Miami Dad Killed Protecting Daughter During Home Invasion

A Miami father died trying to protect his daughter during a home invasion robbery.

Just before midnight, two armed men forced their way into Maurice Harris’ home, located in the 4300 block of NW 16th Avenue, according to his mother in law Annie Streeter.

Streeter said she got a call from her daughter around 1 a.m.

“My granddaughter was asleep in her room. Her The mother said when she came in, someone put a gun to her head and made the father get down on the floor,” said Streeter.

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  • polmutant

    too bad the gentlemen did not have a weapon to put down the obamaloid robber dogs.

    • sandman

      I did read the full report, and the man had a rap sheet of his own, so that would mean he could not leagaly own himself, to protect his family, but it is still to bad he was not armed in this casem it would have been better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6;(.

      • polmutant

        this is why the 2nd ammendment reads “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” if a person has “committed” a crime not punishable by death. His right to bear arms “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

        • sandman

          I will agree there are some crimes, that are not a bad as others, but when a person has a rap sheet, we are not talking about drunk driving, and speeding or jaywalking, this man had a numdber of crimes he was responcible for, that would make him unable to have a weapon (firearm), and to this extant, I would agree with the law as presented as such, there are law enforcement folks out there, that have lost there job, because of a disgruntled wife or husband, that because he need a weapon for his job, has had a restraining order against them, and they are not able to own a firearm, and that is their JOB!, but how many have your read about that snap, and then use the weapon on said spouse? There is a fine line here, and I believe the safety of the public, has a very important part in all this. Oh and one more thing, I am a member of the NRA, have been for many yrs. have served 3 yrs active duty with the U.S.Army, and quarlified Expert, with M-16 .45cl auto Colt 1917, M-60, Shotgun, and M-1 Garand, have been around firearms all my life, and have a great deal of respect for them. Where do we draw the line here? and I wonder what was actualy on the record of this man, that could shed a light on what we are discusing. If owr own goverment was to have it’s way, at the present, obalmer&co, we will all be crimminals, for owning what we have for generations!

          • polmutant

            Do you really think that there would be the same level of “criminals” if the right to bear arms unafringed was in place. I believe the criminal intent would be greatly diminished, and perpetrators would be in very few numbers. and as far as spouse theory, do you really believe people just snap? you do not believe there is conflict beforehand? As you say a domestic charge is enough for a good man to lose his job as officer.

          • sandman

            sorry for the way I included the wife thing with the criminal thing, no it is not right that a man, expecialy with a good record like my friend whould be able to lose his job over a pissed off wife with a grudge!

          • polmutant

            Red neck some of them biddies need a thump on the noggin upon occaision. no apology necesary. cheers and God bless you.

          • sandman

            Red Neck? thanks, there are not many of us here in N.E. 🙂

          • polmutant

            sorry i meant to say red neck here, as in I am a red neck.

    • violater1

      Amen brother!

  • foxxybey

    And the nazi demo-rats wonder why we want to protect ourselves and our families, let them suck eggs and come for mine, see how far they get, hope they have insurance?

  • ves

    The answer is that they easily killed so this is NOT their first crime!!
    Hope this closed mouth community will spit the monsters out but don’t bet on it!!
    They know who did it and refuse to tell as usual!
    I feel sorry for the young girl to lose her Father in such a horrible way … she knows she was much loved by him!

  • Should have had a gun….

    • U mean scissors don’t work to go against guns to defend your and they spent our money on that wonderful defense video to show us how to use scissors for self defense. Should of had a gun…

  • Jane Haslam

    To bad we couldn’t just post a sign and tell all the criminals where the all the liberals live. After all they are the ones that don’t want to own a gun. Unfortunately the man in this story gave his all for his daughter and granddaughter. it takes too long for 911 to have any impact on a crime such as this,in fact you would be lucky if they arrived in time to give you a chance to live if you were seriously injured. This is such a shame. This shouldn’t happen to any family any where in our United States of America.. God Bless this family. I will be praying for you.

  • Jane Haslam

    too bad that we couldn’t publish the addresses where all the liberals
    live since they are so dead set to get our rights to bear arms taken
    away from us all. 911 just cannot get there in time to be of any help.
    In fact you would be lucky for them to arrive in time to help you at all
    if you are seriously injured. This father gave his all for his daughter
    and granddaughter. This shouldn’t be happening to anyone in the United
    States of America. God Bless you sir. You are to be commended for
    your sacrifice. God Bless this family. I will remember this family in
    my prayers.

  • violater1

    Bless the mother and daughters hearts I sincerely hope and pray that these 2 animals are captured or even killed for their crimes! DADE COUNTY MIAMI area is a slum compared to what it used to be 30 years ago! It’s doom a result mostly due to Haitian and Mexicans and hondourans drug runners and their scum bag customers and dealers!
    I watched a child grow to a woman in Sarasota to marry and move to miami with her father while her husband served in the Navy their child was born while the young father was at sea! This young mother had left the baby thank God with her mom and Dad and had gone out! She was abducted bye 5 hondorans blacks they raped and brutally murdered this beautiful young Cuban girl with the brutality of pure animals! This is some of our immigration s fault for not protecting our borders from these criminals! Some more proof of crudball liberal progressivity for this was under a shihead Clinton!

  • TM

    democrats are diseased and is far worst than some cancers as they can be cured. With guns, we are citizens, without guns, we are subjects and that’s what the sissy boy obama and the democrats want a defenseless country, ain’t going to happen says we the people.

  • This is just one more reason why people should be armed.

  • dankster

    i’m sure the scum that killed this young man went trough all of the back-ground checks before they took their weapons. to the street.

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