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The Politically Incorrect Way To Hold Your Handgun


The Politically Incorrect Way To Hold Your Handgun

I can never help but wonder if there’s anyone on the planet who thinks that we were remotely serious in this bit? LOL



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  • foxxybey

    If someone shoots at me holding a gun that way, I’ll just stand still and shoot the right way and that person will be dead and I’ll be laughing my head off.

    • mtncrusr

      It must be the Chicago way.

      • foxxybey

        I learned in the Marine Corps and shot expert so I’ll take on the Chicago way any day and win, LOL.

      • Reverend James

        Or the D.C. way.

        • rick0857

          I’m not a politically correct person so I’ll call it what it what it is and that is “The Ghetto Way”

  • Scott Lachut

    I have to download and keep this one.

  • James Maxwell

    Hey man dat ain’t fair, I hurt myself laughing. I saw a police officer demonstrate that “style” of
    shooting recently. He had set up some targets, civilian and crooks. After he empted a large
    capacity 9mm mag into the targets we checked the impact. Our of 20 rounds only 5 had hit close
    to the criminal. The rest had scatterguned all over the place. The he demonstrate the proper
    shooting grip and 20 out of 20 were center mass of the criminal target. Still haven’t figured out
    who or where the gangsta style came from unless it was the standard in hoop de wood.

    • Just Dave

      Because that’s the way it came out of the box 🙂

    • Black Rain

      Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy

  • oldguy199

    DO NOT show the bad guys the right way to do it. Tell them to close their eyes , Point straight down or up -enjoy your target!!

  • J R

    This country has enough stupid people,why show even more stupidity.There will be people who will believe this and unfortunately try this with a dangerous weapon.Stupid people/loaded hand gun=not good.

    • TexasJester

      Think of it this way: “thin the herd”……

  • DrZarkov99

    The sideways grip originated from Israeli forces use of the Uzi as a room-clearing device. Holding an automatic weapon sideways lets the recoil swing the gun side to side. Rapid semiautomatic fire of a large caliber handgun works the same way. Lousy on accuracy, but covers a lot of real estate quickly. It’s one way to keep the heads of a crowd down if you don’t care what or if you hit.

    • TexasJester

      Kind of a “spray n pray” idea, like shooting some of the full-auto machine guns in the military – good for putting a lot of lead down range, but lousy for any accuracy – mainly to keep the enemy under cover, while your guys advance..

    • gutterfalcon

      Gravity ?

    • Berzrkr50

      Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. You beat me to it, touche!

  • barbiecakes

    In a book written by Wyatt Earp he said,” show me a man that shoots from the hip, or fans his revolver and I’ll show you a dead man.” Gotta do it correctly.

  • Dagwoodak

    That was absolutely Hilarious!! Two thumbs up!

  • gutterfalcon

    That throwing the bullets, I’ve seen in movies people shooting bows like that too.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    That is some of the funniest stuff I have seen. I wonder if gangbanger realize just how stupid they look.

    • Berzrkr50

      With their drawers hanging down off of their butts they look funny anyway! Lol!

  • cool breeze

    this kills me!!!! funniest stuff i’ve seen in a long time. thanks. i needed that

  • Berzrkr50

    I once saw a cartoon on the web for “Homie-Sytes” and it had me laughing so hard I had coffee shooting out of my nose! It showed a Glock with the sights mounted on the side of the slide… Good stuff but worthless for shooting.

  • edro3111

    This is probably the number one YouTube video in Chicago and LA right now!

  • reggiec

    I love it when movies a TV shows show people shooting with a gun on its side. I just hope all the criminals and, gang bangers adopt it. Makes dropping them so much safer.

  • Lorenzo Llama

    Unfortunately any hoodlum reading this will perhaps convert to a less stylish method of holding his “piece” to become even more dangerous. Maybe we should let the styling continue for our own safety.

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