being an American and being someone who would obviously rather live in a Communist country or in some other totalitarian dictatorship. It is an insult to these people for such an obvious idiot to say such things.

  • holey_moley

    Give him a whistle and a pen, he may just need them. I am so worried that all the criminals will not give up their right to bear arms either.

  • wminaz

    Sounds like he is begging for attention.

  • ihatelibs

    Is Marston in a body bag yet?

  • matrix

    Mr. Dumodemo is talking about himself. How come all of a sudden the 2nd admendment bothers all these airheads? I say let them go into the gang sections and take all their guns away and stay on them till they run out of ways to get them or they are all in prison, then we will talk.The reason I call them Airheads is they cant possibly have a brain or they would realize that gun ban will NOT stop the violence mass shootings, etc. It will however provide the government complete control of us. We do not live in the land of rainbows and lolipops mr. airhead!

    • beckmaster

      The progressive liberals have always wanted to get our guns away from us. The 2nd amendment has always been a boil on their butts. It wasn’t until Obama got into the White House that they felt they could get away with trying to outlaw guns and tell us we should not have them. This is right up Obama’s alley. One cannot control a nation of people if they are armed. They have to slowly get our guns away from us to control us. That is it in a nutshell.

  • steve

    Call us what you want. We are armed and we are going to stay that way. Want to bet?

    • TexasJester

      So let’s see.. I’m now a racist, tea-bagging, anti-semetic (sp?) Israel-loving, gun-loving, birther, skeeter, bitter clinging psychotard now.. And I’m sure I left a few out!

      And SMILE when you call me that – cuz I’m armed too!!

      • metro143

        Wow, When they call me those things I just smile and take it as a compliment

      • TexasOlTimer

        Their reaction when you just smile and say “Yup, that’s me. Now tell me why what I said is wrong” is funny! All they can do is sputter and scream names louder!

  • The 1sg

    It does not surprise Me! We must all remember that NY has been a bastion of liberal pukes dating back to the Colonial days!!! That is all they know how to do,name calling and wringing their hands!!!! This Country is Doomed!!!!

  • von anderson

    Ask Oakland CA citizens Why they are having to protect themselves?

    When was Oakland Tea Party headquarters?

  • sheinLV

    Why aren’t more Americans offended and insulted over these Democrats demanding that we NOT protect ourselves

  • watchdogman

    It is people like Marston that we need the Second Amendment…Arrogant self-aggrandizing little man that thinks he really has something important to say!

  • gdoggerz

    Another leftist headed to the gallows…

  • Sgt. York

    and I would call him a Communist leader who if got our guns would be a Dictator.



    • Idadho

      You are being redundant.

  • Dave Phelps

    a mentialy ill demtard, hater of the constitution, hater of american’s freedom

  • ihatelibs

    I pay taxes that protect this country for the defense under our constitution.
    I will kill anyone that tries to steal from my family.

    • Dave Phelps

      I am with you on that

  • $23327441

    and you are a moron.

  • worldwatchman

    Forrest Gump would put it this way about this guy…….”Idiot says as idiot is”. Kind of late for the apology. Maybe he’ll learn something when he’s removed from his position. If he isn’t removed then the people of his community need to be looked at in wonder. Or, disappointment.

  • ihatelibs

    Every communist liberal In the white house should be corrected

    • beckmaster

      I totally believe we are heading in the communist direction. Amazing how SO many people don’t see this at all!! Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

  • Disappointed 2013

    After reading from the left libtards, I have a question are, all 2nd admendment gun right advocates conserative republicans? Thought not! But still where are the democraps that shoot, hunt, or collect guns? that’s right their hiding but they are gonna loose like the tea partiers they seem to dislike so much.So when the cops show up to confiscate your gun be sure to have it in your hand and tell them your a DEMOCRAT, that should work….

  • gundog1911

    This azzclown hasn’t got the stones to day it the their faces, he hides behind emails. How very brave Cupcake.

  • dad666

    New York will learn when they loose their tax base from those individuals and businesses leaving for more sane locations and they wake up to chicago style politicians. Do as I say not as I do.
    They will loose jobs and taxes as well as much of the profitability they have enjoyed so far.

  • Linda2955

    agree 2War Abn Vet

  • e111w

    Has to be an Ivy Leaguer

  • Idadho

    He uses the term psychotards yet his explanation of his response make it sound like he is more representative of a psychotard. I bet he got his Eagle Scout with only progressive merit badges and projects. No American Heritage, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Law, etc. More likely, he got Citizen in the Community, Citizen in the Nation, Citizen in the World, Environmental Science, Soil and Water Conservation, Indian Lore, and other leftist oriented Merit Badges. He most definitely did not succeed at Public Speaking and Communications even though he may have earned the Public Speaking Merit Badge and Communications Merit Badge..Isn’t Communications the degree offered by schools who want to give athletic scholarships to academic failures ?


  • Idadho

    In his gun free zones, the police will be the primary targets. Only law breaking CCW’s will be left to protect people like him. He better hope there are some law breaking CCW;s when the lib stuff hits the fan. It is usually liberals that go off half cocked. Conservatives don’t usually let emotion take control of their good sense.

  • joshuasweet

    This is just their means of defining the out come. They want all people that want to own a firearm mentally ill, and thus unable to own a firearm. Just like they have started to label returning veterans as sufferers of PTSD and thus not allowed to own a firearm. Watch as the definitions spread.

  • jimmy john

    I’m Telling you these stupid Democrats need to go, VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT

  • Ronnie

    When we the people come to take back our country Mr. Marston you will be one of those we round up and try for treason!!!!!!!!!!!


    This NY Dem is a fairy he’s the psychotard he don’t know from nuttin !

  • Sonnyjelly1

    Figure coming from an idiot living in NY.

  • Bob Macfarlane

    As an ole’ ‘Nam vet gun totting non-Democrat I invite you to come and get mine anytime you would like to try. I don’t believe you have the balls to try but email me and I will be happy to give you the address

  • Dan from Ohio

    and i call liberals Communist,,,they will be dealt with in the near future

  • mtncrusr

    And this “psychotard” is very proud to be one.

  • colt38

    I hope this guy gets mugged in a parking lot, and three CCW’s walk right buy him and laugh

  • buffalobob

    The citizens that believe in freedom should get a petion up in new york to have all the politicians that voted for gun control recalled. This would also be for the mayor of new york and the governor. Have them recalled and thown out of office and reelect conservative if at all possible.

  • hagar2935

    LIBERALISM is a serious mental disease! All liberals need to be under full-time psychiatric care….

    • LEL

      I was hoping it was a terminal disease.

  • Kartua

    Vote New York out of the United States of America.

    • LEL

      As I understand it, they were reluctant to join the revolution.

  • ron44

    9i expected nothing less then this senseless crap from some over paid under brain sleaze bag from the great state of useless idiots who continually ramp up the anger in every one they come in contacted with. This kind of diatribe from what is supposed to be a representative of the people deserves to be impeached for no less then trying to incite a riot.

  • moparfan54

    One of Marstons ancestors must have been in the room when the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, and they realized the Second Article was needed to protect the 1st.

  • henryknox

    “grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization” – what?


    He said, and then went home to his gated subdivision with armed guards on duty 24/7! This is the kind of guy that will beg you to help him if the “Big bad wolf” is at the door and he cannot defend his own family! I am so sick of politicians telling me what my rights are and are not! The right to own a gun and to defend yourself is only confirmed in the 2nd amendment, it is a right that God gave all “FREE MEN” and to all of those that have allowed this right to be taken away, all I can say is you might not live to regret it!!

  • $26222150

    Hey, Marston, you libtards base your entire socialist platform on mythical narratives of victimhood! So there.

  • David

    Looks like this “Little Boy’s” rabid E-mail bit him in the butt and
    now”It was an accident!” “It wasn’t really meant to be sent.” ” I’m
    sorry( I got caught)!”

  • jb80538

    These people want respect…Won’t happen that way folks!

  • TexasJester

    Hey Marston.. While you’re doling out your drivel, here’s some more drivel from another true hater of freedom..

    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.”
    – Adolf Hitler 1933

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future”………Adolph Hitler 1935

  • Stephen H. Polson

    What a colossal douche

  • LEL

    Scumbags must feel they’re losing the 2nd amendment issue. Like worms exposed to air & sun, they squirm and get angry when they feel they’re losing.

  • Tank

    Sounds like a regular liberal Democrat argument… Call people names, provide no facts, and act irrationally…

  • johnnyu

    that what gun owners are dealing with…… Nazi brown shirts … brain washed .. i hope they vote them out

  • violater1

    Now let us see a liberal facist communist homosexual worthless narcissisistic psychiatrically pronounced mental disordered individual is spewing hog feces from his jowels! They must have gotten someone to write this for them for it is well above their mooching station in life!
    Marston is it true your favorite song is from the Wizard of Oz! We hear that you sing it often in your office in City hall! You know the Strawman part you sing if you only had a brain! Good song written just for yoir mentality that definitely could use a brain!

  • terrythecork

    He needs to get in touch with his inner fa@@ot and su@k my co@k….

  • genesis

    Typical communist liberal scumbag!

  • William Nall

    I would much prefer being called a “Tea Party Psychotard”, than be hung with the title; “Childish, Socialist, Libturd”.

  • Meatface

    New York!!! First I am not a Tea Partier because they have dropped the ball as the GOP has. I didn’t vote for this clown in what is left of the white house. But your ignorance personifies you. So if you come for my guns I will stand on my second amendment right to show you who is stupid here.

  • Lester Peoples

    These banana eating vine swinging apebrains were who our founding fathers had in mind when giving us our 2nd Ammendment rights. They are brainless to know anything about firearms nor do they care to learn but when they are speaking “German” “Japanese” or “Muslim” [by conquered]……then they come crying for equal rights! Typical dumocra’t mouthing off w/ nuthin to say! Send them to their forefathers ,,if they had any.

  • brabbie2002

    LIBTARD alert!!! See, it is everytime they open their mouths. They must spend a fortune getting their feet removed from their mouths. Where does the dumbocrap party find these “dudes”? They are either ugly women or emasculated men. And they all spout the same communistic rhetoric. So this is what our schools are teaching our young. Hooray for home schooling!!!

  • gerf

    She better be careful there are psychotards all around her , bet she didn’t think of that , when she starting calling names , lot more of us than them

  • Jerry Reames

    call me what you like but at least i’m an american that believes in our great country and i’m not a moron like you thats selling our great country down the drain

  • truthbeknown

    hes forgeting that the 2nd amendment protects his 1st amendment rights… you the right to open mouth and prove you are an idiot…lol Thanks for showing us just what you are….


    WHAT A J.O. !!!!!!!

  • shamu9

    Hey Marston, Eat Sheite and Bark at the Moon!! You Yankee Flucke!

  • Chris Pinto

    Alderman David Marston…..Another Commie scumbag, who doesn’t believe in the US Constitution. Hey Marston, don’t like the way the Constitution was written? Move your sorry ass to Laos, see how you like it there.

  • Zoomie72

    So we gun toting, etc. shouldn’t be interested in the goings on in their little city, but it’s ok for the Mayor of that city to spend millions of dollars to affect political races all over the country?

  • mar5t1n

    Look at who is talking about grandstanding. This politician has all the intelligence of one of the metal support poles in a grandstand.

  • Chief47

    Trouble is the bleeding heart liberal from NY wouldn’t have the stones to say to any of their faces. Real easy to talk when you are sitting in Congress acting like a pompous ahole. Marston needs to be impeached with Obama. What cowardly scum!

  • sly311

    A demoncrat is a demoncrat. Plain and simple.

  • Richard H

    Typical of the lowly deomocrat alderman. He has no facts so he will call names and deem himself to be the winner.

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