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Toy Guns in the Wake of Sandy Hook


Toy Guns in the Wake of Sandy Hook

I was talking to a friend of mine last week about guns. She has three boys, and they have lots of plastic guns. But in the wake of Sandy Hook, she’s nervous. War toys were pretty common in her house. She’s picking them up, she says. She’s phasing them out. Cap guns. Nerf guns. Toy rifles, pistols, water guns, blasters. Anything that even remotely resembles a war toy is getting bagged up and stashed away in the basement.

And her boys seem a bit confused. While I’m not saying that her decision to take away the guns is right, or wrong, she’s making guns taboo. And I know all too well from my own childhood that this decision can make them even more attractive. I wasn’t allowed to have a BB gun when I wanted one. And look at me now.
What’s the Percieved Problem?

There are several issues connected with toy guns. Some feel that toy guns teach kids to use real guns. Depending on your perspective about real guns, this could be good or bad.



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  • jong

    First of all unless the youth is “off” all should the opportunity to learn. What I mean by “off” if the child does not exhibit good habits (good parenting comes in on this) and might be a danger to himself or others because they might not understand they are not toys. For the liberals this is just one more way to turn our men into girly boys.

  • EL

    I LOVED guns as a child and my mother allowed me to have them. It was a Roy Rogers, Gene Autry thing. I believe today that if I had not been allowed to play with toy guns, I would have real ones in my home to make up for it. I also learned about what a real gun could do. I believe it’s a good thing for children to play with guns. I’ve never known it to create a criminal. My brothers always had toy guns of every type too. They turned out to be U.S. Marines.

    • Black Rain

      El, your telling your age. I too watched the good guys bring in the bad guys. I also wanted to be the good guy. I never wanted to be the guy who was caught and went to jail. Today that’s not what our children are taught. Mush like Barry wants you to believe, wealth is bad, being a drug dealer-driving a high dollar car-having two or three women showing a lot of skin is good. Where have we gone wrong with our children and its the inner city children? Are there that many differences between rural and city children?

      • Black Rain

        El, you are so right. I have had some type of gun all my life. Toy guns, BB guns, .22 rifle, 20 gauge shotgun and to many high power rifles to mention. Then I went into the Army and Uncle Sam taught me how to use and maintain a M 16. When Uncle Sam was done with me, I purchased an AR15 because I knew how to maintain it.. One thing my dad taught me was, when I shot a rabbit or a squirrel it was going to die.
        Please don’t be to hard on this women because it is her chose to raise her children the way she see fit. It is her chose, just like being a member of the democratic sheep party or being baptist. Loving GOD or not. That’s what use to be great about America. CHOSE
        She placed the toy guns in the basement, she don’t just throw them in the trash. Maybe when she has time to teach her boys that guns can be used to put food on the table or to defend themselves from a threat or even defend the constitution, she may let them use them again. Her choose.

  • conservative

    Just more PC krap.

  • jb80538

    So she’s switching them over to playing with Barbie dolls?

  • Michael Hale

    When my first son was born, my then wife did not want him to have toy guns. I went along to prove a point to her. I told her that he really doesn’t need a toy gun to play “war”. That he will be happy with a stick. Well, sure enough, he was shooting sticks like they were guns and she asked him what he was doing. After that, she was OK with the toy guns. But he outgrew them. I bought him a .22 for his 12th birthday, he still has it almost 10 years later. NO BIG DEAL! Prohibition of ANYTHING does not work…

  • Coltanaconda

    Just the wussification of the American male by the libturd lefties.

  • ER Doc

    studieshave shown that if litle boys do not have toy guns, they will substitute sticks,pieces of cardboard, or whatever is available

  • gutterfalcon

    Where I grew up you get a BB gun about age 4 or 5, then a .22 probably about 8 to 10 years old, cause by age 12 you have a shotgun & deer rifle and are Hunting. And guess what ? I’ve Never went on a Rampage and shot anyone.

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