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Harrisburg Mayor – Blames ESOS Cancellation on ‘Illegal Weapons’

2nd Amend.

Harrisburg Mayor – Blames ESOS Cancellation on ‘Illegal Weapons’

WOW ! I just saw this press release from… well I will not even classify her with a title, lets just say ‘Public Official’ Linda Thompson… She is claiming the ESOS cancellation was ‘unfortunate’ and… well, I will just let you read on… This is just plain disgusting !!!

The office of Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson described as “unfortunate” the news that the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, scheduled for Feb. 2 at the Farm Show Complex, would be postponed to an undetermined date.

The postponement came after hundreds of vendors decided to boycott the show in response to a decision by organizer Reed Exhibitions to ban assault-style weapons and ammunition from the show.



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  • TexasJester

    From the press release:

    ““It is also unfortunate that legal gun owners and the many families who have enjoyed a long tradition of hunting in the beautiful rural environment around the region will be deprived of this major event because of a controversy caused by firearms manufacturers who profit from the sale of weapons designed for the mass killing of human beings.”

    Really? I didn’t know that they would be selling military weaponry! Far as I can see, 99.999% (my guesstimate) of the weapons sold at one of these shows are going to shoot nothing more than targets or legally hunted animals, not humans.

    And as far as I can remember, the mass shootings of the last few years have had the most casualties from HANDGUNS – the Aurora shooter had a notoriously unreliable round magazine that jammed after 6-7 rounds, and he then fired several shots from a shotgun, then produced handguns that killed the most people. Sandy Hook – same thing – handguns were used. Virginia Tech – handgun. Gabby – handgun. Even the Luby’s in Temple, Texas, was a handgun. I’m not sure about Columbine, but I believe most of the casualties were from handguns. “Assault-style weapons” were NOT used! In fact, HAMMERS were used more often last year to kill people that “assault-style weapons”!!

    • Cliff McLemore

      You’re going to confuse these folks with facts, TJ. This mayor has a history of being “cool” rather than being a leader – puts me in mind of the current POTUS. Illegal weapons indeed.

  • jk

    One thing about this debate is that it unmasks the real haters of America, once they are unmasked we can boycott them till they go out of business.

  • conservative

    This woman is too stupid to see the truth!

    • crazyfreddie

      you really can not put an ignorant dumb stupid illiterate worthless people like this in charge of anything . even the latrine clean up .

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Check out the latest news on the Bell, California scandal. the mayor claims he didn’t know earning $100,000/year for his part-time position cuz he’s illiterate!

        • June Gagnon

          Yet, in court, they tell you, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

      • June Gagnon

        A guy named Jim Campbell, who operates dancingczars website said it well: “If you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, it would run out of sand in five years”!

  • Sharon

    Stupid is as stupid does. It’s quite an indictment of the people who put her in office.

  • kktex12

    These people consume too much oxygen. Fools to say these things.

  • colt38

    Where will the gang bangers get their drive buy guns? They won’t have anything to kill each other off with. They won’t be able to threaten or coerce a clean record person from making a straw purchase. Oh, that’s right, anybody can walk into a gun show, buy a gun and no paperwork needed. Yeah right.

  • colt38

    Have you read the latest where the administration wants to decide which veterans can have firearms and which can not based solely on their decision. And no matter what the service connected disability may be.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Cancellation of the ESOS was a self-inflicted, and totally unnecessary, wound.

  • Brrrr

    Clearly a Democrat and a liberal, therefore not worth listening to. Unfortunately, she was probably elected to office by a constituency that is apparently too ignorant of the facts to be allowed to vote.

  • wildman

    What an idiot, she knows nothing about the subject, which means she is a definite liberal. An innocent town does not need such stupid leadership, the guns are not illegal. Although there are idiots that would make that so. She should take care of her own business, the show was cancelled because those in charge changed the rules. Their own much deserved loss. Stupid seems to be an uncurable problem.

  • joshuasweet

    let me guess a democrat?

  • wminaz

    Maybe it can be replaced with a hammer show. You know ball peens, claws, etc. They could try to regulate them with bans on concealed carry, a background check, a waiver for carpenter union members, you know ya gotta set up that beaurocracy.

  • Jaime Cancio

    What I think was hillarious this week on the floor of Congress was a black Congresswoman wanting to disarm Americans blaming everyone but the true cause of all the violence – that might just have ethnic origins they don’t want you to be made aware. In Chicago last year there was 513 murders and 451 of the murderers and also their victims were blacks – ask yourself why she would then blame law abiding white people for the actions contributable to one ethnic causation? This found true in all the major big cities across this nation – Atlanta, Philidelphia, Detriot, Trenton, New York, and the list goes on and on and on. There is a major difference from someone using a weapon to defend themselves and of those individuals using weapons to rape, rob, steal and murder. What I also saw this last week in the news some twenty-three times – blacks entering places of business [retrived for video surveylance cameras] with firearms drawn – armed robberies – not once a white or Hispanic. I even saw a armed robbery by a black couple beaten off by an armed security guard using an AR15 and also saw the story of a woman alone protecting herself and her child as two blacks broke into her home she shooting one and possibly wounding the other beating them off….not once do I see the news media attributing the blame of all this violence on the ethnic group behind the crime! Not so funny last week was the statement from a black high school student in Chicago in reference to Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conneticut; “..that would not happen here is Chicago, all my brothers who have instantly pulled their weapons and killed that white MFer”. Tell me we don’t have a problem? with identifing the root ethnic cause of the problem.

  • Steve Sparks

    I’m sure she would be fine with selling spears.

  • Doc

    This is not stupidity or ignorance. This is just one piece of a well planned agenda to skew the psyche of non-gun owners. It is designed to work on “low information voters” in order to get them to vote for gun control and confiscation. It is not paranoid if it is true. It is not crazy if it is true. Since we do not have the power and bully pulpit of the presidency or the entertainment lame stream media we must each take the time and make the effort to educate and inform our friends and neighbors of the plan to disarm America. If “We the people” do not take action we most likely will find ourselves embroiled in the Second Revolutionary and Civil War. Let us pray we are better than that.

  • Shagnasty1

    She calls these legal weapons illegal but I’ll bet she will call an illegal alien undocumented but not illegal.

  • crazyfreddie

    you see who the mayor is . self explanatory

  • Steve

    Awwwwwwwww, did Harrisburg lose millions of $ ? Is it any wonder that they are broke.

  • rocka692

    Black Belt Government in action. I applaud the cancellation of the show. It should be moved somewhere that approves of the Constitution.

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