Study says coyotes eat lots of venison. But are they killing lots of deer?

The 58 coyotes that were taken during last weekend’s Northeast Regional Coyote Hunt was the highest total in the event’s 13-year history.

A record number of 841 hunters participated in the event, which is conducted by District 9 of the Pennsylvania Trapper’s Association. But the hunt yielded far more than records, it provided valuable insight into Pennsylvania’s largest canine predator.

For starters, our coyotes are big. The total weight of all 58 coyotes taken in the hunt – which includes eight northeastern Pennsylvania counties, was 2,070 pounds.

Just over a ton.

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  • repubboy

    Those Coyotes’ weren’t that heavy 35.69 lb. averaged but then again they do need to be thinned..

  • jjflash083

    Neither coyotes or deer belong in suburbs. Issue licenses and thin them out.

  • foxxybey

    The law of nature that some think is wrong?

  • 9Spoon9

    35 lb average coyotes indicates healthy but not any different than most other areas of our country? I’ve seen, trapped, called and killed a lot varmints of over my lifetime, but this year…both my wife & I’ve noticed a lot of darn near wolf-sized coyotes. Missouri is also experiencing a growing number of cougars in places they haven’t been seen in over a century. Big cats prefer venison and a kill will be feasted upon for several days. Momma lions with cubs have been proven to make several kills in one 24hr period when teaching their young the art of the hunt. Another topic for another day.

    We have a big population of whitetails around here, but unless the coyotes are laying in wait at game feeders, most likely the deer meat they are most likely consuming is as mentioned…roadkill and crippling losses from hunters or the weak and disease-stricken animals. They do eat a lot of mice. They also don’t seem to mind dinning on house cats and small lap dogs that stray from the protection of owners, fences and such. Variety is the spice of life!

    One thing that has been proven by those that operate feeders to attract and help hold deer in their hunting area is that the two or more wise coyotes will take advantage of a feeding on more relaxed deer at these locations. A lot of hunters have taken a pledge to curtail the use of constant food supplies. Trail/Scout cams document a lot of ambushes as their reasoning.

    Natural order of life and death. The food chain remains. Bigger, stronger, smarter usually win the battle of life & death. Big deal if the yotes are eating venison. Balance of nature in action.

  • Derek Schneider

    I saw several VERY large coyotes during deer season last year. Fat dogs…preferred to lay in the sun rather than respond to a call. If they were much less than 200 yds out…or if it was gun season…might have seen how big they really were!

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