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Two Gorgeous Girls Kill Two Ugly Boars with an AR-15

Posted on: February 15th, 2013

Here’s some pics of few nice wild boars taken by 21yr. old Regis Giles of and 16yr. old Bethany Vallorani. Their weapon of choice? An AR-15. Yep, the very gun that the lunatic Left says we can’t/don’t use for hunting. Well, Regis and Bethany used it and boy did it do the job. Bacon down!

Both Regis and Bethany shot their respective hogs as they charged them! Yahoo. It was way more exciting than going to the mall. Video forthcoming.

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    gaining those hunting skills can come in real handy in the future. From the good folks at on facebook.

  • litlebill

    I thought they were talking about their dates!

    • Reverend James

      I hought they were talking about obumer and biden.

      • litlebill

        Your probably right, it would make more sense that way.

  • jong

    Nice. I prefer a heavier cal. for the simple fact I may have to switch swiftly to a different kind of game animal. Say about a .308 in a FNFL

  • Detriotheat

    I shoot my first turkey, last year when that gun went off, it scared the crape out of the shoppers, in the frozen food isle !! LOL

    • litlebill

      Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!

  • Chris

    The title made me nervous. I though someone shot Pelosi and Feinstein for a minute there.

    • litlebill

      Who would care…you?


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