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Bob Beckel on guns: When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?

2nd Amend.

Bob Beckel on guns: When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?

Via Mediaite, I missed this last night but Twitchy didn’t. After months of “war on women” demagoguery keying off of Akin and Mourdock, I didn’t expect that the left’s big gun-control push might include a contingent of rape minimizers keen on keeping guns out of women’s hands. Then again, I didn’t expect that it would include an impassioned plea by Joe Biden for Americans to go out and buy shotguns either.

It does happen, of course, on campus and off. You may well know someone to whom it happened, assuming you aren’t a victim yourself:

It’s a terrible mistake by gun-rights groups not to emphasize self-defense for women more than they do, I think. Too often when you ask Second Amendment supporters why people need guns, they come back at you with hypotheticals ranging from remote to somewhat less remote but still pretty remote. Threat of the government instituting martial law? Remote.



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  • justathinker

    When? Do you mean this month or last month?

    • Barbara Anne Hess

      Beckel is a THUG.

  • Doc

    Three this week that I heard of and one today. Got your CHL done yet?

  • LEL

    Beckel is one of those perpetually overtly angry liberals, because he knows he’s all alone way out in Left field. Can’t stand the guy myself. FOX keeps him on for the same reason they keep idiot Williams.

  • foxxybey

    Beckel is a nut job that took to many hits playing college football and now is a cool-aid drinking commie for obozo.

    • 7papa7

      Beckel, like all liberals, just don’t get it. We the people have every right to have guns with any accessory we want. The left wants to pick and choose what sections of the Constitution is and is not valid. I got news for them, it is all valid for everyone. So far their has been an unbelievable attack on the Constitution by the left. You can go down almost ALL of the Bill of Rights and see the left attempting to take away the rights we have under this great document. Their attack on the Constitution, IMHO, is an act of terrorism. They are traitors and should be banned from America.

    • Barbara Anne Hess

      I don’t know why they still have that nasty, sleezy mouthed Beckel on “The Five”. He is disgusting.

      • Benjamin Fox

        I think they do it to remain fair and balance which the lame stream media won’t do, I don’t like him for sure, but I fought to make sure he had a right to say what ever he wants. God Bless Barbara Anne had a cousin I really liked named Barbara Anne, a great gal, sure you are also.

        • Doc

          If you want fair and balanced then find a reasonable and rational democrat to represent their side of an issue. If you want to elicit emotion and anger then get a fat, lying, disgusting hypocritical pig. See, there is a method to their madness.

          • AppraisHer

            Finding a reasonable and rational democrat is like finding a virgin in Vegas…there ain’t any.

      • Art

        Amen Amen

    • ves

      Add drunken dope head …. marxist communist socialist radical muslim Anti-American

  • Jerry Reames


  • jstarusa

    Well, using the presidents own words, if we can save one woman from being raped it is worth it! Those words can be used in a lot of instances. The women need to have protection if they want it. Would you not want protection for your daughter, girlfriend or wife? I would!

    • TexasJester

      Isn’t Obama pushing women’s right to choose protection?? (Or is that JUST for birth control?)

  • bobwhite1935

    To Bob Beckel, you don’t hear about rape on campus because for the same reason you don’t hear about the Benghazi, Libyan attack or Fast & Furious or any news that makes barack hussein obama & his democratic regime look incompetent by the Mainstream Media NBC, CBS & ABC

  • John Hand w/gunpermit

    When was the last time I heard about a rape on campus? Well, not lately because I no longer have any dealings with a university campus, but once upon a time…. I used to be a recruiter for the military, working (one of my assignments) out of Boulder, CO. You know, where the University of Colorado makes a claim to fame, the campus where U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) spoke and urged the students to burn their draft cards, well, you have heard of the place. The football players were having a field day up there while off the playing field, and it was all hush hush. Funny thing was, there I was trying to recruit women as well as men into the military, and the mothers of those young ladies didn’t want them to go into the military where they might be attacked. No, those mothers wanted them ‘safe on campus.’ (True story, and I use my real name).

  • John Spencer

    “When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?”

    This morning, actually. It happened within fifty feet (or was it yards?) of the campus police station.

  • reggiec

    Beckel is “Drain Bramaged (sic). He just needs to type “college rape statistics” into any search engine.

  • $336547

    Bob Beckel is a nut case. Fox is doing research on brain damaged Liberals. (Is there any other kind?)
    Beckel is like part of an experiment they are doing. They are waiting to see how long a Kool-Aid drinking Liberal zombie can be surrounded by a bunch of Conservatives before the top of his head explodes and his pea brain falls out onto the desk.

  • M.J. Nellett

    Facts are things that are alien to Progressives. Why let the truth get in the way of a good lie?

  • Doc

    If, in the unlikely event that ANY female would procreate with a pig like Beckel and he had a daughter would he want HER to walk around unarmed and defenseless? Answer, YES, because if she did get raped and murdered by some crazy gun-toting psycho he could get better ratings by ranting and spewing lies and Obama talking points. Aside from the fact he is (disgustingly) fat he is as predictable and pathetic as are all Obama doting democrats. I refuse to watch The Five because of The One. Beckel.

  • GoofyGary

    I agree with bobwhite1935. to Mr. Beckel, Have you ever heard of the date rape drug? It happens all the time on campass.

  • Judy Ratliff

    I wish they would rape him

  • Anita

    Colleges spend millions of dollars to cover this mess up. If that doesn’t work then they demonize the female. This is why no matter what the female hating democraps say, we women need guns to even the playing field. The democraps do not think women are as important as men and this is why they are trying to force women when being attacked to vomit, piss, faint or whatever. Just don’t kill the male because according to the democraps men are more important than we females. War on Women. Would someone please explain to me who really is having a war against women. Repubs say that I should be armed to protect myself; democraps say I shouldn’t because males are more important than females. Of course they haven’t come right out and said this, but as I was taught, “Actions speak louder than words.” And the actions the democraps is telling me is that I am not important enough to be able to defend myself against males because I am not as important as males. Muslim thinking is now slipping into our American Customs thanks to the Muslim in the White House.

  • lokiswife

    Bob Beckel must be thinking back to the old days when a woman who committed adultery was branded with a scarlet A on her forehead, and since he hasn’t seen any women running around with a scarlet R on their forehead, he presumes that rape doesn’t happen. Bob Beckel is a perfect example of the old adage that there is nothing that cures stupid…

  • dellonwoodard

    Bob Beckel, I’ve always had respect for you but I can’t understand how you as an enlightened man of the political seen for many electoral cycles can shill for an obviously corrupt Castro type ! His ideology is parallel to that of Castro years ago ! Yes, he got rid of one form of corruption to replace it with a misguided radicalized alternate just as Oboma is doing. It’s become a modern version of the feudal lords system where the serfs are just cannon fodder and worker peons to promote and profit the state like heard cattle or sheep. Laze-Born or Lazen-Born is next ! Is this just a gig with a pat stheistic now to you ? As a thinking man I thought better of you and your achievements than to be used as comic relief or a clown ! You can’t help but to see the falicy and corruption behind Oboma and his cronies hidden in the pork barrels of D.C. ! Seek the truth and you will find it if you take the Democratic blinders off and see the big picture ! Look at the truth as an American first and for most with out the rose colored shades. The Democrats left U.S., we didn’t leave it ! Yet it’s future is cast to the winds by the corrupt administration and all in the Congress and Senate that are milking it for all its’ worth !

  • Joanne Satmary

    Well Bob, we will hear a lot of them once you get rid of legal gun owners. Then there is no one between the raper and the rapee. Get a brain or get off fox new, you and Rove the Rino

  • chaz

    What I do like about Beckle is when he is tripping all over his lying tongue trying to twist the truth to please his master.I love it when he gets flustered and blows up like a bullfrog. I am just waiting for him to blow a gasket on set. Never seen a cronic lying piece of crap that big. It’s like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound container. As for guns, who the **** is he to tell me what kind of gun or how many rounds I should have to defend my family or myself. More and more colleges are revisiting their policy on guns on campus.If I had a young girl going to college I would make sure she was armed and knew how to use it,not just shoot it. She would also have a carry permit and not go to a gun free school. Blowhard Bob is the typical liberal democrat who claims to be a Christian if they believe in god at all, but does not believe in anything the Bible teaches..He even tries to twist scripture to support his twisted communist views. As for rape on campus,many are done using date rape drugs and not reported because of shame.Others are covered up because of the offenders status,either from a rich family or position on the team of some sport.Others are to preserve the name of the school. There are a lot of reasons you do not here about rape on campus and the left wing news does not help. Beckle is a putz

  • mthammer

    Beckel is a stupid idiot like all your commentors agree with . He worked for carter so you know what kind of idiot he is , beckel still continues to blame the military for their attempt at rescue of the Hostages . He said the military did it on purpose messed up the mission to make Carter look bad. He does no research on the show, uses foul language , when inteviewed on Shows like Hannity telling people to get get F ed , when he disagrees with their side of the argument. He is a blowhard denies any wrong doing of the left , defends Obama and his administration for everything they do , Completely chastised the Doctor who put Obama in his place at the Breakfast meeting. He said the doctor was mean and it was uncalled for to do it in that venue. He will lie , is constantly showing disrespect to the ladies on the Five , Dana Parino former press secretary for George Bush, Andrea Tanteros a political anaylist , Kimberly Guilfoil former ist lady to the Mayor of sanFrancisco Ca.making sexual inuendos and then when caught saying , I was only kidding . Why The Five keep him on the show , because they have had to employ body guards for his outbreaks of stupid remarks and putdowns to various nationalities on the air and thinks its just a joke. I have among others want to see him replaced with someone that has more profesionalism then some liberal hack who needs to retire.

  • Steve Thomas

    1 rape is not news to them. A good apartment building fire with 20-30 deaths…now that’s newsworthy. Lots of blood and guts, That is why I do NOT watch the news. It is NOT news…it nothing but sensationalism.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    What a Dumg A somehow they never have anything right when they get off their message talking points that is when you find out how really Stupid they are.

  • June Gagnon

    If you pay attention to The Five, you’ll notice Beckel, consistently, ticks off the gals AND Greg!

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