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David Frum: ‘Firearm Manufacturers Should Face Tobacco Industry-Like Senate Hearings’

2nd Amend.

David Frum: ‘Firearm Manufacturers Should Face Tobacco Industry-Like Senate Hearings’

CNN Columnist David Frum is calling for Obama to bypass Congress and have the Surgeon General investigate the dangers of gun ownership and to have the Senate convene tobacco industry-style hearings (circa 1990s) on gun manufacturers.

Frum’s argument is that guns, like cigarettes, are dangerous, and that the gun lobby and gun manufacturers have blinded Americans to the truth of this in the same way that cigarette companies allegedly did in years gone by.

In a desperate attempt to bolster this thesis, Frum uses two things: 1. Anecdotal stories that can easily be countered by other anecdotal stories, and 2. Disinformation bordering on purposeful distortion concerning the way firearms are manufactured and the way they operate.

Regarding the anecdotal examples, he says that stories given to justify female ownership of AR-15s for home and self-defense are “Rambo-like” stories that “do not happen in real life.” To prove this, he cites a firearm accident involving a father and his child in 1994. He also cites a road rage incident between two women in which one woman got out of the car, approached the other car, and was shot.



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  • tlmartin

    I’d like to suggest that his head is where it is dark and smells bad.

  • wyatt81

    he’s an incredibly stupid and arrogant man…

    • Sharon

      Frum would need to increase his IQ in order to be stupid.

      • wyatt81

        Sharon-that’s hilarious!

      • 1tymtrvlr

        I heard he has a -145 IQ, to the marxists that is intelligence at it’s finest. They are so stupid that they are going barrackwards. I agree, Sharon, that is very funny, but spot on.

    • gutterfalcon

      That is incredibly stupid,(Frums’ idea, Not You)…How many times have guns Saved lives- break-ins, Rapes, beatings, etc.

      • Gary Smith

        Guns are used about 2.5 MILLION times a year to protect people!!!

      • Black Rain

        2 million a year reported crime prevention

      • Steve Thomas

        Ya, so many people like to say it would be best if on one had guns. I am 5’7″, 170lbs, 57 years old no fight training, and no delusions of magically becoming Jackie Chan. A gun is the only chance I have to level the playing field. I did have a “moose” pick me up by the neck with 1 hand and pin me to the side of a truck once. People ask why I didn’t kick him low or poke him in the eyes. Duh, he could lift 170lbs, at arms length, with 1 hand and I have trouble doing the same with 30lbs. A co-worker screamed that she had called the police and they were just around the corner. I still credit Jeannie with saving my life. Next time, I would prefer to have my own protection. And with the size of that guy, 7 rounds in a .22 pistol does not cut it.

        • gutterfalcon

          I was raised with guns, am ex-military etc. etc. etc. I’m very comfortable with guns, shoot all the time. A .22 is better than nothing/ better than a slap. Maybe you should get a little training from someone who actually knows/ is qualified. Until you’re knowledgeable & comfortable, But I would suggest something Bigger than a .22. A .22 is good to learn with (No recoil).

  • jong

    I guess this moron decided not to keep his oath like many other liberals. On that he needs (along with many others) to serve some jail time to reflect on his errors.

  • wildeagleone

    CNN isn’t that the communists news network as someone else stated the other day?

    • Steve Thomas

      In another forum, someone suggested that we need to go on the offensive. Your renaming CNN looks a good start.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Another idiot crawled out of a black asshole.Where were these imbecils born. People like this guy dont exist on this planet, they must be alien abortions.

  • $5708171

    Actually, the tobacco industry should not have faced tobacco-industry-like senate hearings… but that’s another matter.

  • jstarusa

    I think everybody knows that guns can be used to kill people, thats why the military has them, as well as the bad guys. The only people that are responsible for renewed gun sales are the politicians for gun bans!

  • edro3111

    Congressmen who oppose the Second Amendment should face recall hearings and should be booted out of D.C.!!!!!

  • conservative

    Horse krap. Only a health hazard if you suck on the wrong end.

  • gdoggerz

    Another life long leftist political hack marxist moron.

  • gdoggerz

    You know who should face hearing its this flaccid government that cannot stop spending. I can balance the budget in no time….cut welfare, cut food stamps, eliminate free phones, get rid of social security over the next ten years, eliminate funding to organizations like planned abortionhood, NPR, TSA and a few others and eliminate politicians pay and perks. Guess what you would have cut a trillion dollars from the budget.

  • Gary Smith


  • Chris

    Seems like all the rats are coming out of the wood work! Who is David Trum and that rhymes with dumb that starts with D and that stands for dumb ass. Guns being a man made tool has no health risk, it must be used in an unsafe manner the same as a car, a knife, or any of a number of other things. A sock filled with sand can be used to beat someone to death. Maybe we need sock registration? This guy is connected with the media and I’ve been reading where the Obama administration has asked them to help push his Anti-gun agenda. It all comes together!!

    • Steve Thomas

      My socks used to be deadly weapons, by themselves, after wearing them on a hot day.

  • John

    … And when the “independent” study comes back with the fact that guns make people safer, do the gun manufactures file suit against that idiot for slander what will he/they do???
    … Then I will sue McDonalds for this extra 20lbs I am on my butt 😉
    … And the car amufacturers for accidents
    … And the Obama for destruction of America
    … And then the worsted of the worste the SORRY republican reps. For being spineless!!!

  • Docs357

    Firearm manufactures should sue everyone of these idiots for every dollar they have for violating there rights of free commerce. We should regulate politicians the way we do firearms and we might get some honest men and woman for law makers. What we have now is these easy way out chumps that violate people’s rights like the average person tosses out junk mail

    • Steve Thomas

      Good idea to go on the offensive. NOTE to lawyers: Step up here…this could be your road to fame.

  • James McEnanly

    These are the same people who revile Joe McCarthy as the devil incarnate.

  • mrsgunnut10

    My Question of the day is : Just who the hell is David Frum ?? Just another Journalist, who thinks he is an “EXPERT” on all Subjects, I guess. I might as well let him know, for his own information, that I am an Expert also, with Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns – big caliber or small – makes no difference. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Imbecility of this mental case reached its zenith, this idiot Frum should be put away for long time he is a danger to his family and everyone around him.

  • Steve Thomas

    Guns are a lot like parachutes. If you need one and don’t have it, you probably won’t get a second chance.

  • Doc

    Politicians should be grilled like all other criminals.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    frum should be the first to be lynched for treason and sedition for even making such a moronic statement.
    And to the marxist whackos that retort that sedition is when someone stirs up a rebellion against the government, keep in mind ” We the People…..”. We are the government.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    frum is further proof that you can not fix stupid.

  • Carol Mitchell

    What a crock! These anti guns morons must want to rule the world. It makes no sense to take guns away from law abiding citizens. If a “nut” kills people with a gun, whose fault is that? It’s certainly not the fault of the gun. What about hunters of deer, pheasants, wild turkey? Should they learn to use a bow and arrows? They too can be dangerous.

  • dankster

    i think frum should face the same tobacco-industry type senate hearings and be held responsible for the damage his bass-akwardliberal ideaology has done to our great nation.

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