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Olympic Arms, Inc. announces New York State sales policy will no longer serve first responders

2nd Amend.

Olympic Arms, Inc. announces New York State sales policy will no longer serve first responders

Olympic Arms is a staunch believer in and defender of the Constitution of the United States, and with special attention paid to the Bill of Rights that succinctly enumerates the security of our Divinely given Rights. One of those Rights is that to Keep and Bear Arms.

Legislation recently passed in the State of New York outlaws the AR15 and many other firearms, and will make it illegal for the good and free citizens of New York to own a large selection of legal and safe firearms and magazines. We feel as though the passage of this legislation exceeds the authority granted to the government of New York by its citizens, and violates the Constitution of the United States, ignoring such SCOTUS rulings as District of Columbia v. Heller – 554, U.S. 570 of 2008, McDonald v. Chicago – 561 U.S. 3025 of 2010, and specifically the case of United States v. Miller – 307 U.S. 174 of 1939.

Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity – will no longer be served as customers.



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  • CommiesMustDie

    Guns dont kill people, liberal democrat Obama supports kill people …

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Well, they sure aim to try, in any case!

    • justplainRick

      Thank you. The best humor always includes a grain of truth. Of course in this case it’s more than jst a grain.

  • William Nall

    Kudoos for Olympic Arms, they are doing the right thing. I hope all other arms dealers will cut them off too. This is the only way we can defeat these morons.

    • bmwsid

      Well, THE STATE won’t care… they will just confiscate yours!!

      • Rattlerjake

        No they won’t!

      • john goult

        come and take them!

      • Anthony Alexander

        My grandfather always said the governments makes an honest man into a thief and liar. In this case people will NOT surrender their firearms and will lie to authorities to keep them. Cuomo 2.0 made this knee jerk law as a political statement taking advantage of a tragedy and posturing for the 2016 Democrat Convention to run for President. Who is he BSH__ting!!!. NYS ALREADY has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, if no massacre occurred, why should it matter? Why didn’t he pass this BEFORE the massacre? Passing this gun law doesn’t change a thing in NYS. Statistics show that NYS with a low ownership of gun per household has far great crimes committed with guns than states like Wyoming which has far greater ownership and crime is very low. The recent massacre in Conn was tragic, but putting a solution to the problem that has nothing to do with the problem is a typical liberal democrat answer to everything and is not the answer. The other aspects of this stupid NYS law of tracking all sales and ammo will only apply to honest people who make purchases and create more work and bureaucracy at the State level that NYS taxpayers will pay on top of all the other STUPID taxes. Criminals will continue to buy large volumes on the black market along with their guns and drugs and laugh break into your home, rape, kill, rob and leave.

        • mogul264

          The black-market will happily fill ALL the ammo purchases the people will need! This is how the criminals get theirs, so it only seems fair the rest of us can too! AND, you don’t have to mess with all that paperwork!

      • Jeff

        Yeah, let them see how that works out for them. smile and wait for the flash.

      • Goshawk

        “Only from my cold dead hands!”

    • aggreen

      ***I agree, but they are cutting off some income sources.

      • OldDocBen

        And God Bless them for being willing to make the sacrifice!

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Sometimes there has to be a smaller “hurt” in order to fix or prevent a greater one. Surgeons and first responders KNOW this; and do it regularly. This is one of those times, I believe!

      • CyclingFoodmanPA

        So, if I have a chance to buy Olympic Arms anything, I will buy it now more than ever. I will also pass this article TO ALL MY SHOOTING FRIENDS and we ALL will make a concertive effort to support them. This takes guts and I admire them thinking of the Constitution of the United States of America before they think of their wallet.
        Kudos to Olympic Arms!

        • General

          Repeat to all and sundry to BOYCOTT GOVERNMENT SUPPLIES AND REPAIRS.

      • digdeeper

        Our founders pledged their honor and their fortunes. When it comes to principle, business is secondary! What are your priorities…support the Constitution unless it interferes with your income?

      • Jeff

        do you really think that cutting off New York is going to hurt there income? no, it will not hurt them one bit. with this policy getting coverage now, there sales will increase ALOT! New York is nothing but a small commie state.

      • Stephen Rhinehart

        They will not have any trouble selling guns

      • General

        not really, only some income sources… and for those they lose, they get more from individuals willing to pay more for services than Government offers! Australia lost 1000’s of gun dealers and a number of manufacturers as a
        result of gun restrictions… and they were all honest tax-payers, losing Government a lot of tax income… so
        the vicious cycle began…. don’t repeat it in USA!

      • JohnHD

        Principal comes along with profit. And integrity is even more important, when it comes to standing up to tyrants. And the Politicians of New York fit that title. But wait this law will be chalenged for its unconstantutional content.

      • bayman61

        That’s ok,it will get worse before it gets better. But it WILL get better. That is if the people stand together.

  • Steve Harper

    I hope and pray every gun owner in that state stand their ground against unlawful and unconstitutional bills against the people of newyork,how sick are their leaders?

    • Sandi Meenan

      for they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind ! and we will be looking on as this whirlwind catches up to these idiot ny politicians !

    • Rattlerjake

      Won’t be long and the cops will have to call the citizens to handle criminals. Lets go Remington, S&W, Ruger, etc., join the bandwagon. Let’s put ALL of these unconstitutional states out of business.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Ruger right here in my home city has already stated their position on gun controls, during an “occupy” effort to get all guns banned within our city limits! They’re “agin it”!

      • Melinda joy

        We should write all of them and see if they will stand with Olympic Arms and the freedom loving citizens

    • donald oesau

      We have elected a sorry ass bunch of politicians to be our leaders on both state and federal levels. Most of them are there for personal money and power. Mayor bloomberg is a good example of a politician in it for power as he certainly doesent need the money.

  • FAAQ2

    Good for you Olympic Arms- serves them right !

    • pissed off conservative


  • bodica

    Wow – one manufacturer with the courage of his beliefs! May this start a landslide of corporate protest. A giant step for America! Kudos, OlympicArms!

  • truthbeknown

    I think all the arms mfg.s should do the same for new york, calf, and chicago. they dont want us to have guns, ok so dont let anyone sell to them. heck include the gov. too. lol what a hoot that would be.

  • BCohio

    Finally an arms co that does put it’s Country First and Stands up for All our Rights!..These guys are Real Americans!..

  • Tom

    Excellent move Olympic Arms. Thank you for truly supporting the 2nd Amendment.

  • polmutant

    God Bless Olympic Arms! God Bless America! God d@mn the obamanation of desolation. going to buy 2 from Olympic. everyone start supporting Olympic like Chick Fil A. it would send a louder message. now if only AMERICAN ammo producers do the same.

  • Charles Scappaticci

    Good for them, I am definitely a customer of theirs now.

    • goku vegeta


      • beenthere43

        They make a really good AR, I think I will go polish mine.

  • sandman

    maybe they acn then turn to Singer & Co, for some nice sicssors! instead! that will help them at least cut red tape! what a bunch a bumbocrats, servers them rihgt! if we cant buy them neither should they! Horrah for Olympic Arms, make me want to buy something from them!!!!

  • foxxybey

    I’ll buy from them and make sure I never visit New puke York again as long as the governor is in office or the mayor of that corrupt city and state. They suck and need to join the nazi party if they don’t already?

  • Kman

    Thank you Olympic.

  • Dowhatsright

    Good for them. I support them whole heartedly. In fact I
    would like to see other industries that do not sell arms cut them off because
    of their anti Constitution stance.

  • Chip

    It’s sad that when I drive to Massachusetts to visit my daughter I have to let my weapon in my home in PA because NY, CT and MA will not recognize my CCP. I am not allowed to defend myself in those states.

    • garysvent

      Get your daughter out of that toilet.

  • Silver14

    I’m looking into buying a AR15 upper receiver. I just made up my mind it is going to be a Olympic Arms. Screw NY and CA.

  • rowleya

    Ya Hoo

  • AgileBulletDodger

    What I’d like to see is the American manufacturers of firearms and ammunition who are selling to the Fed for their major bulk orders, that they would decline to sell to them. I know its asking a lot but I bet they’d more than make up for it by all of us purchasing from them. It would force the Fed to buy ammo and other items from over seas and we all know about import ammo.

    • scootersbikeshop

      I was thinking the same thing. Cut the feds off. Don’t sell to them

  • larry barnett

    I just wrote a email to Kelly McMillan this morning
    man this is running like wildfire
    they sure want it stopped
    but people want their freedoms also

    here it is on another site
    they are a gun dealer manufactor also.
    By the way its really hard to fix stupid!!!

    Kelly McMillan
    Managing Partner
    McMillan Group International LLC
    Global Vision-McMillan Integrity

    On Feb 13, 2013, at 11:54 AM, “LARRY BARNETT” wrote:

    Im emailing you, Sir!!!
    for the reason, about the BofA
    yes indeed that i read about them, is truely Low Rent!!!
    Im so proud of you guys, yes hole heartedly!!!
    You have just started, A resistance that they didn’t want to see!!!
    And yes indeed thanks you for that!!!
    It will start spreding the states shortly, you can count on that!!!
    I have seen a many good people, loose what they had because of a bank!!!
    Yes BofA right in there with it all, doing this!!!
    Its so great to see a Real American Company,show that its a matter of princable’s!!!
    Im glad you did explain to BofA to, kiss it!!!
    We the people, have let the banks enjoy all of the payoff’s of bad credit, to everywhere!!!
    Out of country, to their buddys bad loans they gladly excepted, and could hide!!!
    If you look, there is no telling how many bad loans, that was processed, just before!!!
    The goverment passed the bill, to bail all the banks out!!!
    Because we all know, what inside infomation consists of!!!Oh Yea!!!
    Maybe it would be a good thing to check into, for no dought there is a plenty, out there!!!
    Its really sad, yes it is, for the US Citizen’s to have to readjust, scrap by, sell off the grandkids keep sakes!!!
    To be driven down by what is said to be the biggest blunder, in American polical history!!!
    But they did get away with it, and now getting away with, trying to deminish companies, like you guys!!!
    For the simple reasons, Its For The Better!!! Yea Right!!!

    They sure dont complain, about all the drones, they are building to fly our soild, sky’s, to be prepaired for destroy as nessary!!!
    They want us safe & healthy citizens, thats their gold!!!
    But they let synthic Mariwana to redirect our kids minds, totaly ruin them!!!
    To let billions of bad drugs {fake] hit our streets that people buy to get better!!! whats up there!!!
    this could go on for pages!!!
    But again Thank you Sir for the bravery to stand up to BofA!!!
    Im a true supporter of your Journey, yes indeed!!!
    Larry Barnett

    I really would just love, to promote you items, on line!!!
    Just to let them know, people are behind Great people, like you Sir!!!
    any help i can provide, for you guys please, let me know!!!

  • Bradley Jones

    good fro them all ammo makers and gun makers should do the same, grow some balls and stand up

  • gerry

    This is nice to see. One of the few companies who will actually perform something tangible against Obummer instead of what most of us do and that is just talk. But I do believe our turn is coming. Stay on your knees America as the Lord is about to do a mighty miracle in our great country.

  • $13614178

    I would like to run right out and buy an Olympic Arms firearm , alas , I can’t , but at the first chance I can I WILL . Thank You Olympic Arms !

  • Craig J. Townsend

    All right Olympic arms, If I had the extra money Id go out and buy one of your firearms today!

  • Fred_K

    All laws have their consequences. Now, if all the other companies in NY did the same thing, that would make a real statement.

  • leesjokers


  • Jean Babbitt

    Thank You Olympic Arms,Make all who want to terminate our God given rights look for what they need.

  • steve

    Just move your operation to TX.

  • Henry F Smith

    They are doing the right thing. No one should do business with the goons that hope to diminish our Divinely given rights. They are trying to tell us they know better than God.

  • edro3111

    Outstanding move Olympic! Good for you!

    • Ginger

      Now if the ammo manufacturers would do the same …they would do a land office business and support the Constitution and Patriots. Can’t even find 22s for target practice ..has been that way for months now.

      • edro3111

        You’re right! Maybe they’ll take a hint. As far as hard to find ammo and such, I’ve got hundreds of dollars of magazines, ammo and accessories on back order and they keep bumping the estimated delivery dates. Very frustrating!

  • hangman57

    Thank you for standing up for our Citizens and our Consitution.

  • goku vegeta


  • hangman57

    All gun companys need to stop selling guns and ammo to the government.Arm the citizens instead.

  • Eaglestrike

    Ronnie Barrett has been doing this to California for a long time. He will not sell any of his rifles to any California Government Agency because they will not let the citizens purchase, or own them.

  • hangman57

    The first shot for Liberty ,just came from Olympic Arms. Americans need to fill the void ,I will buy my next gun from them.

  • cheezqueen

    This is truly putting money where your mouth is- not lettinga fine company profit stand before making a cogent statement about overweening government. Good for OA!

  • slickzip

    YEA ,,, for hjaving the balls to stand up against liberals ,,,

  • notax1776


  • Saltporkdoc

    In my gut and in my heart, I know that Olympic Arms is doing the right thing. However, there is a corner of my brain that has a (small) bit of difficulty with the logic of also cutting off the employees of certain agencies. It’s just me, I know. As I initially stated, good on you Olympic Arms.

  • 18151873


  • rikker45

    Kudos for Olympic arms for having the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

  • Gunner48

    The “Shot heard round the world ! For our second Amendment.” Olympic Arms I salute you……

  • Dr. Evil

    Hopefully, any company that is even slightly gun oriented will move out of the state.

  • watchdogman

    Own one..good firearm, priced right.

  • dad666

    Its about time these libturds were put in their place. All Gun Manufacturers need to follow suit and cut off NewYork,California and Chicago.

  • Daniel Larson

    What would really make an impact is if all of the firearms manufacturers would leave these commie states they are in for more gun friendly states like Montana and Texas. Auto Ordnance, Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and NEF all in New Jerk. Weatherby in Kalifornia. Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory in Taxxachusetts. Henry in New Jersy. Armalite in Illinois. Charter Arms and Colt in Connecticut etc.

  • watchdogman

    Now every other weapons Mfg should also do the same thing and cut out NY and any other states that thinks they can solve violence by gun confiscation and more gun control…

  • watchdogman

    Now ammunition mfg need to cease selling ammo to the FED Government, NYSTATE and any other state that thinks it citizens do not need guns, just those holding office!!!

  • beenthere43

    Bravo, principle over profit

    • DenverKitty

      You just earned “Comment of the Day!” Gratz!!


    New York has always been like a breakfast cereal, full of fruits, nuts and flakes! New York would not even allow out of state police officers to carry firearms in New York! Since the enactment of the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (18USC926), is New York in compliance?! This allows any Law Enforcement Officer to carry a firearm anywhere…

  • nonstopca

    The next “firearm” that I buy… well be from Olympic Arms…….

  • moving violation

    Sounds like Olympic Arms has an intelligent ceo at the wheel. I can’t think of a better way to get back at these communist bastards. I can only hope that the rest of the gun manufacturers follow in their footsteps. Great job Olympic Arms!!!

  • cwll

    Fantastic decision,To see a company willing to stand up for the Constitution of the United states even if it means fewer sales,Does my heart good!!.

  • knowitall

    Not much sense in a reply .it seems you have all said it THANK YOU !!!! Olympic arms. And God bless

  • Judy Ratliff


  • The Old Man

    WOW, that’s a really big move against the state law

  • Berzrkr50

    Thank you Olympic Arms! Now extend your refusal to the state of Commiefornia. What this state has planned makes N.Y. pale in comparison. These nut-jobs are determined to destroy the second amendment and need to be brought down a few notches!

  • treas54

    Thank you and God Bless.

    P.S. I hope the cake decorating industry won’t sell NY nonpareil metallic sprinkles like here in CA too.

  • Gary Ray

    send me a e-mail of what you have in stock

  • Jamie

    Thank you Olympic Arms for doing the Right thing. God Bless.

  • buffalomaster

    My hat is off to you!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for standing up for what is right1


    Many many thanks to Olympic Arms for taking a proper stance against the rougue legislators from New York. We hope as this message spreads across the arms industry that other manufacturers take the same stance. This kind of unified pressure may be the trick to break the false straw on the oversized camels back. From the good folks at on facebook.


    I WILL GO OUT AND BUY SOMETHING FROM OLYMPIC ARMS TO MAKE UP THE LOSS OF SALES IN NEW YORK. This is the least we can do to support such a great company.

  • Slick50

    Amen, Olympic Arms….There are other fish in the sea. Glock, S&W, Colt and others should follow suit along with sales to Secret Service Agents. Ammo company’s should follow along with the gun makers and the Fed’s and NY State would have to buy on the black market…Slick50 has spoken.

  • Charlie

    Now all gun manufactors and gunsmiths need to follow suit. Shut them down no ammo,no repairs, no new weapons give them nothing, sell them nothing.

  • Michele Eccleston

    While I know this is being done to make a point I don’t think this is the right course. I live in NY and did not vote for Cuomo nor do I support his policies or actions. By taking the supplies away from first responders it is families like mine that will suffer. While my husband does have a gun he often takes it with him so that when he is gone I do not have that source of protection. If all gun manufacturers stop selling here in NY then we will wind up with an unarmed police force. Is Cuomo wrong in his actions, yes. Is he listeneing to us on this issue, no. Does my family, the elderly, the severly handicapped, or many other groups deserve to have no protection, not in my opinion. What most people do not realize is that the largest concentration of people in NY is in NYC and they tend to lean towards the liberal ways. I live on the western side near Buffalo we tend to be a bigger mix with a lot more people in favor of conservative values and our second amendment rights. However when it comes to voting usually whoever NYC’s majority votes for wins the race because of the concentration of people there. Why should we have to suffer because our politicians do not listen to us?
    For those of you who also do not know this bill was not only pushed through far too quickly and easily not just because of the Newtown Massacre but also because of an incident here in Webster, NY on Christmas Eve. A man who had no legal right to have a fire arm because he was a felon who had been released in the mid 90’s from prison for killing his Grandmother used a straw buyer who could legally buy guns to buy him some. The morning of Christmas Eve he killed his sister with which he lived and set his house on fire as a trap for first responders. He staked out by the house and when the firemen arrived and went to extinguish the flames he started shooting at the fireman driving them back behind their trucks. Two firemen lost their lives and two more were injured as well as an off duty police officer who had stopped to help while on his way to work. 7 houses were lost to fire as well. According to a letter he wrote he did it because he wanted to do his favorite thing which was to kill people. This incident was also a big fuel source for the laws Cuomo so quickly put through.
    I fully support the Second Ammendment and the Constitution. I do not support Cuomo or his positions and maybe with time we can get it reversed. Activist groups are popping up trying to get these decisions reversed but as they are already approved it is going to be harder to do so now.

  • CaptTurbo

    I appreciate their taking a position of integrity.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Now that is pure courage and commitment to great and honorable values. My next gun purchase will be from Olympic Arms, guaranteed. What a great example this company has set.

  • John Giles

    Very good!! We all need to stand up to the disgraceful tyranny happening in this country!!

  • Jeff

    I have 3 AR’s from Olympic Arms that I built before the first ban. I am glad that they cut off New York. I really hope that other gun manufactures will do the same. Send a strong message that our 2nd Amendment will not be infringed! I am so glad that I live in a non-commie state of Texas. Where we support the 2nd amendment.

  • General

    How about ALL Armaments dealers cutting off any Government agencies from their services like repairs, sales etc… After all, if the Government forces anti-constitutional restriction methods on the PEOPLE, then those same companies will go bankrupt almost, with no private sales like they had in the past. Government being then the ONLY purchaser of Arms from only a limited number of suppliers, could then make further demands for cheaper supply… you know how it is… So, it is in all such companies interest to keep the status quo going… Australia lost 1000’s of gun dealers and a number of manufacturers as a result of gun restrictions… and they were all honest tax-payers… so the vicious cycle began…. don’t repeat it in USA!

  • disqus_4t2AsymgGb

    Let’s all buy an Olympic firearm!

  • The Carpathian

    A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD. Yes, Olympic resticts sales to NY, but if everyone else did the same, it’s just like banning the weapons al-together, isn’t it? Yes, civilian sales will continue, but government contracts and repairs to government entities is a mojor factor here, too.
    This has the potential to backfire big time.

  • 9Spoon9

    Well I’ll be. Olympic rises to the top on the INTEGRITY LIST…at least mine anyway for now! Politicians say ‘we don’t need them’…the neither do the LE agencies an staff. I guess that puts John Q ahead of gubermint. I wish AT ?? could/would do the same with the big DHS contracts, but they’re keeping folks employed…Catch 22 situation. KUDOs & Thanks to Olympic Arms for standing on the correct side of that indelible line etched in stone when it comes to the Peoples’ RKBA.

  • rams375

    Many thanks and kudoos, how about colt, Remington,Winchester, Ruger and many and all other manufacturers. I do realize that some have contracts to honor but that is finite at some time.

  • joecronin

    ALL manufacturers of ARs should do the same . The Federal Predatory Corporation ( formerly the USA ) deserves to be boycotted and brought to heel . It’s time to give them the attention they deserve . Tyrants like roaches can’t stand the light of day . Let major media try to hide a commercial boycott of the Feds .

  • $42673837

    I hope their next step is to relocate their operation!!!

  • worldwatchman

    Bravo. This what ALL arms manufacturers and dealers should do. If you’re connected to a state that’s communist leftist then don’t do business with the state and federal government agencies and where applicable only deal with the citizens of that state. There will always be income so, there’s no loss and since more and more people are buying weapons and joining the NRA, there will be sales. Now more than ever.

  • Indiana_James

    A big BRAVO! to Olympic Arms!!! It’s about time someone in the gun business stood up for OUR RIGHTS.

  • Tony

    I applaud OLYMPIC for their bold move and hope other manufacturers will follow suit. If a state can remove a gun manufacturer from their pension fund investments and try to enact knee jerk gun legislation then ALL gun manufacturers should reciprocate to the state in the manner as OLYMPIC did!!

  • Timothy Rea

    Kudoos indeed! Re-locate to Indiana.

  • DrZarkov99

    For those worried about Olympic cutting off possible customers, if their web site announcements are correct, there’s little to worry about. Since they’re back-ordered on all products for 8-10 months, and aren’t accepting any new FFL dealers for their product distribution, it looks like the company can sell (or not) to whomever they please.

  • $26222150

    I hope this doesn’t backfire and give the feds more power in that state. They need to CUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFF. No more federal contracts. I agree the state of NY is violating the rights of their citizens and breaking the law with passage of these unconstitutional measures, and I pray that obama is not ready to move in to provide security to NY because the locals can’t do it. We’re already hearing about state and local law enforcement having to ration ammunition because the feds are buying it all up. Cut the FEDS off too.

  • Terry Corcoran

    This is what happens when you let the queers out of the closet. It becomes ancient Rome. Your Military and Police become havens for perverts. Your Religious leaders and politicians prove themselves to have been the scum of the Earth all along. Eventually, you wind up with a Revolution. The good news is, Americans do it better than anybody else…

  • Jonathan D Yellowbear

    I would recommend to everyone who can afford to purchase a firearm, to make your next purchase from Olympic Arms Inc. We need to support their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to serve whom ever they choose. By making this conscious decision to cut off all sales to state and federal employees, they will now feel, maybe, how it feels to be limited to what they can purchase. I have been doing some research into a Law that NO ONE has talked about or brought up in any of this so called “gun-control” tripe!!!! What I have found will stun everyone as it did me.
    The DICK ACT OF 1902 under House Resolution 1165.4 comes back in and starts out with a basic cure. It puts a lot of restrictions on their side effects. The DICK ACT of 1902 also know as the EFFICIENCY OF MILITIA BILL, HOUSE RESOLUTION 1165.4 of June 28, 1902, INVALIDATES ALL… INVALIDATES ALL SO-CALLED “GUN-CONTROL LAWS. It also divides the militia into three distinct separate entities. The “gun-control” law that passed in 1968 is invalidated by the DICK ACT of 1902. The tree classes under HR-1165.4 provides for (1) the organized militia henceforth known as the national guard for the state territory of the District of Columbia, (2) the unorganized militia, and (3) regular army [military]. The militia encompasses every able bodied male between the age of 18 – 45 but now the older age has gone up considerably over several years. All members of the unorganized militia are to have preferable Right of the 2nd Amendment “to Keep and Bear Arms” of any type as many as you can afford to buy, it does not say you have to have a receipt. If you can afford to buy them you can own them; if they cost you a dollar or if it costs you a penny, you have bought them, now you own them period!!!! The DICK ACT of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate the Bill of Attainders; and ex-pro-facto laws would be another gross violation of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority, zero authority, zero authority, without violating the Constitution, to call the National Guard to serve outside the boarders of the United States.

  • Zoomie72

    In my experience, most line policemen are pro-second amendment. The elected officials; police chiefs, etc. are the ones who tend to support gun control. So I think Olympic is going after the wrong target. Don’t sell to the government entities, don’t deal with them in any way, but don’t cut off the employees who might be very pro-gun. They, in most cases, have no say in making the laws.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    Thank You Olympic Arms for taking a stand. Bravo!

  • Dale Bigelow

    Now if more companies would follow suit NY might get the point, but I doubt it.

  • M Dean

    Congratulations to Olympic Arms on standing up. Any loss of revenue will be picked up from other sources, just like all increases in sales do to Obama idiocy.

  • bayman61

    Goos for you Olympic Arms. Now if the rest of the arms manufacturers will refuse to serve any government employees, maybe then they will get the message. Also the bullet manufacturers should tell them no sales too. Then again big business’s are looking at the almighty dollar, their God. They will sell out the people in a heart beat.Email them and tell them you will no longer give them your business as long as they cater to the government. Together we can turn this around them.

  • Rich

    My next weapon will be an Olympic Arms.

  • KenandShirley Locke

    2nd Amendment stands!!!

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