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White House Backs Biden: Buy a Shotgun (Not an AR-15)

Tailgunner Joe Biden is at ballistic Ground Zero for the current push for civilian disarmament, making sure that the Constitution State stays true to its name. Oh wait. Sorry. Making sure that Connecticut pols infringe upon Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The visit comes hot on the heels of Biden’s advice to Parents magazine readers who think an AR-15-style rifle might be just the ticket for self-defense [as above]: fire warning shots in the air like you just don’t care. Yesterday, an enterprising reporter asked White House Spokesman Jay Carney the obvious question: c’mon? Really? Yup. “In his view, you do not need a military-style assault weapon to protect your home. In fact, you would be better off with a shotgun.” thedailybeast.com breaks it down . . .

Biden’s detour actually performed an important political service for the Obama administration. It highlighted the fact that the gun reforms put forward don’t fit the “Obama’s coming for your guns!” fearmongering that too often derails our debates.

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