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Screw Em, Its Easier to Be A Criminal

That must be what the Democrats, everyone from the White House to my local town council, all want me to be, so why should i fight it?

Everyday I open the paper or sign on to Facebook and all I see is bill after bill, banning, restricting, limiting or just making it more God dam difficult for me, a law abiding citizen to exercise my Second Amendment Rights, god given I might add.

I have been a law abiding citizen, faith full husband, loving father and timely tax payer for all of my adult life. I have never been a drinker, I break at stop signs, even when no one is looking. I go to church and pray for others. I also go hunting and shooting for fun and to hang out with my lifelong boyhood friends.

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  • Terry Lee

    Hey it they want it to be easier to become a citizen by entering the country illegally. The party of criminals and crooks apparently would like nothing better than making it easier for criminals and crooks to thrive.

  • moronic and disingenuous. The problem is your choice of information, not the info relayed.

  • KDS

    This is our faith!!! God cannot be amended period!!!!!!

  • Seems ashamed to say this but it is a decision I have made personally years ago and made after seeing so many many times the victims of crime, some just scared, some injured and some killed. And let’s inject, I know what it feels like to call the spouse or parent(s) of one of my employees victims of armed robbery injured or killed by some criminal. I decided in all fairness, you see a few times after being a victim myself to have also been the victim of police abuse treating me like I was the aggressor and criminal and not the innocent victim. I even faced arrest, have been arrested and subsequently released without charges, and was verbally threatened with arrest and brutishly physically abused by the police while they sorted out the incident. I have come to one conclusion, as I believe in equality, the criminal gives no warning, does what he will do, and then after his crime walks, runs or drives away. I have accepted the same reasoning as the criminal and will do what I will have to do to survive and then I will walk, run or drive away and not report the incident to the police. The criminals don’t report their crimes to police so why should I report my personal defense to the police and this I have done and will continue to do. Once thwarting a criminal and severely defending myself pounding the criminal he needed emergency room threatment, as it was late at night, I was tired, and I had to be awake early next morning I just went home and never reported the incident to the police and I sure as shooting didn’t want to hang around for the police to investigate and use up fours hours of valuable and much needed time. I also didn’t want to face police interrogation while I was exhausted and might say the wrong thing that would get me arrested. Now I will tell you something of why I don’t trust criminals or the police, representatives of each group, I have been the victim they both put the barrel of a gun into my mouth trying to obtain what they wanted from me.

  • shamu9

    Fook OBAMA, his Tribe andThe Whole Democrat/Commie Party!

  • What do you expect we have a criminal in the White House and a load of them in the Congress,Senate and a some in the Supreme Court, Then we have a 51 % population so stupid they do not know how to get out of their own way. You know….. the moochers,

  • bhudda

    Don’t do it ,your integrety will suffer as you will be cateragoiesed a politician .You’ll never get your credibility back

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