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Feds Buying Bullets–Preparing For The Collapse Of The Economy

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Feds Buying Bullets–Preparing For The Collapse Of The Economy

The government’s only official explanation for the massive ammo buy is that law enforcement agents in the respective agencies need the bullets for “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions.”

The staggering number and lack of details in the official explanation, however, has led to rampant speculation, including concerns the DHS is arming itself to fight off insurrection among Americans.

“I’m going to tell you what I think is going on,” Levin offered. “I don’t think domestic insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. … I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating: the collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.



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  • fliteking

    “Feds Buying Bullets–Preparing For The Collapse Of The Economy”

    As much as many of us do not want to believe the above, it is difficult to find a better or more logical reason for the ammo purchases.

    This also explains why they are in such a hurry to disarm law-abiding citizens.

    I know this is ‘old school thinking’ but it would seem wise if the Gov’t were to view law-abiding citizens as allies, rather than continue to divide the nation.

  • Guest

    Test. ignore. Posts being deleted.

    • Ted Slater

      No they’re not. I’m seeing all your comments, fliteking.

      • fliteking

        Thanks Ted, must have been a delay. is really picking up steam, great site!

        • Ted Slater

          Great to hear! Feel free to give me your opinions on how you think we could improve the site. 🙂

  • fshnt21

    They need to get them soon…
    Pretty soon THEIR money won’t be any good and their credit cards will be maxed out…

  • Karen Benoit

    the reason they are getting all that amo, is because the government is goin to turn on this country and there will be marshal law and they are goin to use them on us that dont turn over our guns , it is goin to happen , the less ame we the people have the less they will have to worry about ,, this government is goin to take all our rights away from us,

    • faithandhonor

      “Martial” law, not “marshal”, as in “martial arts” .

      • Carol

        Gosh spellin’ grammar whatever LOL

      • Garrey McVicker

        look just get the point. not the spelling.

  • FAAQ2

    There is something that makes more sense – to control firearms – why not buy up all the available ammo – so that citizens can’t buy it – you can control firearms easier by buying up all the ammo.

  • USMCVeteran

    The gub’ment says, “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions.”, I say BS, HP ammo is much more expensive than un-jacketed lead or FMJ ammo normally used for practicing marksmanship. HP is used to inflict maximum trauma/damage when fired into a human body! Something evil this way comes. Join a Constitutional militia.

    • TheChamp

      how does one find one or join one?

      • USMCVeteran

        Look up Modern Militia Movement ( then sign up to become a member. There are links to most states/counties that have militias, you should be able to find a militia in your area.

        • TheChamp

          Thank you sir.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          I looked it up. They say to sign in with Google. Not a good idea in the era of surveillance. Especially if you read Hagman’s article in the Canada Free Press, as ited above.

          • USMCVeteran

            I know what you mean about Google. Here’s another site to try “Well Regulated American Militia” (WRAM), .

    • Joyful Song

      Check out these links for interviews with a D H S insider on what they are planning in the near future:

      and part 2:

      • Gary

        Wow !

      • C.P. Lund

        Pretty interesting but there are a lot of people who enjoy writing a good story, I hope this is the case and it’s all fiction written to parallel the events and to look like a good explanation. If not I guess we should all keep our powder dry and be as ready as we can.

    • General

      Too right! – a Constitutional Militia cannot be termed “terrorists” — but that can also be defeated if the Government has the best media outlets for propaganda, as happened in Germany under Hitler and his NAZIS! – THEN, even a “rebel” Armed Forces Unit that refuses to fire on civilians, can also be dubbed “Terrorists” or “rebels” – regardless of their intent to support the people and the Constitution above a dictator’s rantings. The answer to this, is to get media on your side, and deal with the others when the Shytte hit the fans. A live antagonistic media is a threat to the majority of good citizens.

      • Carol

        Remember we have the internet. I am a 70 year old woman, but I love the net for getting whatever word out that I can. My kids don’t know I bought a 22 long hand gun, yeah I gotta go take lessons. Wanted an AR15 but too weak in upperbody strength so ya do what ya gotta do. LOL.

        • C.P. Lund

          Good for you Carol! I’ proud of you!

        • Garrey McVicker

          i too would like a ar they are easer for us older people to use and less kick then a shot gun. glad to here from someone that is a defender of frssdom. no, matter what the age.

    • ddt

      if anything does colapse the first place poeple will go is to washington
      without abanner
      bo has to go

    • 7papa7

      You are absolutely right, HP is for one person only and that is to cause maximum damage to the body. When I go to the range I always FMJ rounds, they are cheaper and just as effective for practice. I have HP rounds for protection not target practice.

  • gutterfalcon

    They said earlier that it was to save money, & practice.That was clearly a statement made by a politician who knows nothing about guns.If you are trying to save money, you Don’t buy Hollow Points, & if it’s just for practice & to save money you buy Ball ammo. Also the gov. has been doing this longer than you think, I ordered ammo in Sept.from Cabelas’, Before the election, before Sandy Hook…Guess what? I’ve Never gotten it ! They were sold out/back ordered then !

  • edro3111

    I agree with the theory that they are buying up all the popular ammo to limit our purchases. They could have come up with limits on the manufacturers by passing some stupid legislation from Homeland Security or such but this way is sneakier and at first glance seems logical until you see how many rounds are being bought and agencies such as NOAA, the weather folks, being listed as purchasers. Besides any of that we DO need at arm to the hilt. These bastards are after us and they WILL be surprised at the sleeping giant they are awakening!

    • Doc

      Most likely that supposition is incorrect. Why? Because gun and ammo manufacturers are standing up to the Feds and are refusing to sell their products to states or agencies that offend the Constitution. Some, like myself, are writing letters to these companies urging them to stop selling to the Feds. I ask all of you to take the time to write Colt, S&W, Mossberg, and others to do the same. We are the “We” in “We The People.” Let’s start acting like it.

      • Carol

        eould you help me out with the addy’s as it is at a loss to me. I am in my70’s and not up on this chit. help me out here bro or sis.

      • edro3111

        You know, that’s a great idea to request that they don’t sell to them. Regardless of what their intentions are on ammo, if they aren’t getting a supply, they can’t keep it away from us. I’ll start writing them tomorrow morning!

  • James Fontana

    Obama is planning an armed take over of our country plain and simple. He will callm on every government agency to help him. THis is why he wants our guns.

    • Carol

      If you want more info go check out Joyful Song way up top for some very interesting links to a DHS leaker, & Thank God for that. Wish more would come out. BTW the leaker is Rosebud.

  • Doc

    They need the stockpiles of ammo to supply YOUR local police department when they come to confiscate YOUR guns. Assuming I’m right, and not a raving lunatic, what are YOU going to do about it?

  • $13614178

    Unless someone intelligent gets control or Christ returns the United States is going to become a bloody savage hell because of what Obamass and the progressives have wrought . All I can say is hold on and PRAY .

  • General

    I guess that INSURANCE against a Government plan to start a war with it’s people, or mismanagement that would lead to such, there is only one answer, EVERYONE must buy up as much ammo and useful weapons as possible. Remember that a weapon without ammo is almost useless except as a club.

  • Ron

    We all know that is a lie. There is no way law enforcement people can shoot up that much ammo. They are buying it, along with protective gear and MREs so they will be armed and fed when they attack the American population. When Obama waves to (somebody) as he walks across the Capitol lawn heading for the chopper, he is actually smiling and giving us the hidden middle finger. I know what is on his devious mind. This is one guy who hates America, especially white America. His record proves that.

  • General

    I suggest that apart from arming yourselves and having enough ammunition, ensure that your own weapons are compatible with rounds of those in the Armed Forces… that way, if you are caught short, you can relieve the opposition of needy ammo. Then, I would also look at UNARMED COMBAT methods, and learn and practice them, even your women and kids! I think that Obama is actually a “sleeper” spy intent on destroying America… hence his Birth Certificate is a fake as proven by a British Lord who is an investigator: (A 38 page investigative finding affidavit has been supplied to that effect).

  • azmtnman

    Another possibility, the illegal, corrupt, unconstitutional regime in charge is going to do something that will all but put ammo manufacturers out of business and they want to get their cut off the top before that happens. They will make the components used to manufacture ammo illegal or controlled or something like that. They will drive up the price to something like $ hundred a box. EPA regs or something similar. They’ve been after lead in bullets and mercury in primers for years already. Watch for a move of this sort.

  • Ed Shick

    What we need is a Good house cleaning and get some one in who could get the country going again and balance the Budget , We can not forget Military and our friends such as Canada and Israel ,, but it is stupid ti keep feeding the UN ,, and why should we give Foreign Aid to people that hate us ,,We do not owe Aid to over 150 Countries ,, Then get a program similar to what they have in Switzerland , where Responsible Citizens Are trained to defend them selves and there Country ,, You take your Gun home with you ,, and every week or so go and do at least some target shooting ,,, There is such a Thing as impeachment and some Qualify as traitors , I guess he could get in the road ,but Senator Reid has not done his job for last Four Years ,, His Son runs his election and the Earmarks make it very great for the whole family ,, There are some with real Ties to Communist Party ,, Impeach recall ! This has not been a Country ran by Russia ,,, Now I wonder who is running The USA Freedom Is Not FREE!!!


    This is pretty devious, to tell the truth. The simple way to buy up 25 years worth of ammo, the standing of the war in Iraq used in one year…times 25! And while doing this, go after getting rid of private citizens ability to buy rifles, pistols and ammo. So far, 5 weapons manufacturers have taken a stand against sell weapons and supplies, to government, federal and state, that try and use double standards…but this administration has been after this destroying of the Second Amendment, for many years…and they are ahead of the game…and our tax dollars have funded a lot of their corruption, especially the IRS arming.
    This is just the beginning, of four years of seeing who Obama really is…because there will be no more Obama after that.
    I also believe BOTH Parties are going to be put on notice, and tax payers wondering why even compromise, with such an immoral and lying administration this steals from us, uses covet, feelings over facts and ignorance/revisionist history to pass agendas and natures of sin.
    All I can ask, is that God unveil the lies and liars, the corruption, the immorality, the ignorance and value of entitlement over personal responsibility and personal restitution.
    Satan is clearly in control, of this value and more…but God always saves the best for last.

  • ck

    They are not just preparing for the collapse, they are preparing for resistance when they come for our guns!

  • UStinman

    Everyday there is more evidence,that the inmates have taken over the asylum.

    Politicians trying to pass more laws to disarm citizens,but won’t enforce laws on criminals.

    They want us to give up our 2ND amendment God given right for, scissors,pens and keys.

    the scary part is, these A-holes believe there own BS !!

    With the help of the press and media,they have marginalized common sense and values of a normal society.

    I think there are a couple of us that have heard this before……..”I shall protect against,all enemies,foreign

    and domestic”.
    Want my guns?…………come and get them!!!
    Semper Fi

  • James Maxwell

    Considering the amount of ammunition that osocialist is buying for his “Civilian Army” it is clear that
    he plans on trying to overthorow the government and install himself as emperor. If they are
    allowed to continue and the American citizens do not wake up to what is happending withthe
    colusion of both political parties then it will eventually happen. Our forefathers had seen this happen
    many time during their time on earth and knew that it was part of human nature to dominate others.
    That is why our Consitutuion was written as it wasm so as to allow the citizens to prevent such an
    event happening. If they disarm us then they will not fear the populance and continue their
    attempt to overthorow our form of governemnt. Funney enough I have seen some of these
    “Homeland Security” people and know a couple of them. Their capability with weapons is comicil
    at best and if they do take up arms against the citizenary then there will be a lot of weapon available
    to anyone who wants to pick one up along with lots of ammo lying on the ground.

  • turfbarn80

    Now Mexico wants OUR government to give them a list of border state gun owners. Any guesses as to whether our dear leader caves into this request?

  • williamcunningham

    I know that I tried to order some ammunition and received a message that it was back ordered to July 15. I don’t mind giving the government my gun–one bullet at a time!

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