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White House Backs Biden: Buy a Shotgun (Not an AR-15)

Tailgunner Joe Biden is at ballistic Ground Zero for the current push for civilian disarmament, making sure that the Constitution State stays true to its name. Oh wait. Sorry. Making sure that Connecticut pols infringe upon Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The visit comes hot on the heels of Biden’s advice to Parents magazine readers who think an AR-15-style rifle might be just the ticket for self-defense [as above]: fire warning shots in the air like you just don’t care. Yesterday, an enterprising reporter asked White House Spokesman Jay Carney the obvious question: c’mon? Really? Yup. “In his view, you do not need a military-style assault weapon to protect your home. In fact, you would be better off with a shotgun.” thedailybeast.com breaks it down . . .

Biden’s detour actually performed an important political service for the Obama administration. It highlighted the fact that the gun reforms put forward don’t fit the “Obama’s coming for your guns!” fearmongering that too often derails our debates.

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  • Spyder Dalton

    I have both as it is my god given right to have them… DC does not grant us rights! We grant them position to represent us not dictate us…

    • Not if obamy has his way! He wants to be King of the USA. No more elections. The King is a permanent job for him!!!! DOWN WITH THE KING!!!!

  • ERB
  • ERB

    And this is what they did to the UK, so tell bobo biden to keep his stroke brain advice for himself, because in the uk they take stroke patients firearms away.

  • Evermyrtle

    They may have anything they please but I promise a shot gun will not be my primary weapon, at least not a double barreled one. I want something that I can continue shooting with as long as they keep coming. Did you say that JESUS did not tell us to protect ourselves?Why did he tel HIS disciples to go out and but a sword which is equivalent to our guns??

    • foxxybey

      Amen Evermyrtle; People some how forget those verse’s these days, wonder why? LOL, God Bless Friend, Your Family and Friends, my gun is my sword.

  • foxxybey

    Bidens advice would get you locked up for sure, it is illegal to discharge a weapon into the air in most cities, I know I almost went to jail for doing that to protect my home and family from a gang of 6 guys who were intent on entering my house.

    • SJvet

      People have been killed by bullets fired into the air. If somebody is trying to get into my house, I’m not firing in the air.

    • should just shoot through the door and let the bullet fragment and take out a couple of thieves in one shot.

      • foxxybey

        Next time the shells will be easy to find, they will be in the persons who try that again.

  • 1waco64

    IF a shotgun is so dam good—WHY the lleh does not the SS use it protecting joey and the king.??

    • edro3111

      Especially since those darned “assault weapons” are so hard to aim!

  • It’s still a matter of choice .. Constitution… REMEMBER?

    • conservative

      Yes, it is a matter of choice. However, the advice given should not get you killed or arrested.l

  • 1waco64

    EVERY thing they say shows their ignorance

  • les_lovett

    Biden, the F-ing idiot!, what ever you do don’t fire two warning shots. Make sure there’s a body at the terminal end of your bullet’s trajectory, the evidence of threat will remain (and save the taxpayers big bucks in trying and caging the perp). The world will be a better place.

    Shot guns are good, use 00-buckshot. Get a pump action short barrel so you’ve got at least 7 shots – that pump action noise is also very effective in frightening intruders.

    • Tom

      Don’t sugar coat it….Biden the F-ing, lying, idiot…..

    • I think my choice of shot would be rifled slug out of a 12 gauge shotgun. But my preference would be a 30-30. Better range. NO 30-06 as the bullet is to easy to deflect….

  • les_lovett

    Biden and his wife are surrounded by heavily armed secret service guys. Who’s he think he’s bullshitting with the story of his “frightened” wife and TELLING HER to buy a shotgun. He is such an ASSet, he gets all his votes by slapping the backs of union workers in the local pups.

  • edro3111

    I’d say the AR sales will go through the roof again since this dummy mouthpiece did his little tour for King Barry!

  • A .410 shotgun, with a magazine, can be a formidable weapon when utilizing slugs. .410 slugs have been proven to travel more than one mile, with fewer chances of being deflected by small twigs and weeks.

    • A .410 is a nice gun but would rather a 30-30 that has rifling and the same range if Not better (box says 5 miles). Then you can file the tip of the bullet and put a 1/16 hole (not too deep) or an X to make it expand on impact.

  • They want you to buy shot guns so when they come after you, they can stay just out of range & drop you with their rifles. Buy the biggest & baddest rifle you can find.

  • conservative

    The moron is talking to low information voters. They are stupid enough to buy this krap.

    • I like the word intelligence, better than information. IE “Low inteligence voters.”

  • He is drunk or crazy

    • I op for both. A shotgun might be good for close range in a riot but for some distance, I’d take something a bit larger, a 30-30 and above for distance, accuracy and kill factor.

      • wallyworld

        ofcourse they want you using a short range wepon so they can pick you off from a far

  • sreynolds

    And I as a citizen with “God given” rights say, Fu#@ you and the camal you humped. Molon Labe M’r F’r
    Just try it.

  • sreynolds

    Our US government is the biggest crime syndicate in the world. ANd now they do their illegal actions in plain view of the public, not like that criminal holder will ever follow the law. They are ALL guilty of treason.

  • leesjokers


  • Are we overlooking something here? The AR-15 is to protect you from the government not an intruder. My .357 or my 9mm can handle that issue.

  • A decent shotgun using 2/0 buckshot can be a very devastating gun with in it’s working range. Still a 30-06 can reach out and touch some one to about half a mile, even more in many cases. In other words, why not have both?

  • Dennis

    IF Some one would kick the $hit out of the two of them in the half white house there would be nothing left of them but there shoes……

  • sreynolds

    Because you say this, I say “F” you and now own 3 AR’s and I will continue to stock pile ammo since it WILL be more valuable than gold when SHTF… A shot gun is only good for close range, with an ar a fair shooter can hit an agent between eyes at 200 yards, and marksman can accurately shoot an AR 5 or 6 yards. ( and by agent, i mean criminal )

  • Think about this. I have a pump shot gun. It has a full magazine and hold 7 in the magazine and one in the chamber. I load it with # 4 buckshot. That is 32 pellets the size of a .22 bullet in each shell. I would say that is quite the assault weapon when you can put out 256 .22 bullet sized pellets in 30 seconds. Now that is way better than an AR 15 but Biden thinks we should buy shotguns. Good for Joe. Even a double barrel would put out 64 in a second and then a second or two to reload to do it all over again…..

  • I feel Barry is a usurper. His father was NOT a citizen of the US, he was a British National from Kenya, & his mother wasn’t old enough to register him as a Hawaiian. You would have to be a 2nd generation natural born citizen with both parents being natural born to be able to become a president. I will never claim him as my president & I wish others would stop calling him that.

  • Anyone know how safe a shotgun is? How fast can you load it if you fire off a couple of shots to warn off someone? I wouldn’t feel as safe I don’t think if I had someone out there who wanted to do me harm & I had to reload.

  • Steve

    Say, can you still buy a 12 ga. street sweeper with the drum magazine ?

  • fedfreakinup

    Wonder if Joe knows when he said his wife should walk out on the porch with a 12guage and just fire a couple off he was telling her to break the law. Would probably end up giving herself a purple armpit hickey (closest he’s ever getting to a purple heart) at the least and some new dental work at worst cuz Jill doesn’t strike me as the down home gun totin type a girl like we are down south. God Bless Texas

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