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Concealed carry renewed

2nd Amend.

Concealed carry renewed

The top legislative priority for gun owners in the previous Congress was passage of a national concealed carry reciprocity bill. The measure sailed through the House on a bipartisan 272 to 154 vote only to die at the hands of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who refused to bring it to the floor. Since President Obama won’t waste an opportunity to exploit the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the measure is being brought back to life.

Rep. Marlin Stutzman, Indiana Republican, earlier this month proposed a law to give anyone who can legally carry a concealed weapon in his home state the right to do so in another. Citizens of Arizona, Vermont, Wyoming and Alaska, where permits are not required, wouldn’t have to obtain one to take advantage of the reciprocity.

“If we’re going to talk about gun laws, let’s make sure both sides are presented to the American people,” Mr. Stutzman says. “This is nothing disrespectful to Newtown or other shootings. This is more for law-abiding citizens — who have a right to carry in their states — to eliminate confusion so they have their Second Amendment rights protected and recognized.” The National Rifle Association supports this legislation.



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  • foxxybey

    So do I and harry read, needs to go, he stole his election also, only the dumb,dead and blind would vote for this idiot, and the nazi’s in Nevada.

    • oldMarine

      Your post would have more impact if you spelled correctly, as well as used acceptable punctuation.

      • FedupandReadytofight

        @oldmarine. Some people can’t spell correctly, or don’t understand the correct usage of punctuation. That doesn’t mean that their voices shouldn’t be heard. Forgive them and keep your venom for your (our) real enemies.

        • vanguard7

          Well stated.

        • Marsue

          I agree, he, foxxybey, meant well, regardless of punctuation or spelling.

      • foxxybey

        Well this old Marine can get my point across to even the dumbest person in the world, so don’t worry about it. Semper Fi.

  • Paladin

    Harry has not brought a single bill passed by the House to the Senate floor for a vote. While he has a decent grade from the NRA, he is not going to risk his base by bringing this up for a vote either.

    • TexasOlTimer

      Just doesn’t seem right that one person in the Senate has that much power. He’s only one of a hundred. His party voted him into that position (or he got them to by hook or by crook) but he doesn’t represent the rest of the country. He shouldn’t be able to hold bills back that are passed by the House or that other Senators want brought forth for a vote.

  • Reverend James

    God bless concealed and carry.

  • TexasJester

    I drive a truck cross-country, and worry about my safety. I currently am a CHL holder in Texas, and carry whenever I’m home – but not in the truck, because of the many differing laws in other states – including the soviet cities of Chicago and NYC. What would happen if I had one of my weapons, stored safely and locked, and was stopped and searched?? Being a company-owned commercial vehicle, I don’t have the same rights as you do in a privately owned car, and really can’t deny a search – and I can be stopped and searched (as well as inspected) for any reason at all, or for NO reason. And if I’m in one of the communist areas, I can go to jail..

    This reciprocity law would be great for people like me. I wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail for (otherwise) legally carrying my weapon in the truck, and on my person when out of the truck. Now if Illinois would get their head out from where it don’t belong, and allow SOME kind of carry law……

  • haroldson

    I think Reid and his side kick Pelosi are both are both getting senile, They should be put out to pasture.

  • Julian DH

    Harry (resident criminal), and Feinstein (resident hypocrite), and most Liberals (resident socialists all) will of course stop this type of bill. Remember they are all invested in a victim mentality wherein only the government can be trusted to protect you from yourself. One still questions why then deserve 24/7/365 protection and we don’t. They are not special nor are they representative of anyone, but their puppet masters.

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