• CaptTurbo

    Cheaper then giving them a Secret Service agent. Perhaps this is what we should do for Congress? A new way to cut spending!

  • Ziggy

    I wish I lived in Houston. Would be grateful to receive the gun and be close to the gulf.

    • violater1

      If one of their high class criminal spicks jumped you you would wish otherwise! Houston is not high on the recommended list even from Texas!

      • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.attaway.5 Barbara Attaway

        EXCUSE ME???? Where are YOU from mr. violater1? Houston is a FANTASTIC city and there is NOPLACE BETTER!!! And an added bonus…..Houston is in TEXAS…..You can’t top that, dude!!!

  • shamu9

    Send them all to Kenya!! No Whites in power There!

  • Lee

    Hope he picks the recipients carefully … some jackwagons will just resell them or go to some gun buyback program.

  • Sandollar45

    I wish we had someone here in Az doing that, I can’t afford a gun and I would sure feel better with a shot gun. Things are not looking good and I am really afraid war is going to break out.

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