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How the Obama Gun Control Proposals Compare to 1994

Posted on: February 13th, 2013

Just three short months ago, most articles about gun control focused on how little traction it had. Practically every public opinion poll showed guns and gun owners were held in higher esteem than they had been in decades. Gun sales were through the roof. Pro-gun legislation—castle doctrine, concealed-carry reciprocity, you name it—was on the march in most states. The Supreme Court told Washington, D.C., and Chicago that the Constitution did indeed apply to their cities.

And then, after nearly two decades of pro-gun momentum, it was ripped from our grasp in a span of 24 hours. The Newtown tragedy—one of the most heart-wrenching events ever to occur on U.S. soil—changed everything. Understandably, people wanted someone or something to blame. Unfortunately, rather than identifying the actual social and mental health issues causing so many people to harm others, President Barack Obama and many in the Democratic party have taken the lazy route: They’re blaming guns. Obama even called for increased gun control in his inaugural address.

Just when you thought we’d won, it feels a lot like 1994 again—the year Major League Baseball went on strike, O.J. Simpson fled police in a white Bronco and Bill Clinton signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB).

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  • pissed off conservative

    like i have posted on other sites..let him pass unconstitutional law he wants to..most patriotic americans,including active milatary former milatary ,,police law abiding gun owners will say f u to this wanna be dictator..and not comply.. like the great american CHARLESTON HESTON SAID..I QUOTE FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS..

  • violater1

    Pissed off while I applaud and stamd with you at this point witout joint effort they will with joy and glee do exactly that pry our cold dead hands from our weapons! Some 65 million weapons have been revently purchased bye Americans and subsequent ammo as well but our efforts need unity in deed as well as word!

  • jong

    One major difference. We now know for a certainty of what we suspected all along. Guns are not the problem for more people were killed under the ban than after it.


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