Video: How 3-D printers will make magazine-capacity limits obsolete

I’ll admit to being a rube about 3-D printing technology, and its implications for issues like gun control and other kinds of restrictive laws on devices, so this video from the Washington Post is an eye-opener for me. Travis Lerol builds a receiver for his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in the convenience of his own home, or at least the casing for it; some of the other components have to be bought separately. None of those are restricted — yet, anyway — and the only issue preventing people from creating their own high-capacity magazines for their firearms is just the need for a design:

It might be possible to build the weapons themselves, although the technology for that would still require significant contributions of components other than plastic:

Twenty minutes into his State of the Union address last week, President Obama entered the realm of uber-geekery — three-dimensional printing. The magical devices capable of printing prosthetics, violins and even aircraft parts have the potential, the president said, “to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.”

Forty miles away from the Capitol, in Glen Burnie, Md., Travis Lerol is proving Obama’s point — with guns. …

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  • Constitution101

    All the government will do is regulate these expensive 3-D printers. Aren’t they somewhere near 1/2 million to purchase?

  • jstarusa

    Im sure they will ban the printers except for the government. Wait and see.

  • S Rubicon

    Yet the discussion never seems to center on or even discuss…. the drugs involved in most, if not all of the massacres. Perhaps we should look into the drugs these folks take & perhaps someone might just realize there is a cause & effect relationship. Its not the guns. Its not the magazine capacity. Its not any of the issues the media & gun grabbers are pushing. And we should never base legislation based on emotion alone. Emotional law always over-reacts & creates a whole new set of problems. We have over 9.000 gun laws now. More laws will not reduce gun deaths. The truth is, prosecutors use gun laws for prosecutions less than 3% of the time. Why? Fact is, we have tens of millions more guns today than we had just ten years ago, and, less gun deaths. Knives kill more people than all rifles do. Its time we demand the media look at actual facts, not politically partisan talking points based on emotional outbursts!

  • I can now mass produce a 40rd magazine for any rifle I need, awesome

  • Keep in mind people, that the laws read: ban “assault rifles AND high capacity magazines”. That will mean banning ALL “scary” semi-auto rifles and ALL 10+ round pistol magazines.

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