Miracle on Ice: World’s Largest Lake Trout Hooked and Released

If you were to ask Bruce Sederberg if he had any regrets over releasing what is the largest lake trout ever caught on ice with rod and reel, he would tell you emphatically that he didn’t regret a thing. It’s just how he always did things.

The 57-year-old lifelong Minnesota angler has been dipping lines into the water since he was six and sported an altruistic approach to fishing. Sederberg prided himself on never biting off more than he chew. On every fishing trip Sederberg would keep a few specimens for a fish fry with family and friends, the rest go straight back in the water.

He brought that attitude with him onto the ice of Ontario’s White Otter Lake on January 18, where he had been ice fishing for years.

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  • foxxybey

    Thats what I call a real fish, once with a lady who caught one that went 20 lbs on a spinner I let her use.

  • Rustytruck

    That’s a record for “Ice Fishing”, but they commonly grow bigger than that. I’ve seen many, many lake trout when I lived in Montana that were bigger but not thru ice fishing. As a matter of fact, in Kalispell, Mt. there’s a bar in town that had an aquarium inside with a bigger bull trout . The aquarium was pretty cool, it was about 25 ft. long and went in a full rectangle behind the bar. If any of you guys reading this know of the place, I don’t remember the bar’s name and am wondering if that fish is still there.

  • Joe Professor

    I have had several that size get away while trying to land them. The fish that got away. LOL

  • DenverKitty

    Sounds like “fish fry” to me…yummy!!

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