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Mexico Asks US to Provide Gun Registration Info for All Border States

If you’ve been concerned about the steps our federal and some state governments have been taking to outlaw guns and ammunition, then you’ll be really upset over the request being made by the government of Mexico.

Believe it or not, the Mexican legislature voted to ask the United States government to CREATE a gun registry of all commercial firearms in the four US States that borders their country. Once the registry has been created, then they want the US government to SHARE that registry with them so that they know where every gun in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas is located.

Considering the fact that the massive gun control bill introduced by CALIFORNIA Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein included a requirement to register every gun in America, regardless of make, model, year, how long you’ve had it or how you got it, is it a mere coincidence that Mexico has made this request at this point in time? After all, California is one of the four states involved with the request the republic of Mexico.

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