Having Trouble Finding Ammo? New Online Resource Can Help

It’s no secret, ammunition is scarce these days. Even though manufacturers and distributors are operating around the clock, the demand seems to be far out-pacing supply. More often than not, shoppers are met with empty shelves and out-of-stock signs. The reason is obvious: the ongoing gun control debate has led to a massive surge in demand that stripped many retailers bare.

This phenomenon is hitting gun owners straight in the wallet. Prices across all ammo types have skyrocketed, even for .22 LR, if you can find it at all. The popular rimfire cartridge is somewhat in hiding these days, and many stores that carry it have resorted to enforcing a one-box limit. This is the unfortunate result of what ammo maker Hornady calls “rumors and conjecture” affecting the market. The company joins others in the gun industry in urging customers to stick it out. Hornady doesn’t know when the light in the end of the tunnel will appear, but said they are doing their part:

We’ve added presses, lathes, CNC equipment, people and space. Many popular items are produced 24 hours a day. Several hundred Hornady employees work overtime every week to produce as much as safely possible. If there is any question about that – please take a tour of the factory. You’ll be amazed at what you see.

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