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Comcast Pulls Gun Shop Ads from Cable Network


Comcast Pulls Gun Shop Ads from Cable Network

A gun shop owner said firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers are being targeted unfairly after Comcast announces it’s dropping all gun shop ads from its nationwide cable network.

The cable company recently acquired NBC Universal and this is a long standing policy there.

When a local ad agency recently placed an order for Williams Gun Sight in Davison Township, it was denied. Owner Tom Wright said he’ll take his business elsewhere.



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  • rcbobj

    People start boycotting these networks and they might change there tune.

    • Rodney Small

      I don’t care if they change their minds, They sure made it clear and we need to put them out of business for good.

  • wyatt81

    You end up finding out who has backbone and who the ass kissers are…

  • Reverend James

    Goodbye Comcast. Hello Direct TV.

    • Doc

      Think DISH. Direct TV is almost as bad.

      • James Maxwell

        Dish have very limited programing and does not have all the HD channels availabel. Dollar
        for dollare Direct is a better deal

      • $26222150

        How are they in the snow, when you want to be inside watching tv?

  • jong

    My contract with them is almost up. I will not renew. Vote with your wallet.

    • the hermit

      @-jong im going to drop them like a used condum and go buy some rabbit ears.

  • dad666

    Can you say DISH or DIRECT Comcast can kiss off and I do mean now.

  • Mike the cowboy

    As a board member of a large condominium I will do everything possible that comcast will not get our contract,they were in running but they just ran out of track. Adios idiots.

    • 7papa7

      If you have an option, drop Comcast like a bad habit and make sure you let them know why. I would go to another cable company if available or go with satellite. Disrupt their bottom line and they will change their policy. This is no surprise though with the far far left wing NBC owning them.

    • Docs357

      You got it boycott all these idiots way to go Sir

    • Steve Thomas

      Thank you Mike.

  • TPS12

    I will be cancelling my comcast account.

  • edro3111

    Wondering how much they donated to King Barry’s re-election?

  • conservative

    Time for comcast users to dump comcast!

  • seaofteamerican

    I’m doing the same from another avenue as a customer of theirs that is totally fed up with their pricing structure as well as their stance on American veterans as well as law abiding citizens.Let the Games begin!

  • Doc

    Locally these buttheads have a “no guns” sign in office window. No American should subscribe to this dictatorial service. Sadly there are many selfish gun owners who are too cowardly to make the sacrifice of their favorite shows. These same people should move to NY where they can be told what to eat, what to do, and when to bend over.

    • James Maxwell

      I always check the window of businesses before I enter them. If they have a liberal “NO Guns”
      signe in the window I go elsewhere. My pocket book will not support the mindless liberal or
      any business that is anti America. let them go on the bread line along with the rest of osocialist

  • KDS

    There’s nothing on TV anyway worth watching. All the news channels except Fox report the news they want you to hear not what really is going on.

  • Gary Smith

    Comcast allows child porn on their network!!!

  • $37842660

    I forwarded this bit of news to others I know will appreciate the significance- with predictable results, LOL.

    All across our Nation you are witnessing who truly is American in spirit and deed, not paying “lip service” as many are becoming aware. There is a clear division in our Republic, I think it’s time we let them know where the true power lies- the local level and our wallets.

    Don’t forget 2/23:

  • James Maxwell

    That funny as hades, Comcast is a losing proposition at best and has been slowly getting less and less
    of the market. It sounds good up front but the outtages, lack of decent programs selections for a
    reasonable price and lousey customer service has made it a joke. The only place you still find it is
    in condos where it was built in and the condo owner signed a contract to only allow resident to
    use it banning all other serivces. But recent judical rulings have shot them in the foot on that one
    and since you can get other services via the internat it has really cut into their market shares.

  • denniskrug

    Do the both of them stop watching anything to do with NBC and drop Comcast. I don’t have Comcast and I don’t watch NBC so I’m good to go. I watch very little of C.B.S. or A.B.C. T.V. and I also try to stay away from Turner Broadcast. That goes for Insurance Companies also like “Progressive Insurance” they’re a bunch of “Left Handed” individuals and I wouldn’t give them the time of day.

  • foxxybey

    I’m going to drop Comcast, they charge to much and now this, time to shut them down.

  • Don

    It does seem that Comcast is Liberal Democrats and is as stupid as the rest of Liberal Democrats.

  • Docs357

    Gun manufactures should drag these mutts trough every court in the land.

  • bayman61

    Goodbye Comcast. You go against the people and we dump you. Watch your profits go through the floor.

  • Lorenzo Llama

    So I went to Comcast forums to start a new topic. I was booted right off – no comments from the chattering class.
    text was as below so nothing vile!

    To exclude for political reasons, a segment of our business community is
    prejudicial and not in keeping with the trust the public must have in the news
    and information outlet. It is almost impossible to avoid Comcast and NBC in our
    life. Manipulation of the public forum is rampant and Comcast’s latest move
    against Sellers of firearms should be seen as the manipulation of the sleeping
    populace. Sellers of lawful products are harmed by the practice of refusing to
    accept tasteful ads that allow the companies to grow and support employees. was where I was directed to mail

  • sreynolds

    Good bye comcast, time for Dish network, It’s getting harder and harder to shop as i refuse to buy any product or service where the owners of the company are democrats or democrat supporters.

  • $12994363

    Right on! Disconnect and unsubscribe to ALL Comcast programming. And tell not only Comcast, but ALL of their advertisers as well. Comcast cannot survive without both.

  • Worldwatchman

    UNPLUG Comcast. They are in the thousand but, we are in the millions.

  • Offthejob

    If Comcast continues to block any adds to our 2nd amendments rights I will by the end of the month Cancel my internet connection and go to another IP provider and I really don’t care if it is a slower service. You Fuc*a Me I fuc* You.

  • Chief_Cabioch

    boycott Comcast

  • Joe Professor

    Will drop them next month, they are getting to big for their britches.

  • StarDust Dolittle


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