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N.Y. bill would force gun owners to buy at least $1M in insurance

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N.Y. bill would force gun owners to buy at least $1M in insurance

A bill introduced in the New York State Assembly by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, a Democrat, would require the state’s residents to acquire liability insurance as a condition for gun ownership.

“Any person in this state who shall own a firearm shall, prior to such ownership, obtain and continuously maintain a policy of liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars specifically covering any damages resulting from any negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person,” the measure, dubbed S2353, reads.

Any person who has not purchased insurance in compliance with the law within 30 days of its passing would be in violation of the law.



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  • Sagebrush6

    All of the crinimals in NY are just saying thththththththththththththththt to you dude.

  • wdcraftr

    Supreme court says govt can’t force you to buy anything. Obama care was just changed to a tax for that reason. But then again, when do any politicians today give a hoot about Laws, or the Constitution?

    • John Spencer

      Not that I am agreeing with this bumbocrat, but doesn’t the Government force one to buy car insurance?
      And good luck finding an insurance company prepared to insure you against claims should you do something illegal, whether by intent or neglect.
      And even more good luck being shot by a criminal that took out insurance for his stolen, or black market, firearm

      • C.P. Lund

        Cars aren’t mentioned in the Constitution.

      • Fourth ID

        Driving a car is a privilage.To drive you have to have insurance.Owning a gun is a God given right

        • scottie526

          Owning a gun is not a God given right, however it is a right that was given to Americans by the Constitution and the second amendment and the absolute right to protect ourselves from the morons on the left that are trying to make us a slave nation.

          • Adhemarde

            Self defense is a God-given right; guns are an essential tool of self defense. Therefore, unlike cars, we have enshrined in the Second Amendment the right to keep (= own) and bear arms.

          • whisper

            Thankfully guns were present when the constitution was enacted, because according to you I guess stones would be the God given choice of self protection. But, as it reads, we have the God given right to bear arms.

          • gutterfalcon

            Maybe, But the right to defend yourself is God given.

          • freemanfornow

            Scottie: The Constitution says our rights are God given. The Consitution (including the Bill of Rights) does not “give” rights; it says our God given rights are protected from interference from the government. Big distinction! (By the way, driving a car IS a privilege)

          • disqus_4t2AsymgGb

            read the constitution.

        • Jonathan D Yellowbear

          I hate to disagree with you but you may be driving a vehicle, but you are traveling from point A to point B!!!! Traveling is a God given Right!!!!

      • NolanR

        The govt. does not force you to buy auto insurance. You can own as many cars as you want
        without a dimes worth of insurance. You just can’t drive them on the streets and highways.

        • Rodney Small

          In that case if I am not using my gun I would not have to have insurance. I would just tell these fools to come and check my insurance card. I can only pray that Fexil Oritz shows up but we all know that coward hides behind his armed guards as he should.

      • JIM


        • disqus_4t2AsymgGb

          yes, it is LAW that you have car insurance, if you register your car for use on public roads.


        This criminal would now be called an uninsured criminal, subject to deductions, from our facebook page.

      • K9Guy51

        me thinks the whole idea is to make it such a pain, and too expensive to own a firearm in New York ….(unless your a criminal- then you still don’t care)

    • phillyg

      Nothing about cars in the Constitution last time I checked. Guns on the other hand, in the Constitution.

    • K9Guy51

      guess New York would label this a …gun tax??..

  • TrapRat

    There in lies the absolute lunacy of the liberal, demented left. Can’t they all just go away? There’s no place in this county for communists and marxists. Just Leave you scumbag socialists, just leave before we force you to. Oh by the way…Felix have you renewed you green card?

    • 7papa7

      Unfortunately DC is loaded with Marxist, possibly the highest percentage to the population in the country and it starts in the white house and moves to the congress. I would love to see every gun owner in NY move out of the state. That would put a major hurt on their tax revenues. It would probably break the backs of the state. If the gun owners and the gun makers leave then you have majorly reduced the tax base. NY doesn’t deserve to survive with the totally moronic anti Constitution decisions they are making. Real Americans in NY, pack your bags and get out.

  • cleanwater2

    Well if gun owner will need $1million insurance will every car owner have to have $5million in car insurance? There are more car deaths than gun deaths about 5 to 1. How about liberals allowing abortions will every woman of child bearing age have to have insurance to cover her choose to have an abortion?

    • garysvent

      She already does. It’s tax funded, and called the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

      • C.P. Lund

        That will only cost a family about $20,000 per year, yeah, that’s affordable!

        • garysvent

          Didn’t say it was truthful. In fact, it’s not Truth if it’s delivered with a Fist.

        • scottie526

          And by the way, that is the cheapest amount of medical insurance you can take out. It only costs more if you want more.

  • Idadho

    But …………………….. For autos

    The state minimums for liability insurance in the state of New York areas followed:
    $25,000 per person / 50,000 per accident for injury (BIL)
    $50,000 per person / 100,000 per accident for death (BIL)
    $10,000 for property damage caused by any one accident (PDL)
    $50,000 for basic no-fault insurance (see explanation further below on this page)
    $25,000per person / 50,000 per accident for uninsured/underinsured motorist liability

    Autos kill and maim more people than firearms by a great margin. This is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment.
    Ortiz needs to wake up and look at the facts. .But, Oh, he is a Democrat, facts don’t have any meaning to him.

  • Pa.Bill

    How did the people of New York State permit these oppressors be elected office??

    • Anthony Alexander

      Because most of the general population for the majority
      of voters lies in the lower Hudson valley into NYC and Long Island. Those areas
      are HAVENS for liberal voters who outnumber upstate conservative voters

    • pachingko

      Because they are idiots like the ones in office. They believe everything that they say.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    The Devil’s in the details….. as I read the language, it says that the liability insurance must cover all acts, accidental or willful, involving the FIREARM……. NOT the OWNER. Thus, if the firearm is stolen by a burglar, sold to a crack dealer who uses it to whack a rival, the owner’s insurance MUST kick in. What insurance company is going to underwrite that? The rates would make doctors’ malpractice insurance look a real bargain in comparison.

  • Bubba Dude

    The gov’t is just STUCK ON STUPID

    • FLBuck

      And definitely, you can’t fix it either.

      • K9Guy51

        Sure you can fix it — just fire the idiots at next election. The problem is, we have a nation full of idiots that spend all their time watching Dancing With The Stars, and Honey BooBoo instead of paying attention to what your govmnt is doing. Then at election time these idiots re-elect the Washington idiots….and the cycle continues.

  • Bob Copenhaver

    For sure all crooks are going to run out and buy insurance. Any more stupid ideas from these idiots?

  • Tom

    And what happens if I don’t get the insurance. I’m starting to draw the line in the sand. You can legislate stupidity so be careful of the reaction you might get.

  • rrforster12

    The proposed NY requirement for 1 million insurance on gun owners amounts to gun confiscation, which is obviously the intent. Two thousand dollars per year for this coverage is prohibitive

  • Murray Putnam

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think that this bill infringes on my 2nd amendment rights and I will sue the state if this bill passes

  • barbiecakes

    The old Demo back door creeps.

  • Tom

    So how many drivers don’t have the insurance that has been mandated as a “shall have”. What is the state of NY doing about that? Do they go door to door, do they enforce it or react to it if someone is caught driving without the insurance. NY Politicians are really stupid about things like this and are scum sucking bottom dwellers.

    • scottie526

      Here is an interesting thought. In Obamacare, Muslims are exempt from buying health insurance (check it out…it is true) due to the fact that they do not believe in gambling. Since that is the case, they probably do not have auto insurance or any insurance at all. Subsequently, the logical conclusion is that due to the fact that they have among themselves suicide bombers thus creating a short life span, no insurance company will write them a policy. So what do you think the possibility is that Muslims that live in NY are going to take out insurance for owning a gun in the area of 1 Million dollars if purchasing insurance is considered gambling. They will just possess them to aid in the slaughering of American citizens. Maybe we should all declare our race as Muslims and save ourselves a ton of money without following the teachings of the Koran and wihout having to be praying to their alledged god.

  • AmericanWarrior

    Does this mean that cops must have insurance as well? How about war happy politicians who send our children to die in some bullshit war, would they too be forced to buy the insurance? NY state is nuts and is becoming nuttier by the day. Maybe we could sell NY state to the French Canadians for some beads and blankets.

    Semper Fidelis


      Maybe the land could be sold to Canada, as long as the beads are on an approved government item, that does not require insrance. From our facebook page.

    • K9Guy51

      Cops DO have insurance – Their employer is liable for any deeds found to be wrongful. Thats why we are constantly under a microscope in our job. Our employers have hours upon hours in a calm atmosphere to cuss and discuss the decisions that officers had to make in the middle of a hellstorm in a few seconds.

  • Tom

    Take a look at the issues that Ortiz supports and you’ll know where he’s coming from. He makes Obama look conservative and the Constitution look like toilet paper.

  • $13614178

    We fought the communists for over five decades during the cold war , and we have lost ground . We the People need to start talking about a HOT war on American communists , with the first ones being the ones in the government , both state and federal .

    • Anthony Alexander

      They should do what they did in the middle ages………………..start burning these people at the stake………… one or two to start and believe me, the rest of em…will fall into place…..

      • scottie526

        and why not. Obama kills Americans without a trial with the use of the drones. Oh I forgot, he is not an American citizen.

    • disqus_4t2AsymgGb


  • garysvent

    Wonder how many jerks are driving in New York without insurance? The New York Assembly must be the assemblage of some of the most inane folk in the state. By all means, buy insurance and advertise to the government that you have guns, because you know as surely as sunrise the insurance companies — must be an insurance CEO looking to get rich in there somewhere and related to Ortiz — will have to report to some government clod, who will pass the info on to whoever issues warrants to seize guns when that day arrives.

  • Mike Virgil

    Sheer lunacy! The idiotic proposals coming out of the NY legislature get dumber by the day. Wait till election day, just wait! I don’t get mad, I get even!

  • Momo

    It’s time to start impeaching those who violate our rights. Firearms are private property and cannot be taxed period.
    Those who usurp the constitutions must be held accountable for their actions. We must hold classes and teach each other how to fill out impeachment papers. There has to be hundreds if not thousands of complaints filed.
    As far as insurance is concerned FU! Get the funds you need for your marxist programs from the illegal aliens.
    Start looking to move out of NYS as soon as possible .

  • Lester Peoples

    How much insurance would a woman need to abort a child with govt. funded pills paid for by taxpayers?
    Autos kill many more people than guns–how about insurance on them increasing? Obama is killing ambassadors and navy seals at the rate they need more insurance too?

  • Reverend James

    Stuff like this will happen when you have an idiot like bloomberg in office. We need to take bloomberg, biden and obama and stick them on an island way out in the Pacific. And then blow it up. Put finestien in there with them

    • scottie526

      and don’t forget Pelosi, Reid and Schummer and the other crackpots on the left. Apparently they forgot that we are the employers and they are the employees. But, I agree Reverend James, that the island should be blown up with most of Congress on it.

    • Mark666

      Why destroy a perfectly good island? A little dingy will do just as good. 🙂

  • Drifter007

    man these people are a “special kind of stupid.”
    GOD gave Sam Colt the smarts to build guns so all men (women too) would be equal. Size and attitude would not matter. Beside I will bet that each one of the “special stupid” has and armed guard.

  • wildeagleone

    Is there no lengths that these stupid idiots from the funny farm will go to get recognition? Most sane people want to be recognized for being smart and an asset to the problems facing the governing of this once great nation but we are surrounded by a bunch of lunatics in the Democrat party lead by the Chief lunatic of all

    • Anthony Alexander

      That’s because liberal thought is a MENTAL DISEASE, common sense is the cure. But as Ron White the comedian says……there ain’t no fixin STUPID in this case the same applies……………… There ain’t no fixin liberalism.

      • Sandi Meenan

        liberalism=socialism=communism=pinko comie bastards !

  • The Old Man

    This is Biden calling every state and legislater he can find to dream up something..anything that just might get passed.

    It’s going on all over the country

    They have started to teach out kindergarden children to believe guns are evil. It’s gonna take it’s toll 15 or 20 years from now… there will be no Navy Seals or Marine Corps and of course the Army will be defunct. These poor children will not touch anything called a gun because theyb are EVIL.
    Of course we will be saved due to the women that will be drafted and doing the stuff those terrible gun toting men used to do.
    Thank God we have some thing to look forward to… The gun violence in the movies and as always every kid that sees those will want a gun … no matter what they are taught in school.
    If they really wanted to stop gun violence… stop the violent games and movies first.

  • Anthony Alexander

    I have a better idea…………….MOVE OUT OF NY……It is a haven for Liberals……Move to Wyoming Montana or Texas…… YEH!!!!

  • dad666

    The Dumocraps just don’t get it. {eople wake up this is not about guns it is about control. You had better ask yourself —— WHAT ARE THESE MORONS REALLY AFTER???????????????

  • jong

    Just one more law that will need to be dealt with when the Supreme Court casts down NY State gun debacle. I would expect Scalia to scold Andy about his oath and general stupidity.

  • C.P. Lund

    Sorry, infringment, unconstitutional.

  • Bret Wolz

    at what point does someone point out that these types of laws are the reason for the 2nd amendment

  • Scooter Orsburn

    This Crazy B*stard ( Ortiz ) would NEVER pass a sanity test ! No Gun For You !

  • Tea Party Marine

    Once they get our guns, stand by because then you will see the ugly side of socialism! It’s time to split this country in two! The irresponsible morally bankrupt can have their half while the rest of us God fearing Americans will establish our own country free of those losers!

  • conservative

    This is all well and good, but just which criminal is going to purchase this insurance?

  • gdoggerz

    Sounds like the same dirt bags that were Obama care are behind this. Same slimy tactics!

    • FLBuck

      This is outrageous!!! The libtards are overstepping their authority!!! The people of The State of New York should not stand for this infringement of their Constitutional rights!!!

      • gdoggerz

        They shouldn’t stand for it but they will. The lemmings….

  • Richard Conrad

    And Ortiz has stock in the insurance companies? More stupid ideas from stupid people~

  • TPS12

    I will do everything possible not to do business in or with any ny company’s as long as they continue
    to alow this kind of lunacy.

  • edro3111

    Big trouble ahead in New York and somebody’s gonna regret it. And it ain’t the gun owners!

  • phishphinder

    The idea behind this I believe is to make the cost of owning a firearm so expensive that few will be able. It is like the idiot in Chicago that wanted to tax ammo, but the tax ended up being more than the ammo so the smart ones stopped it. It will be harder to take our rights away, just easier to back door us like most liberals do. Obama sets the bar for that.

  • John Sotomayor

    Isn’t this unconstitutional and challangable in court? What stupidity.

  • arley_barley

    The time and moneys needed to overturn this type unconstitutional act would be great, and require organization. Thus, We the People would be forced to fight what employees of We the People placed into effect using our tax monies, for passage, and defense of the illegal document. At the same time, would be arresting, and making life miserable for We the People, until their shameful legislation is over-ruled, and they only be responsible for two words,…..’Ooops,….and….Sorry.’ Even Saintly people won’t stand for that type of Governmental behavior.

  • KDS

    Any person submitting legislation against the Constitution of the United States of America should be turned into the police and charged with insurrection against America and be labeled a traitor for life.

  • KDS

    They want us to follow there laws, which are against the law in the first place! No Way! No how!

  • NamVet

    I would like to know where these a$$holes are going to live when they are voted out of office. I would guess they hve a island some where with nothing but like liberal democrates. i know that this crap would have a hard time living anywhere close to me.

  • Sandi Meenan

    they can stick this bill where the sun does not shine ! liberal bastards the whole lot of them !

  • nancy miller

    This is totally against the 2nd Amendment. Notice he is a Democrat.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    Wow, I wonder if the same ruling would apply to texting while you are driving. Time to take felix to the wood shed.

  • Terry C

    Does this idiot work for the insurance companies? I have yet to figure out why all the politicians want to punish the law abidding citizens. What they should be doing instead is strenghtening mental health and increasing penalties for those who use firearms in the commission of a crime. Punish the ones committing the crimes.

  • mthammer

    , This guy Felix Ortiz , needs to be checked to see if he is legal, thats the first step. We then need to find out what district he represents , then we need to go door to door , letting people know what this guy is doing against Gun Owners , flood his email or mail box with thousansd of protests . Then we also need to contact all the gun owners in downtown New York city where I use to live , let all those guys know what your name is Felix Ortiz and tell them you are the guy that intoduced the bill tomake all gunowners have a million dollars worth of liability insurance . Plus if you don’t and are found out you will be braking the law. Does it sound like Obama care the government making you buy insurance , I thought that the Supreme Court ruled against that on Obama care , oh I know we will just make it a tax , then that will be alright .

  • Rodney Small

    I was told today that the folks in office that are pushing gun control have gotton so many death threats that they are scared to “death”. They should be.

  • Gary

    Stick it up yours Ortiz !

  • alpambuena

    yea..and how many drug cartel people, gangs, thugs, and wackjobs are really going to take out insurance like this?

  • DaveP326

    I have a better idea. Heve every convicted felon in the country take out a $1 million insurance policy payable into a state administered fund for crime victims. Any convicted felon not complying will be sent back to prison for life without parole. Gun owners take their responsibility very seriously and (unlike some police officers and all criminals) would never shoot at another human being where a risk of hitting a bystander existed. WE don’t need this insurance. Another of my brainstorms is to have ALL politicians carry $1 million in insurance administered by each state and the federal gov’t., payable to victims of their bad laws.

  • Concerned American

    Sure is odd that these democraps have time to come up with these bills but nothing on the economy. stupid at its best.

  • Dr. Evil

    What’s this for, in case a criminal gets shot he automatically gets $1,000,000!

  • James Maxwell

    Sort of like Chicago how many criminal will pay attention to any such foolish law. I wonder if the Dim-0rat
    politican will buy insurance for his body guards and personal protection. Better still does he have a
    carry permit for the weapon I bet he carries? The leftist liberals are so brainwashed and hungry for
    power that they draft bills even before they read them. Worse still they just come up with a thought
    and call it a bill even before anyting is written down on paper. It will be intersting to see the rise in
    gun related crimes after they pass their ban on weapons and all the companies that manufacture them
    or components move out of the state. Next will be the job losss and unemployment resulting form
    a group of anti American politicans who want to destroy our nation and extablish a dicatorship.

  • Bruce A Silver

    I believe that this would be an unconstitutional law and that the supreme court would throw it out of court.

  • Jonathan D Yellowbear

    This is what needs to happen in every State of the REPUBLIC, you need to find a Constitutional Sheriff that is willing to protect and defend the Constitution of both the US and the County and State they reside. Then you need to figure out a way to ARREST EACH AND EVERYONE WHO PROPOSES ANY UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN CONTROL OR REGISTRATION OR CONFISCATION, AND CHARGE THESE COMMUNISTS WITH TREASON!!!!

  • Yougottabekiddingme!

    I wonder how Robin Hood would feel about that. Here are those that profess to defend and protect the rights of the poor, disenfranchised, oppressed, minority, special interest, helpless souls, creating and passing a law that would not only FAVOR the wealthy (thereby allowing the “nobles” to own their own armies) but creating a situation where BIG BUSINESS would profit from such a law. Really. We need to DNA test these people. I swear they all have an extra chromasome! Colonialism is right around the corner, folks!

  • Foxmuldar

    Another reason why we should fight against any gun registration. Once they know who has the guns, they put a registration fee or like this ahole a law requiring you to buy Insurance. Want to bet these Liberal idiots exempt themselves from the same laws they want to force on us.

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