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CNN host: Can Dorner teach us anything about gun violence?


CNN host: Can Dorner teach us anything about gun violence?

CNN’s Carol Costello asked her panel a question Wednesday morning that might have a few people scratching their heads. The “CNN Newsroom” host asked nonprofits founder Van Jones, Politic365’s Jason Johnson and The New York Times‘ Ross Douthat if the Christopher Dorner case teaches us anything about guns.

“Should his words even be part of our conversation on guns, or do they shed light on an issue that continues to divide and confuse many Americans?” Miss Costello asked.

“He says a lot about more than just guns,” Mr. Johnson responded. “He tells us a lot about how our urban police departments are working. He tells us a lot about corruption. He tells us a lot about institutionalized racism. His story is the kind of testimony that we need to take a look at how America operates in general.”



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  • jong

    Most of all he tells us that liberals like mentally ill people really should not have guns. All the shootings have had either liberals directly doing it or indirectly doing it. This comes in the drugs given our children in school part of the liberal agenda.

  • Doc

    This teaches us that if you anger the wrong person, there can be “grave” consequences.

  • the hermit

    this man dorner was on a mission and one of his tools to do this job was a gun. he singled out the target did what he thought he had to do. he knew it would be his last act on this earth. other then the 2 people the women and her boy friend and they were connected to his main target he didnt hurt anyone else, did he?? im little confused on this fire thing on his last day on earth. i heard the cop say about the fire it wasnt intended also said the first was dry tear gas and the second was incendiary tear gas. wasnt that the same gas they used at waco??it wasnt intended but it was incendiary?? doesnt incendiary mean (fire–it will burn??) in the end every one is dead. same results. im my 81 years i know there is the lapd s truth –and there is dorners truth then there is the real truth. and this last one is the one i would like to hear.

  • Jack

    It is funny that on all these joke news shows that for many days before Dorner killed those people.That all we heard was more guns laws need to be passed.But then when a former police officer is killing people with a gun.You don’t hear a word on any of these news shows on wanting more gun laws. Because in there little minds that only police and military should have guns.That they could never do no wrong at all.They don’t even talk about that on there shows or even talk about what happen in waco, texas and Randy weaver ,because goverment that has guns most of the times they are more likely to abuse that they got guns then us citizens.But you never hear anything about what happen in Texas or what happen to Randy Weaver and I am sure you will never hear a word on what Mr Dorner did.Our media will only talk about what happen in Aurora and Sandy Hook .Because it fits in there agenda of people should not have guns to protect themselfs.

  • John Paul Jones

    Maybe we should disarm the police like is done in england! this is proof that the police can not be trusted with fire arms when there was no reason not to wait this person out or use nock out gas!

  • Charles F. Cameron

    The man has shown rage and hate levels beyond control. The so called doctors failed in their so called treatment level to protect the lives of officers . The mental levels of liberals and health care staffs should be under stronger control systems against failures to good health care.


    Now that Dorner is brought up . As I recall he was a police officer that the LAPD trusted with any fire arm they had . This is a good example of what gun owners have said all along ,one person goes off the deep end and starts shooting so it’s not the gun ,but the individual .If the government wants to bane citizen ownership they should ban law enforcement and military after the Ft Hood shootings . All or None .

  • AppraisHer

    Yes, it teaches us not to give a liberal racist a gun. Too many grievances, too much rage, perpetually offended, not enough maturity. Sometimes they just kill you because it makes them feel better.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Yes, l learn something, stay the help away from democrats.


    Don’t ever vote for a democrat if you believe in God. They booed God at their national convention three times last fall. That must tell you something, it sure did me. I will not ever vote for a democrat again. How can anyone align themselves with a party that boos God if you are a true Christian?

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