Toy Guns in the Wake of Sandy Hook

I was talking to a friend of mine last week about guns. She has three boys, and they have lots of plastic guns. But in the wake of Sandy Hook, she’s nervous. War toys were pretty common in her house. She’s picking them up, she says. She’s phasing them out. Cap guns. Nerf guns. Toy rifles, pistols, water guns, blasters. Anything that even remotely resembles a war toy is getting bagged up and stashed away in the basement.

And her boys seem a bit confused. While I’m not saying that her decision to take away the guns is right, or wrong, she’s making guns taboo. And I know all too well from my own childhood that this decision can make them even more attractive. I wasn’t allowed to have a BB gun when I wanted one. And look at me now.
What’s the Percieved Problem?

There are several issues connected with toy guns. Some feel that toy guns teach kids to use real guns. Depending on your perspective about real guns, this could be good or bad.

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