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GEICO Pig on a Date Angers One Million Moms


GEICO Pig on a Date Angers One Million Moms

The insurance company giant GEICO has used a gecko and a pig to promote its business, but its latest commercial has the advocacy group One Million Moms claiming the ad is not cute. The ad, the group claims, is offensive and promotes bestiality.

GEICO’s newest mascot is Maxwell, a talking pig who is the latest target of One Million Moms, an conservative organization that its website says targets the “trash in today’s media” that is aimed at children.

A 30 second commercial released by GEICO has Maxwell in a topless convertible with a woman by his side. The car has just broken down, and Maxwell uses his mobile GEICO application to locate a tow truck. The woman seems frustrated that the tow truck will arrive so quickly, as she asks, “Oh, so that means we won’t be stuck up here for hours, with nothing to do?” The pig brushes off her advances.

Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms, says the commercial promotes bestiality.



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  • jwoop66

    Diversion. NOt funny. not offensive. File this in the “get over yourself” file.

    • Gary Smith


    • leviguy1947

      So suggesting sexual contact between a girl and male pig is ok with you? At what point do you become concerned? Or perhaps you have no moral compass at all and’whatever, man’ is how you live your life. Must be it.

      • jwoop66

        Socialists are controlling the country, there is no opposition to them(unless you think boner and karl rove are effective conservatives). Financially the country is on the brink and is probably too far gone to fix. Half of your fellow citizens have no idea there is even a problem and love the socialists in charge because the tv tells them their socialist leaders are nice and want to help them. The tv also tells them mean people don’t like their socialist leaders and you can tell the mean people because they’re the ones who are uptight and get offended at jokes on tv. Your fellow citizens believe this because they don’t really pay attention.

        To answer your question- No, I dont think sexual contact between girls and pigs is good. It is not really happening, however, anymore than the “beast” is having sex with the “beauty”.

        Its a dumb, unfunny commercial.
        When people make a big stink about it and get all offended, it validates the mindless beliefs of half of your fellow citizens. They see you getting all offended at a stupid joke and they now know that what they were told about you is correct. AND you probably hate their beloved socialist leader. IF they vote, they know they have to protect their beloved leader from mean people like you.
        The country continues on its downward spiral with the blessings of half of its citizens.
        That is why I call fake controversies like this one DIVERSIONS. It is meant to keep people from thinking about what is REALLY destroying them and their loved ones lives. Socialism and Socialists.
        If you don’t like bestiality don’t engage in it. If you don’t like the commercials on tv, don’t watch. I gave up the tv because it is a mind control device. If you choose to sit their and have your entertainment piped directly at you, at least be proactive enough to change the channel when the crap they are spoonfeeding you isn’t to your liking.

        • Rattlerjake

          Well said!


            Uh.. you guys might want to check out the meaning of ‘socialism’, and how it has been used in the most successful countries on the planet. (We are not among them, by the way – only if you are counting dollars are we at the top. We are in the middle or towards the bottom on nearly all societal metrics used for developed nations.) Yes, we forward looking and thinking people (research has shown progressive people are generally more educated, ie. smarter) are changing this country. Change is inevitable. If you want stasis (that means no change), move to North Korea.

          • AtlasObjectivist

            So Obama picking and choosing business to fund and take over is not socialism? So much for your claim to intelligence. Be careful with that keyboard, you might poke your eye out.

  • mtncrusr

    I thought it just showed that men are pigs.

    • joefratz

      My thoughts also.

    • Barbara Anne Hess

      But it also showed a woman as the one trying to make a move on the man “pig”. I don’t think he was very interested in her but really liked his new Geico App toy.

    • reggiec

      Actually the inuendo was the girl was making the overture. the pig responded by loading a game on his smart phone. I also noted that the girl looked a little like that Sandra girl that wants me to pay for her birth control.

      • fliteking

        Best post on the page. Reg smacks it outa-the-park!

    • Rattlerjake

      What offended me is that it was portraying us men as pigs, when we all know that women are. Of course maybe it’s showing how little taste women have in a partner. (Sarcasm)

  • Starbrander

    Aw, Maybe That’s The Only Way The Broad Gets Laid….Just Saying!

    • KP

      Maxwell was gonna be “makin’ bacon”!!! OINK!

    • $336547

      Yeah, it brings new meaning to the phrase PORKER

  • jong

    A joke. Obviously if we follow the money this group is funded by Obama or homosexuals.

    • Greggie

      GEICO=Gov’t Employee Insurance CO. That’s how it was formed.

      • jong

        Wrong group.

        • TexasOlTimer

          Actually in one of the ads for GEICO, the little gecko stated that it was Government Employee Insurance Company.

          • jong

            Sorry should have been more specific. I was talking about the Mad Mother.

  • The Old Man

    Actually, it is a very sick commercial. Surely, they can do better.

    • Strangerinmyownland


  • edro3111

    Some of my friends tried to set me up on a date with a female pig or two back in college but I got wise to it!

  • $13614178

    Why is it a problem ? After all , most females today ARE pigs . They are raised to screw as much as they can and then murder the resulting infants . That is also why I approve of using them for cannon fodder , along with the faggots .

  • Meatface

    Yea I was once married to what I thought was a man but he turned into a pig.

    • reggiec

      Funny the same thing happened to me but my ex wife was the pig.

  • Dennis

    funny, I thought the one million moms was a Liberal group.
    aren’t they advocating FOR gun control ???
    makes them bleedin heart liberals and traiters in my book.

  • Shillong

    Although it won’t be long before the pig and girl can be married….probably can already in Cali or Mass.

    • Doc

      I can prove your point. But not in MA; it all happened way back when in Arkansas . . . . . .

  • John Spencer

    If that’s the worst thing she can find to get offended about, she hasn’t gotten around much, methinks.
    What’s offensive is her and her three friends trying to pretend there’s a million of them. Fortunately, most women are too sensible to be taken in by their ultra liberal crap

    • Judy Ratliff


  • 1775concord

    Couldn’t care less about this commercial. Maybe a little funny, but shallow and a far runner-up to the Volvo Little Red Riding Hood, or the American Farmer, or the Clydesdale raised and reunited.

    But: GEICO spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year in advertising to suck in purchasers of their insurance. But if you are injured by a GEICO driver, they will fight you “tooth and nail” (had to get some animal in here) to cheat you out of a fair settlement, using denials, using their lawyers, etc. My personal opinion is that they are incredibly dishonest, but have found that they can make money by selling policies and cheating the injured.

    Is a GEICO app better than using/calling the AAA? How much does the service rendered cost? Is it covered by your GEICO policy, and, if so, how much premium does that add to your policy? I don’t know.

    • Doc

      Have to agree. Was with GEICO way back in the day but they screwed me too. Look for an independent insurance agent. Shame that we are now all forced (The Government is Force, remember?) to buy insurance we don’t necessarily need.

  • $336547

    I don’t think this commercial is offensive nor funny. Actually it is pathetic that this young girl thinks a pig is sexy. The commercial itself is lame and not funny. Geico has been known to put out some funny commercials, but this one is a loser. By the way, as someone else mentioned earlier it probably won’t be long before you will have someone in the Obama administration saying it is okay to marry animals. After all, who would have thought we would have same sex marriage?

    • Doc

      You think the young girl thinks the pig is sexy? You don’t think she is an actress reading her lines? Really?

      • $336547

        Sure she is reading her lines…DUH! The point is that the commercial is implying that she thinks the pig and she could be romantically involved in the car as long as they have time.
        No matter what, the commercial is in poor taste and is definitely not funny as it was intended to be.
        Bring back the caveman. That was funny at times.
        Oh and the Eddie Money (Two Tickets to Paradise) as a travel agent commercial is funny.

    • Dave

      I thought Obama and Cheetah were married.

  • Benjamin Fox

    I think it is a insult to women and needs to be pulled, the sooner the better. Of course being a real man, I respect women and don’t pretend to be one but, am one and don’t act like the girly boys do.

  • Captain Winky

    Obviously their plan worked well;here we are discussing it. Best thing to do is untwist your panties that are bunched up, take them off, and toss them as far as you can by the wayside. You have done it before right One Million Moms? Hmmm… change the channel then we have bigger things to conquer as a human race. Nukes in Iran, hungry children at home, girls shot in the head for simply wanting to go to school, and remember our soldiers fighting so you are able to express your ideas freely and our soldiers who paid the ultimate price. God bless our men and women in uniform! Thank god for your health and hug and kiss your children tonight. Wake up tomorrow and make a difference, it’s really not as bad as you think. Tasteless, maybe. Imagine if you will…

  • bobjonestwo

    Some of their commercials have been very clever, this one was really odd and bizarre. Poor taste.

  • runnindeer

    I just saw the commercial as another failed attempt to find a mascot to replace that stupid lizard. That lizard needs to go! The voice, the idiotic sameness of the commercials are getting to be such a drag that I mute the sound or surf while it is on. The guys with the banjo and guitar that tell one liners after a cute scene isn’t all bad. The one about the basketball player was not good at all. Love the lion who was up against animals with night vision goggles. More of those might sell the insurance.

    • Idadho

      Not a lizard, It’s a geko. The GEICO geko !!

      • runnindeer

        To me it is lizard. I understand that you and some people like Geko’s. Im tired of the lizard! I’m not fond of the pig either. I wouldn’t buy the insurance because of this darned geko lizard commercial. I buy insurance because of their policy and over all behavior toward customers.

  • Idadho

    The idea of a young woman (jail bait, anyone ?) wanting to spend ‘private time’ with a pig promotes these young women as sexually aggressive. Not an acceptable concept to me.

    The problem is the over-abundance of homosexuals in the ad industry with their creative minds unlimited by common mores. The night vision goggles and lion in the grass is good, though.


    I think Geico has gone over the edge, and the pig commercials suck, all of them! Although this advertisement might be more realistic if the pig were Black, like in white trash girl gets porked by a nig…

    • Doc

      So no talking pigs but lizards are okay? How about talking asses? Wait, we have that every night on the lamestream news channels. I’m for talking dogs. Mine all talk to me and they say they love me. My life is good.

  • Steve

    Hmmm, bestiality homosexual, is there really a difference??

  • Sonnyjelly1

    This company has supported bho, if you have this insurance, drop them, I did.

    • Idadho

      And Progressive not only supports Obama but they fund Soros initiatives. Ever wonder what the name Progressive applies to ? Not progressive insurance programs, progressive political changes.

  • conservative

    Million moms need to get a life. All ten of them.

  • Doc

    Good Lord! Is there no end to political correctness and liberal whining? It is a silly, cute advertisement. That’s absolutely all it is. I happen to like talking pigs since Babe came out. Sorry to disappoint the left but I have no desire to mate with anything with four legs; or two if they are democrats!

  • Steve Sparks

    Wow Where does the word idiot fit in in the million moms moniker.

  • Tank

    So, why didn’t they have an issue with the bridesmaid making flirty looks at the gecko?? Though, I think that commercial, as well as most GEICO commercials, are very stupid, some people just need to loosen the pucker a notch or two…


    I am not a gambler, but I would bet 4 to 1 odds she is one of those that will dress to the 9s and then light into any man that took notice calling him a pig in the process. She needs a time machine to go back to The Victorian Age where such prudery suspicion was normal as was burning ‘witches.’ GET A LIFE!!!

  • wminaz

    Would the one million babes be as upset if she was out with the Aflac duck ?

    • Rob Pobe

      No ducks are usually molested by wayward male youths

  • mpmarty

    And Geico laughs all the way to the bank. Million moms = Million post menopausal freaks.

  • Gary Smith

    And “Hansel and Gretel” promote cannibalism!

  • Researcher

    Not all the ads are funny. But someone with a bizarre sense of humor is trying.


  • Dempsey Coleman

    all hate these animal ads and what’s with the queer ball toss in the vw ad

  • AZWarrior

    Get a life. MEN should be pissed. Is GEICO saying: All men are pigs????

  • fliteking

    I went to their website, it’d be nice if had a father in the picture somewhere.

    seems as though they have sidestepped the biggest issue in the American families today . . . no fathers present.

  • C.P. Lund

    Well, wait…doesn’t that liberal cretin owned “PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE” use that pig “Flo” to sell their insurance the proceeds of which go to liberal causes and screw up our country and the American way? Just saying…

    • TexasLady

      George Soros and Flo the pig.

  • C.P. Lund

    My wife just informed me that the commercial DOES show that males (not men) are pigs and that’s why she saved herself for her marriage to me, a man!

  • leviguy1947

    The commercial leaves me feeling creepy. It is in very bad taste and no commercial should intimate sexual activity between a human and an animal. This is beyond ‘off-the-charts’.

  • Observer

    The funniest thing is reading these comments! LOL!!

  • Suzanne

    I thought it was saying that guys are pigs! I wasn’t sure what was the point…. Hmm

    • Rob Pobe

      Cork screw penis

  • skyhawk

    Not funny, but beats the heck out of the cretins living under a rock.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It looks as though they’ve scraped the barrel on things to be offended about.

  • ves

    I think monica and her coffee get together in her very very small kitchen all need to get lives!!
    It’s a dumb commercial and that’s all it is!!
    The twisted thought process that turned this into animal sex is really scary … good grief what did she think about StarTrek and Star Wars etc! LOL

  • C.P. Lund

    I too just visited the site and it seems they’re all upset generally at men who don’t seem to get even honorable mention. I can only surmise that this is because they pursued that “bad boy” type who they thought they could change but he only stuck around long enough to make a few babies and he was gone with some other silly girl who wanted a “bad boy” type that she just KNEW she could change. In any case, they don’t blame themselves for not latching onto a decent, responsible man instead fo some irresponsible punk, they blame all men for their problems and anyone or anything else they can. Personally, I like the new commercials with the pig although they do sometime remind me of the lizard who tends these days to remind me of Peirs Morgan which is not a plus.

  • GB.

    I am with the mothers, It is the most stupid insane thing ad i ever seen. It sure bookmarks the memory to not buy from them.

  • TexasJester

    Come ON , people! Get a sense of humor, already!! It is a TALKING pig – it’s NOT REAL!! It’s to ILLUSTRATE A POINT, to get your attention!


    This has NOTHING to do with bestiality!! While you’re upset, why not get upset that this PIG also apparently has a DRIVER’S LICENSE and can DRIVE, use a smartphone, buckle a plane’s seatbelt…


  • JDH

    you notice that the girl was hitting o the pig, not the other way around

  • digdeeper

    Pretty dumb commercial. Makes me shake my head in disbelief….could a girl be that stupid. Could GEICO be that stupid! Even the pig on the plane was dumb. They need to revamp their advertising department….replace the devious minds with some creativity.

    • Rob Pobe

      It was the equal opportunity section for the bestiality crowd demanding military acceptance of their needs for mile high sessions with their favorite partners that necessitated the ads–they are funded by the DNC

      • digdeeper

        Country is going down the sewer. Sodom & Gomorrah come to mind….and the repeat of history for those who don’t know it.

  • James McEnanly

    Who knows what they thought about Kermit and Miss Piggy.

  • Berzrkr50

    Not that this commercial is the least bit funny, but this so-called “million moms” needs to lighten up a bit. Kinda loosen the girdle or sumpin’… I really don’t think that that’s the message that they’re putting forth.

    • digdeeper

      what is the message “berzerk”-ie?

  • Chaplain Michael Donohoe

    There were two pigs in that car. Which one is the million moms talking about? The moms are right, it is a tasteless commercial. Wait, do you smell bacon?

  • bhudda

    I guess I missed the point as I thought it was a male liberal with a hollow headed valley girl liberal that couldn’t find decent insurance .

  • mike88

    I think it is ignorant for women to be offended by this commercial, Commercials today are intended to Entertain people and then to sell their product as as bonus. People will claim they are offended by just about anything said or done, yet nobody is actually harmed by these commercials so no harm has been done.

  • Fungi2bewith

    Gee I was offended that if she was dating a “pig”, she must therefore be a “pig” also. She was making the advances. It’s all in what you’re looking for I guess…

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