Full auto minigun!

Full auto guns have their very own fascination. Therefore, The Slingshot Channel revisits the Gatling concept – but this time, a far more advanced construction has been employed.

This new design shoots commercial pistol crossbow bolts, with eight “inline” barrels. (Interested fanatics may learn how to make such a barrel here:

The new gatling gun is much smaller, and no longer powered by a hand crank: A Black and Decker power screwdriver turns the barrel drum. True assault rifle feeling!

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  • The Old Man

    Guess what… no bullets…WOW !!!

  • alfred breedlove

    wow I want one of the automatic ones before it gets banned.

  • …izzat cool or what ? how do
    I get one?

  • jana lynn

    So, every one leaving a comment wants one! That, Sir, is an amazing invention. Thank you for supporting your bros and sisters with the new technology:) Perfect timing, how do we make one?

  • mstover1

    You are the man !!!!!!!!! I love it! Holy crap how long did it take you to make that thing? You are quite a carpenter and I also got a laugh. Great video Thank You!!!

  • Krom101

    Schmeisser, Rev.1

  • david

    too cool, and in case of real need set to stonger setting and add some strong poison to the dart tips, yea, very cool

    • Arrow

      You got it ( Poison ) tips will work on Hussein’s scummbums ..

  • That is cool as hell! But, the handle has to go, it “looks” like an assault weapon! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I hate obama!

  • Granny Franny is tweeting this….

  • Awesome, Just what I need for some fun in the woods.

  • cuervojose

    very creative

  • foxxybey

    Where do we get one?

  • Awesome invention….I smell Nobel Prize for coolness

  • Roaqdblock2008

    This is way too cool. Beats heck out of a crossbow. When will you make plans available for this very effective looking and acting toy, I want one so baaaad!!!!

  • Great, love it!

  • BestfarJohn

    The minigun is great! I think I will make one to keep by the front door to discourage intruders!


  • Robin

    Fantastic!! Just what I’ve been wait’n for. I want One.

  • I love it! I think it needs an adjustable stock and a flash suppressor. 😀 nice job!

  • R Hazell

    Very Cool.. Black and Decker Assault Weapon 😀

  • Gary Ray

    these units are extremely quiet, I want one.

  • I am ready to try out this assault weapon before it too is banned – Looks like a lot of fun – very interested in building one. Where can I find the plans?

  • Beth

    Well that is amazing you are a genius. keep it up and yes I want one too

  • Patriot

    Awesome design/ build ! What a cool machine, get tooled up for mass production on this one !

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