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BREAKING Colorado Approves “High Cap” Mag Ban Bill

“After an epic debate, Colorado Democrats advanced stricter gun-control measures Friday, ensuring that the state will be held up as an example in a national fight over tougher firearm laws,” denverpost.com reports. Late last night, the Colorado House passed HB 1224 (limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds) and three other bills (after the jump) by voice vote. After a roll call on Monday, the package will sail through the Democratically-controlled Senate and land on Governor Hicklooper’s desk for signature. The bills passed with Tailgunner Joe’s help. “Vice President Joe Biden [on vacation in the Rock Mountain State] called four House Democrats to get their take on the debate and to note Colorado’s importance in a national discussion on gun control.” Magazine manufacturer Magpul is now certain to up-stakes and take 700 jobs with them. Also passed . . .

House Bill 1226
Sponsor:Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder
What it would do:Outlaw concealed-weapon permit holders to pack heat in college campus buildings
Status:Received initial approval

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