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Texas Man Gives Out Free Shotguns to Promote Self-defense

University of Houston grad student Kyle Coplen has begun an eyebrow-raising initiative dubbed the “Armed Citizen Project” (ACP). According to the project’s website, ACP will seek out willing participants in high-crime neighborhoods of Houston and give them a 20 gauge shotgun along with proper training in safety and self defense.

“We’re looking at deterring crime by empowering citizens,” said Coplen in an interview with ABC News. “[Shotguns are] easy to use, easy to learn how to use. They’re, not very expensive and they’re just all around great home defense weapons.”

The goal of the project, other than to provide self-defense weapons to some individuals who may not be able to afford them otherwise, is to study the correlation between an increase of firearms and crime. The project operates on donations and funds go directly into purchasing firearms.

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  • CaptTurbo

    Cheaper then giving them a Secret Service agent. Perhaps this is what we should do for Congress? A new way to cut spending!

  • Ziggy

    I wish I lived in Houston. Would be grateful to receive the gun and be close to the gulf.

    • violater1

      If one of their high class criminal spicks jumped you you would wish otherwise! Houston is not high on the recommended list even from Texas!

      • EXCUSE ME???? Where are YOU from mr. violater1? Houston is a FANTASTIC city and there is NOPLACE BETTER!!! And an added bonus…..Houston is in TEXAS…..You can’t top that, dude!!!

  • shamu9

    Send them all to Kenya!! No Whites in power There!

  • Lee

    Hope he picks the recipients carefully … some jackwagons will just resell them or go to some gun buyback program.

  • Sandollar45

    I wish we had someone here in Az doing that, I can’t afford a gun and I would sure feel better with a shot gun. Things are not looking good and I am really afraid war is going to break out.

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