Bersa BP9 Great Choice For Concealed Carry

Bersa’s latest offering, the BP9CC, marks the company’s first foray into the realm of striker-fired, polymer-frame handguns for concealed carry. With its lightweight construction, thin profile and an assortment of features found on similar handguns by competing manufacturers, the Bersa BP9CC delivers the level of quality and reliability you’d expect from a self-defense pistol, at a fraction of the price.

If your handgun is hard to conceal or uncomfortable to carry, it will spend more time either under the seat of your car or at home in the nightstand, instead of on your hip. Weighing a mere 21.5 ounces, the BP9CC is more at home in a holster. While compactness is an important consideration for a concealed-carry handgun, one of the most important, yet often overlooked, elements is slimness. Thanks to its polymer construction, the pistol’s grip measures a svelte .92 inches wide to minimize printing against clothing, while providing a greater degree of comfort.

The grip’s circumference contains two different forms of texturing: angular grooves along the backstrap and frontstrap, along with fine stippled regions on the sides of the BP9CC’s molded panels. Despite the treatments, at first grip it almost felt too narrow for my above-average-size paws. Then again, perhaps those of slight build and smaller hands may form a different opinion. Regardless, I chose to keep an open mind until range time.

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  • DenverKitty

    I can recommend the Bersa .Ultra Compact .45 for concealed carry.

    • Paul

      Do you have one and what did it cost?

      • DenverKitty

        Hi Paul: Yes I do and she was $349. I found like prices at (good guys, pretty decent prices). Easy shoot, 7 in mag. And I’m an old female..LOL Kitty

        • IllinoisMinuteman

          You’re not getting older, you are getting longer. DK, what is it about the Bersa you like?

          • DenverKitty

            Hiya Illinois! The Bersa Ultra Compact .45 handles easily, shoots straight, has a really good feel to it…solid yet relatively lightweight. It’s thin enough to fit inside my jeans in a Blackhawk #6 Inside the Waistband Holster, yet also fits into the Concealed Carry purses available at e-Bay. With one-handed shooting, the Bersa UC .45 has a moderate kick, 2-handed (best for me), not a noticeable amount of movement. I really love shooting it and keep both mags loaded all the time. Two 7-mags come with the gun. I actually bought it because my best friend, down in Texas, bought the Bersa 9mm UC, and she loves hers too. I like firepower so opted for the .45 That’s my soapbox for the night…LOL !! Kitty Keep in touch!

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