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West Virginians, Texans & All Americans Be Alert!!

2nd Amend.

West Virginians, Texans & All Americans Be Alert!!

By Ray Vallorani (A concerned West Virginian & American)

No matter how much rifle target shooting Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) showed the public on TV commercials while running against his Republican opponent for the senate before the election in West Virginia, he’s now showing his true colors. Manchin was on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough show recently saying he was for background checks on anyone buying a gun. Manchin has been fooling Americans making them think he is a conservative Democrat. He certainly fooled me and the NRA up until now.

My brother, (a former U.S. marine, who lives in Texas) said “as we here in Texas see it, the government will know who has weapons and who doesn’t” referring to the background checks. Just think about it. Every attack on freedom came from tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Santa Ana (the list goes on) who wanted a strong central government ruled by elites.

Background checks will simply notify the government where the firearms are located when they come to take them. Keep in mind the British were on their way to Lexington and Concord to seize the colonists guns and ammo in 1775. Here we go again. By the way Joe, the last time we checked, the second amendment wasn’t about hunting.

You got back into office by your crafty disguise as a conservative with your rifle firing advertising. Deep down you must be a die hard liberal, speaking with a fork tongue. Say it ain’t so, Joe!



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  • jong

    We here in Michigan stand at the ready. The Michigan Militia among others never died.

    • pissed off conservative

      im a yupper, upper live in wisconsin..count me in for back up

      • jong

        It will be a party that every one is invited to. Including the liberals.(LOL)

  • Gary Ray

    Good for you Michigan, Wisconsinite ready to come to your aid If you want it. Just ask,

  • polmutant

    God Bless America! God d@mn the obamanation of desolation.

  • foxxybey

    A lot of RINO’s who want to be our masters on the PC plantation made up of all races and colors, good little slaves to the nazi demo-rats and rino’s. Live Free or Die or as I say Live Free in Chirst or die and be with Him forever.

    • Greggie

      Amen to that foxxy! People with great intentions ask how you’re doing, but its not if they really care. So, they respond, if you say anything negative, it beats pushing daisies or it beats dirt sandwich. Used to smile and nod but lately, no so much nodding. Being six feet under means eternal life for me! Gee, let me think?!?

      • foxxybey

        I’m with you Greggie, just the body under but, the spirit and soul in a wonderful place and no need for doctor’s or meds, just with our Savior for ever, God Bless Brother:

        • Greggie

          He has and continues to do so! God Bless you Foxxy!

          • foxxybey

            Thanks Greggie, good to see other brothers and sisters on many of the sites. God Bless Again Brother:

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Manchin , you know darn well, many West Virginia people use guns for huntinmg and usually this is the only way some can put meat on their table. You are really lower then a snake, you also know there are hardly no gun crime except in your large cities and usually with Blacks and drugs. I will past the word around that you will be out of there fast as we can get you out.
    West Virginia is a Bible state and we hate liars.

  • Reagan Conservative

    He never fooled me.

    He is a DemocRat that says it all.

    Just like Obama Joe Donnely is a DemocRat skunk

  • buckofama2010

    Good luck with you shredding of the Constitution here in TEXAS. America needs to wake up. The 4th, 5th, and 10th amendments are basically gone now (unless you are a criminal or terrorist) and they are coming after the second while controlling the 1st through their multiple PRAVDA media outlets.

    • TexasJester

      We do have the option of ending the treaty… Based it on “breach of treaty” by the United States Federal Government… A state representative has introduced a bill here in Texas to take a look at what we can do if Texas can no longer get the federal funds that we paid to the Feds..

  • Chief47

    I’m a native West Virginian and Joe Manchin is an absolute disgrace to the State of West Virginia. He’s a typical say or do whatever it takes to get elected politician. Then as soon as he gets elected he totally disregards the welfare and wishes of the people who elected him. You’d better spend most of your time in Washington, Joe, because I’m not too sure it very safe for you back in “Almost Heaven”.

  • $13614178

    West Virginia has apparently been duped just as bad as those that voted for Obamass .

  • jackel

    Folks,it is this simple.The people that control the guns,control The People !

    • TexasJester

      Another way to put it, it’s not about controlling guns, but about controlling people.

      Or gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control..

      Any way you say it, it’s WRONG!!

  • Drik

    How much gun crime is there once you get out of the democratic-run cities?

    Maybe democrat party-run government causes gun crime.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It’s worth repeating …
    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie”. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    • TexasJester

      Here’s another for ya..

      “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.”
      – Adolf Hitler 1933

  • Earl Figgeroa

    Why trust ANY of these liars? It’s all about votes, then the hell with you!

  • mickey

    Come voting time,( while we can still vote), would be the time to take out as many Democratic radicals as we can, replace them all with Republicans, lets keep balance in the House part of our government. Hopefully by now, eevn some of the wannabees & gimmee people, who rely on the government handouts have woken up to what they have created within our government, they have helped in the radicalism of America takeover, by the socialistic/commies. Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him?

  • Average Joe

    I will back the 2nd amendmet till my death. Why ever when ever

  • Suede

    Well said everyone!

  • gas pump junkie

    Repeat: Say it ain’t so, Joe???????????????????

  • steve


  • paulfntxs

    W. Virginia! Daniel Boone will climb right out of his grave and move here to TEXAS if ya’ll wont stand up and put a stop to this crap!

  • rick0857

    I salute my old friends in the corner (dusty old helmet, rusty old gun).

    I agree with all they have said . . .

    And if the moment of truth comes tomorrow,

    I’ll be free, or by God, I’ll be dead!

  • Linda Dommel

    NO More background checks after the newspaper PRINTED every gun owner living in an area! Now Mexica want s a list of American gun owners WHO’S the NUTS here!

  • Florida

    Constitutional attorney Stewart Rhodes will explain The Second Amendment for you.

    …”The whole point of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military capacity of the American people – to preserve the ability of the people, who are the militia, to provide for their own security as individuals, as neighborhoods, towns, counties, and states, during any emergency, man-made or natural; to preserve the military capacity of the American people to resist tyranny and violations of their rights by oath breakers within government; and to preserve the military capacity of the people to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, including those oath breaking domestic enemies within government. It is not about hunting, and at its core, the Second Amendment is not really even about self-defense against private criminals. It is about self-defense against public criminals – against tyrants, usurpers, and foreign invaders.

    . Thus, any attempt to ban their possession, sale, purchase, or transfer, is an attempt by Tyrants to disarm the American people.” MOLON LABE

  • sreynolds

    Any “gun laws” that they pass that are unconstitutional,, I will NOT comply. The second ammendment IS my right to carry and the 4th ammendment will keep any un lawful searches from happening at my house.

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