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DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners

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DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners

A provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a 21-year designer and full service provider of training targets for the DHS, the Justice Department and thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

The company’s website offers a line of “No More Hesitation” targets ”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”



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  • omega2

    Do they sell DHS targets of OBUMMMA AND BIDEN????? Seems like they dont like PREGNANT WOMEN!!!! Howe sic can they get!!!!

    • Steve Thomas

      And Pelosi, Reed, Frankenfeinstein, Como, etc.

    • Vickierie Jones

      That will be the Lefts new form of ABORTION !

    • Chief_Cabioch

      looks like the war on women has changed sides

    • S. Wicks Jr

      obamy doesn’t like women anyhow; evidence is in his PAST! Are there any negro’s depicted in the targets? I hope the FOOLS that voted him in for his second term are happy. They will feel the wrath of his hatred this time around….

  • TheEngineer

    This might be because of all of the Pelosi, Reed, Obama targets they found in the trash at their ranges.

  • hagar2935

    SICK, SICK, SICK!!!! But what do expect out of LIBERAL LOONIES?????

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Need to see targets that reflect the real enemy….Libtard Progressives, their Islamic allies and Marxist.


      I’M WITH YOU

    • Uzi Kattan

      I think you mean libturds.

      • FLBuck

        Libtards or libturds, that’s what I love about freedom of choice!!!

        • RLM357

          They both smell bad after 3 days in the sun! At least Dogturds turn white! LOL

  • Buck

    who is the supllier?? I think we should know that information for future reference!



    • Sam Wicks Jr

      I’ve heard a lot of arms suppliers are turning away from the Feds because of the restrictions on ammo and guns for civilians. Do you think they have a hint of what’s going on? Maybe they can get the Chinese to sell them ammo. Hope it doesn’t work……

  • Don

    These are the Future targets of Barrack Obama and his drone program right here in the United States of America. Without a doubt Barrack Obama did choose the American people mainly everyone other than Black people and this is jest how Prejudice that Barrack Obama is.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      I think Obama is targeting all Americans, Blacks included. Obama does not think of himself as one of the Blacks brought here as slave labor. Obama’s tribe was one of, that took African’s and sold them into salve labor. He places himself far above the African Americans of today that arrived here under slave trade. In other words, he would sell his Brothers and Sisters that come from various parts of Africa…

      As they said in POLITICS, nothing personal it’s just POLITICS !

      • 17_tparty_patriot76

        The trouble with that statement is people born in America , are Americans, where their ancestors came from make them e.g. Americans of African descent, Americans of Italian descent, Americans of Irish descent etc. The point is , WE are all Americans FIRST…He wants us to forget that ! He Hates America and wants to destroy her !

  • gdoggerz

    Wonder what this government is planning on doing….wanting to take our guns, buying up tons and tons of ammo…makes you wonder.

    • John The Baptist

      I don’t have to wonder, I’m sure that I know why and so should the rest of the true Americans already knows.

    • Walter D. Owens

      Where have You bbeen?

  • Janthony132

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck – it’s a duck. The DHS is after our guns, the Prez is firing Top Generals who won’t agree to killing Americans and the DGS is buying up tons of soft point ammo (not for target practice.) You don’t need hollow-point bullets unless you want to do serious damage. And this latest round of new regulations on various law enforcement and civilian unrest (with potential for Prez to institute Martial law)??? Yeah, it quacks like a duck. We have all the makings of a Dictator setting us all up. What do you think?

    • cwms2005

      Pick your targets early. They are.

      • RLM357

        READY on the RIGHT! Ready on the Left! Ready on the Firing line!

      • Sam W

        Stockpile lots of ammo. Hollow points should be the preference. Maybe a couple armor piercing rounds as well.

    • buster puddles

      John, you’re right. I’ve been warning/screaming about this stuff from the rooftops for five years. Not only this, but obama is preparing The U.S. for an invasion from outside (Mexico, China and others) and from within (nationalized Mexicans and Muslims). Also by selling guns to cartels (Fast and Furious) and giving war hardware to the Middle East.

      • Walter D. Owens

        Same here’ Long before’ open border’ Obamas Army’ is here.

    • FLBuck

      With what they are supplying themselves with, those are your everyday combat loads!!! They are preparing themselves for acts of revolt and retaliation against those Americans who believe as well as support their rights and freedoms. They are seeking the advantage of immediate suppression and they’re trying to BS us into thinking that it is a type of protocol for them to improve their marksmanship training, but those of us, especially veterans like myself who have a background in Special Ops know better than that!!

    • bobalo59

      you’re absolutely right DHS is obviously preparing for the great rebellion of 2013.

  • Buford

    Do they make targets that look like cops who have become cop killers, or rogue DHS agents, or space aliens who have assumed the physical characteristics of national leaders? If so, I may have to shop there myself.

  • Michael DeKalb

    Go to Company behind this is A Minn. based Company called Law Enforcement Training, Inc.

    • John The Baptist

      If I’m not mistaken, there are a lot of gooood shooters out there that already have their targets and are waiting for the right time. BOOM.

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    Please tell me this is bogus.

  • nunya

    I just went to the company website and the server is crashed due to traffic. I called the number and they do INDEED sell the “no more hesitation” targets… I tried to buy some but they transferred me to one person and then told me to call a different number where there was an answering machine.I hope to God this is NOT what I think it is.

    • buster puddles

      Nunya, you’ve been marked with your phone number.

      • nunya

        I know! They did call me back! I talked to the guy for a few minutes asking him what the deal was with these targets… He said they were requested by a LOCAL law enforcement individual (not DHS) in November last year so they have only been available for 3 months or so. I asked him WHY they had targets of pregnant women and what possible scenario there could be to shoot a pregnant woman or old woman, and he said that these “unconventional targets” helped LE deal with situations that might arise in real life. When I asked, “you mean the point of the target is to MISS these targets?” He did NOT give a definitive answer to that question… He just kept with the, “unconventional situation” line. This company sells to anyone including civilians and groups like the NRA, as well as government organizations like DHS, In fairness to LE.Targets, I play COD and there are training missions on there where the point is to MISS the hostage target and HIT the “bad guy” popup targets where points are deducted if you hit these hostage or civilian targets…

        • nunya

          Maybe the company should change the name to “unconventional targets” instead of the “no hesitation” phrase and there would not be so much hoopla.

          I can see why this story in addition to all the other stories about
          large government purchases of billions of rounds of ammo can be
          disturbing and cause many people to be concerned.

  • Bummbuster

    A picture of OSAMA inside a toilet seat ring ,or Peelosie, Holder , Reid etc makes a good target

  • edro3111

    B.S.! Our biggest threats are the muzzies, Mexican gangs and most members of Congress!! I don’t care what “training” they think they’ll be doing but the simple picture it paints is bad…very bad!

    • rivahmitch

      Sorry but I think you’re wrong. Our biggest threat is the government that wishes to subjugate and enslave us all. Semper Fi! KTNN!!

    • John The Bpatist

      I bet you they think they know. Surprise, Surprise, surgent Carter. But what they DON’T know is whats realy going to hert them the most when they try. If the TRUE Americans know better, they will not show their hand untill it’s time, then give it all you’ve got…. Hear no eveil, speek no eveil.

  • yennikcm

    Whitey Only, huh?

  • Doc

    I have been saying it for a long time but it bears repeating; the local PDs are getting funding and ammo from DHS so they are beholden to Obama and his (union) henchmen. Don’t think for a minute they won’t come to YOUR house to confiscate your guns and lock you away till they decide what crime to generate for you. And, NO, I’m not a cop hater. I was one and my Dad was one for forty years. Call your local PD and ask what they would do if ordered to confiscate guns. You might be surprised.



      • Sam W

        They won’t have to wait to retire once obamy’s force walks in armed to the hilt! Better have a bullet proof vest and LOTs of ammo.

  • Bruce Feher

    This IS outrageous! All government ties to this company should be cut at once!

  • rivahmitch

    So…. it’s about to begin. Be locked, loaded and ready. Ask yourself “Is life so dear or peace so sweet?” Is it better to die quickly taking some enemies with you than to die slowly alone and unmourned. Semper Fi!

    • Walter D. Owens

      Right On!

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      And who do you think would help US? Any of our allies that we send $$$$ and food too? Rather doubt it. They would rather pick up the pieces. We are on OUR OWN! And once this is finished; throw the UN OFF US territory!!!!!!!

      • rivahmitch

        Did you ever really figure Americans would not be on our own?

  • Carol Elaine Donaldson

    Hades forbid that a target look like a Jihadi or a Burka clad woman wearing a bomb vest under her black robes.

    • TinMan67

      Did you see that some muslems were complaining about targets wearing turbans on them at some gun range.

  • Bandit

    paper targets dont shoot back

  • JIM

    THESE sickos are Afraid !!!AFraid of themselves ,They must feel inferior to post such comments ,like Shoot pregnent Women ,The Elderly ,Jesus is Keeping Score, Mr shooter of the elderly, Kids ,Pregent Women ,You will be held accountable ,Here Me ,You are responsible for your actions,and will be judged by non other than JESUS CHRIST !!!

  • Encycloman

    LET inc got bought out. Wonder about the new owners!

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Platinum Group today
    announced its acquisition of St. Paul-based Law Enforcement Targets, Inc.,
    a privately held, family owned business that designs and distributes
    shooting targets to homeland security agencies, police departments,
    military units, gun clubs, and others for training purposes.
    “This is the second acquisition for Platinum Group this year through
    our private investment fund, Platinum Holdings, which provides another way
    for us to assist business owners to accomplish their objectives while
    building on our reputation as managers of businesses experiencing critical
    transitions,” said Dean Bachelor, chairman and founder of Platinum Group.
    In addition to acquiring private companies that require capital and
    management expertise, Platinum’s core business is providing interim
    management and consulting services to both underperforming and growing
    private companies.
    Platinum Group partners have assumed executive positions at Law
    Enforcement Targets, including Dean Bachelor as chairman and chief
    executive officer and Glaydon Iverson as chief financial officer. Senior
    partner Steve Coleman will assist in sales and marketing. Day-to-day
    operations continue to be managed by Cherie Manning, chief operating
    officer, a nine-year veteran of Law Enforcement Targets.
    Platinum has invested in 15 companies over the past 12 years through
    its Platinum Holdings fund, including majority ownership in Eden
    Prairie-based Elvin Safety, Inc. this year. The firm is focused primarily
    on acquiring underperforming companies in need of turnaround capital and
    management expertise to restore value. In the case of Law Enforcement
    Targets, the owners wanted to sell a profitable, growing business for
    personal reasons.
    For more information about Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., visit .
    Founded in the early 1980s, Platinum Group is an interim management,
    consulting and investment group that leads privately held companies through
    critical transitions. The firm has invested in, managed and/or advised more
    than 500 companies in the Upper Midwest. Platinum Group was awarded the
    “Turnaround of the Year” award in 2004 by the Upper Midwest Chapter of the
    Turnaround Management Association. For more information, visit .
    PR Newswire (

  • LEL

    Conditioning the troops. Makes one wonder if the citizenry should be conditioning to shoot the troops.

    At one time police trained with both friendly and bad-guy pop-up targets, it was a no-no to shoot friendlies. We’ve come a long way here in America, the terrorists and the communists are wining.

  • Drifter007

    At first I thought these were “no fire” targets “not fire upon” targets. So much for my first impression! What a bunch of loonies.

  • horseridingplains

    And now they cannot do it without due process- bama needs to be stopped before he kills all of us

    • 17_tparty_patriot76

      Whose going to stop him , the cowards in congress??

      • scottie526

        Congress has probably been threatened by the Administration, either personally or family members and that is why no one will go against him. They are all a bunch of cowards.



    • 17_tparty_patriot76

      Because he knew Americans , well most of us, would not go like sheep to the slaughter !!! Now he has a good target, the tea party, or as he likes to think of us, those clinging to their guns and bibles. WAIT , he’s right on that one, but we won’t go down lightly !!!!!!!! God BLESS America !

  • Anthony Alexander

    ” The company reacted to the furore by asserting the products helped override “hesitation on the part of cops when deadly force is required on subjects with atypical age, frailty or condition,” and to “break that stereotype on the range, regardless of how slim the chances are of encountering a real life scenario that involves a child, pregnant woman, etc.” ……………………………………Yea SURE IT IS

    ” The representative refused to answer why police would be interested in training to shoot pregnant women, but went on to explain, “unfortunately our world is made up of people, pregnant or otherwise, that are gun owners not for the right reasons,” adding that the targets were to “train police officers ”.

    NOT for the right reasons meaning those who oppose GUN CONTROL and would Defend their right to do so?…………………..The table is being set for a Reichstag event in the US

    equipped DHS with the many millions of rounds, ATF with the millions of rounds, , the NDAA, and the entire left media on the side of anti-guns, is a recipe for a manufactured uprising by Obama. As an example that they are continually trying to perpetrate and manufacture events to further their agenda, the current administration did fast and furious to force more gun control laws through their actions and molding propaganda the day it was revealed. Similar to the Reichstag Fire perpetrated by Hitler as an excuse to declare martial law. Obama will continue to use the series of events that have unfolded and will continue to unfold to push his anti American agenda and it will get worse. Then people will rise up and create riots and demand answers on the executive order to have your guns taken away, but the media will portray them as home grown terrorists and national security threats further bolstering Obama’s power base. The Military, DHS, ATF, FBI and FEMA will kill some and round up the rest to be incarcerated at large detention centers. Look at the larger detention centers around the US near large population areas that have been erected since Obama has been in office. No president has ever done this, with the exception of FDR to detain Japanese Americans in WWII. Americans have no rights they are a temporary list of privileges that can be taken away anytime the government wants.

    They are no different than what the SS Nazi’s and Gestapo did in WWII, if you read your history books. Tyranny is easy to spot. It is like seeing your first rattlesnake, once you see one, you’ll know…………….Anybody who understands the current administration and what they represent know well that they are no good who will do anything, sacrifice anybody to force their doctrine and policies, just like the NAZIS. The founding fathers also knew the snake of tyranny.

    So you have two choices either submit with no blood shed or fight and maybe die and be imprisoned indefinitely under NDAA as a home grown terrorist either way Obama will get his way. Just read your military history on how Hitler came to power and how he manipulated the German people into believing he was their answer to all their problems

    • 17_tparty_patriot76

      But , unlike the Germans, Americans who voted for him, are starting to wake up from their kool-aid induced stupor and seeing him for what he really is…… evil dictator wannabe ! To take a line from a comment I read elsewhere…. Watching the TRUTH seep in is very interesting!

  • James Kroeger

    It’s time we fight back and print up our own targets…DHS agents! LOL 🙂

  • $29077531

    Unfortunately there is little we can do except be on alert. Contact friends and loved ones make sure they all know whats going on, Stay the course, Freedom is life, How can we live as Americans if the government takes it all away ? I pray that we won’t need to shed blood, but these tyrants and they’re minions continue to walk all over the people, they continue to lie and steal, We the people can be pushed so far and then they will reap what they have sown.

  • CaptTurbo

    This is seriously messed up behavior for the “government” to be engaged in.

  • jong

    When I was in spec ops we had a training exercise we called the House. In this we went in and were told that there were hostages in there along with terrorists. The targets the DHS is now shooting were the innocents we preserved(although we never turned our back on them). Time to start cranking out some targets of Obama’s hero’s, Marx, Stalin, Lennin, Chavez and I almost forgot Farrakhan.

  • Gerald Mann

    I am beginning to think this rash of multi killings and civil unrest as the news calls it has been bought and paid for by Obama and his henchmen , I am of the opinion that Obama would stoop to any level to get his way and the country is paying the price. Every one knows thier was massive voter fraud in both of the last elections , so much in fact that it is leaking out in even the main streem media. add to that the fact that all of the paperwork on his past has been proven to be counterfit and the several dozen high crimes and misdomeaners all of which were impeachable offences ! I think it is way past time for someone in the Congress or the Supreme Court to do thier job and impeach this Manchuran Candiantdate and Reid , Pelosi, and Biden as Co-Comsperiators and start over with out giving the bankers a choice on anything ..

    • TinMan67

      There is so much strange stuff about the Newtown shooting that I’v seen. the father of one child laughing and then prepping to cry before the camera! Too weird!!!

  • horseridingplains

    they want to become comfortable when they fire on unarmed pregnant women and old people who are not carrying but may be just gun owners. What have we become/
    Our rhetoric is good–but this type of thing needs to be stopped–by who–is there no one out there with political clout enough and at least no fear and a capability of getting their point across.

  • $26338561

    Well….The little confidence I had in these organizations has now gone down the crapper….Common, What legitimate reason would you have to practice shooting an elderly couple, or a pregnant woman and so forth? I mean are they running into a substantial number of these threats? Maybe what we have here is a little preemptive training, a little contingency training….Either way the thought that these targets are being used coupled with the ammo buying spree scares the BeJesus out of me.

  • Borderbully

    Funny but when a supplier of targets started selling those with turbaned males a hew and a cry went up about it until the company pulled them off the market. Do we honestly think the same thing will happen with this company? I doubt it.

  • zzdawg

    That taking abortions to a whole new level.

  • Patriot-Research

    If this does not tell the American People that the Government is getting ready to attack “We the People” nothing does…!!! Prepare, Prepare, Prepare and the drones are already in the sky..!!!

  • Chuck Fowler

    Dear LE Targets,

    First of all, you are all a-holes for producing targets of ordinary Americans with guns as “no hesitation” targets to get LE personnel “used to” shooting at them, even if our dysfunctional DHS did request them. And if our DHS did request them, then they are worse a-holes than you are.

    Second, I was trained by the Army to be an expert marksman with both rifle and pistol, and I still am, plus I don’t fire warning shots and I usually double tap center of mass.

    Please send me some targets of Middle Easterners wearing turbans or burkas and some of powder blue beret-wearing UN types, as well as any LE types who may show up at my door wanting to seize my guns, or even inspect them.

    On second thought, never mind. I already wouldn’t hesitate to shoot anyone who tried to come into my home uninvited or without a warrant as required by our Constitution, so I don’t need any “no hesitation” targets.

  • The Old Man

    I can just see Biden using his double barrel shotgun on the targets….. 2 loads and he is dead.
    The bad guy has 30 or more.

    • Shears-of-Atropos

      You be so right. Anybody who knows about shotguns in close quarters knows that a pump with a slug barrel and max in the magazine is far superior. Dbls have longer barrels and you can’t turn around when you really need to. Plus, 2 shots, its over. PsyOps, if you hear a pump being racked in the middle of the dark, you *know* you’ve made a bad decision…..

  • keepingcool

    I just wont to see the true safty of Americas woman and childern. Not the democrat way of taking our guns.

  • $13614178

    The best firearms training is to use the most realistic targets of what you will be shooting at , just good common sense , so now we know what or who they plan to shoot .

  • jstarusa

    This is racist! They have only white people as targets! Now I wonder why that is? Besides that, they are inciting a riot! And what do are reps in congress have to say about this? (Sound of crickets).

  • moberndorf

    We need to shoot first, and ask questions later.

  • ???

    The pregnant targets are so that the they can practice to kill 2 with one shot.

  • bobalo59

    The war has already been declared and if your are not ready you better get started.

  • RLM357

    Why not some New Black Panther Party targets or DNC members Targets? How about Admnistration Targets? What’s Fair is Fair!

  • S Rubicon

    If Americans are afraid of their government, perhaps stuff like this is the reason why! Why is the govt. buying hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo? Why is the govt, buying AR-15’s for self defense use by govt. employees, when the govt. tells average citizens that such a gun is not for self defense? The truth is, not all conspiracies are theories! Why is DHS issung reports about the supposed dangers of radical right wing extremists, yet even after the Occupy crowd has decimated many cities, we are told they are the ‘good’ guys? This appears to be a propaganda campaign to discredit Americans & hold up radical & extremist leftist ideologues, as what we should all emulate & adore! Ha!

  • Cooleemee Edd

    This company has an interesting web site. They also provide targets for the NRA. The targets listed in the article were NOT listed on their website.

  • bhudda

    The democrats don’t realize that one day the republicans might control the country .We may want union bosses ,images of democrat polititions and old O election posters .bama

  • bhudda

    Republicans may like targets of Janet Reno ,Hiiliary Clinton , Janet Napaniano or Eric Holder


    Where can I get targets with Obama, Michelle and chimps, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, etc.?! Just like the Barney targets of years ago?…

    • kjenkinsaf

      Put em on your SD card and go to Kinkos. Just don’t let em see you printing them.

  • Terry

    I WANT TARGETS OF OBUMMER (obama), BITEME (biden), KRERRY (kerry), PUGLOSI (pelosi) AND PEID (reid). Let’s pit fair against fair!!!!

  • JBKonya104

    These people are getting more evil by the day, or some Media people are just trying to get us all bent out of shape, because the Media gives them some kind of Power. They have a tendency to like to stab at normal folks. Has anyone figured out, as I have…finally, that we have the most Mentally deranged people protecting our Country right now “DHS?” It’s time to start putting our new Administration on targets at our ranges. I need to earn my Expert badge. I don’t think there’s a word in our dictionary that would describe those in the WH leading our Country right now. Right now “EVIL” will have to do.

  • alpambuena

    hey..thats ok..we can obtain targets of dhs agents, irs agents, acorn, black panthers, radical muslims…we can play this game all day long.

  • cleanwater2

    How about using images of the 26 adults and children killed at Newtown?

  • Marlin208

    This just goes along with the firing of all the Generals that say they will not shoot Americans. Stay awake America, it is coming.

  • Boogiedog

    Maybe it’s time to make targets of DHS agents then too, What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

  • yipyap

    I’m sure they have an inventory of towel-heads too, right??

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Wha? Please recall Magnum Force and the combat training scene. They had targets of “good guys”, police in uniform, women with grocery bags, and so on. The question is, how many of these good guy targets did they buy? 100 million? One thousand?

  • mickey

    Get “BUTCH NAPALITANO out of the Dept, this unpatriotic SOB, deserves to be in JAIL.

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