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MaryLand 2A Defenders We Need You In Annapolis This Week

Last week the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee passed the Governor’s Gun Control bill – SB281 – with almost no modification.

It still licenses owners, forces expensive training, and implements a ban on common firearms backed with serious life-altering penalties, including prison, for even small technical paperwork issues.

Be sure that if these draconian laws pass, some of you are going to be arrested and face jail time, just for possessing a firearm that the state once approved you to own.

The Senate leader – Mike Miller of Calvert County – is pressing hard for fast-track approval of these laws. Mike promised many of his constituents that he would “fix the Governor’s bill” before letting it out of the Senate. But it appears now that the “fix” is in: he intends this bill to become law.

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  • bleedinell

    If you live in Maryland, or any of the other anti-gun states….
    Come to Wyoming, we will respect your rights.

    • justamused

      If you live in Maryland, or any other gun-confiscation state stay there YOU DESERVE WHO YOU VOTED FOR !!!! Stay the hell where you are …we don’t NEED YOU PU$$!&S!!!

  • matrix

    State by state by state, till guess what? Your gun rights are history. If you cant get your state government to standup, what makes you think you can get the federal government to do the same?

  • sreynolds

    What day? What time? Where?

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