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Robbery Victims Shooting Attackers Called ‘Alarming Trend’

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Robbery Victims Shooting Attackers Called ‘Alarming Trend’

There’s an alarming trend in Detroit that have some people worried. In the span of a week, two separate robberies were thwarted when the victims, who both had conceal carry permits and a gun, managed to defend themselves by shooting their attackers.

In the first incidence, two teenagers thought it would be a good idea to rob the 70 year old coach of a girl’s high school basketball team at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School. The coach was escorting two of the girls to their cars in the school parking lot when the teens, 15 and 16 years of age, confronted the coach, grabbing him by a chain necklace he wore and sticking something in his chest that he assumed was a gun. The girls ran away as the coach was being attacked.

The boys failed to realize that the coach is a reserve police officer who was armed at the time. He managed to get his gun and shoot both teens. The 16 year old died from his wounds and the 15 year old was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The police are still reviewing the shootings, but all indications say that it was a clear case of self-defense.



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  • 4b4mac

    Word will spread!

    • Sandi Meenan

      yes and it will be a word that says don’t mess with me, i may be armed ! the coach was correct to save him self and possibly the girls also. robbers be warned we are here and will not take this s— laying down any more ! molon labe

  • Texas Mama

    Good for the coach!!!

    • Sam W

      And think what he save the state in Court costs and prison time for these thugs or slugs. He should receive a metal! And maybe give him some more ammo…..

  • cwms2005

    Yea that’s certainly a case for worry. The left doesn’t want the good guys to win, they have worked so hard to drag society into the toilet to see it turn around now.

  • Steve Harper

    I’m glad the thugs and theives are getting what they deserve!!

  • johnny b

    What’s the problem???? These kind of vermin are susposed to be shot… And after a few of these, robberies will start to curtail….

    • Rattlerjake

      I think we need to establish neighborhood “hunter killer teams” to hunt down and shoot every gang member.

    • Sam W

      But look at what happened to Zimmerman. They are hanging him out to dry. He should have gotten a metal.

      • sandman

        I do agree with you, BUT he had a chance to turn around, and blew it, he waited to long to, he should have taken the advice of the police dispatcher, the first time H ewas told to turn around, but no, he sealed his fate with a corrupt and inept system, by not going back to his truck the first time he was told to, but he pushed it a little to far, and was told more than once!

  • The Old Man

    Another example of why we need to keep our guns

  • $29077531

    It’s a bout time that the the perp’s get whats coming.. do the crime and face the consequences. For too long it,s been the criminal that has had all the rights in this country.. the victims well they were just that.. now the media thinks that the perp’s are the victims.. thats BS.. IF THOSE BOYS where descent young men they would still be alive and the one not injured, because they were punks that thought they were tough and going to hurt some.. they got exactly what was coming to them !

    • Sam W

      Hopefully the pendulum has swung back and it’s time that these punks get what they truly deserve. Not some wuss judge giving them a slap on the hand….

  • Gary Ray

    If a armed Intruder ever broke in to my home, he is as good as gone. No police, just dig a hole and bury who ever. enough said

    • Sam W

      You forgot; pour lye all over the body and done with it….

  • Don

    Yeah, it is alarming…to the criminals!…..exactly as it should be…

  • tom

    The only people who would see self defense as an alarming trend would be those who support the criminal element, the thugs and thieves in our society. These people are nearly as dangerous as the low-life dirt-bags themselves.

    • Ginger sure pegged Washington didn’t you? They are the biggest thugs and robbers and murderers.

    • David Vrotney

      Correction, tom; These people are MORE dangerous than the other dirt-bags!

  • Sleepless

    That is great send out the alarm that you can’t rape,kill and rob the populous at will anymore. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more. Stop being criminal advocates. If this bothers you don’t rob and kill.

  • steve

    The only reason these types of crimes go on is because not enough good people walk around with a gun. After more of this the robberies will stop. They forgot to tell us what color the robbers were.

    • danstewart

      Three guesses, & the first two don’t count.

    • FedupandReadytofight

      Does the name of the High School give you a hint ?

    • beelp

      The same as the original Fords

  • Bob

    Who called it an alarming trend?

  • watchdogman

    Great shooting! Proves he can shoot and we have two fewer felons running around…A win-win situation

    • Sam W

      Saves the state $$$ be reducing food and jail costs….

  • jimmy john

    Sounds good to me, if someone were trying to rob me and I had access to a
    gun or got an opening to get their gun and if they get killed in the process so
    be it, i know a life is a life but if he is trying to take mine game over

  • methodius

    Alarming to whom? Bad guys? Criminals like soft targets. If they do not know who is armed and who is not they will think twice before putting their life on the line. I say make ;em think and thin hard!

    Too many fail to understand that sometimes force MUST be met with equal or greater force. Citizens should refuse to roll over and get (not play) dead before criminals. It is as the old saying goes: God made man. Samuel Colt made them equal.

  • robm

    Ted said it best….There should not be repeat offenders, only dead offenders…

  • RonsBIGfourtyfive

    Looks like another reason for the scum of the earth to move to the northeast. New Jersey and New York are making it easier for them to act with impunity every single day!

  • TheBigGeezer

    Gimme a C… Gimme an O… Gimme an A… Gimme a C… Gimme a H…What’s that spell? COACH!! Yeaaaaaaaa Coach. Sorry… couldn’t resist!

  • Drifter

    Good. Only 1 will face trial here. The other 1 will face a much higher judge.

    • garysvent

      Unfortunately, he’ll probably sue the coach. And win, given the state of our judges these days.

  • joe

    Blow their miserable low-life heads off!!

  • Jimmee41

    Isn’t it ironic that the attitude of the Left is to defend the perps but support the Abortion of 1.2 Million Defenseless, Innocent Americans each year. 4 million conservatives sat out this last election which was the margin for victory for the right,.saddling us with 4 more years of these lefty lunatics being in charge of our Government. You must vote even if you have to hold your nose!!!!. Elections have consequences!!!

    • sandman

      and in their spare time will be outside a correctional facility, defending the life a a murderer on death row!

  • dicksi

    Don’t be so hasty to convict these young men of a crime and let’s try and understand their motives. Perhaps their mothers didn’t give them a bicycle on their 9th birthday…maybe their turning to crime is their mother’s fault. Then again these young men could have been shoved on the playground….maybe their criminal activity could be the fault of a schoolyard bully. We need to become a more tolerant nation….a nation that gives offenders a hand up…not the back of the hand. Self-defense is an alarming trend….let’s try and level the playing field.

    • grannie

      I hope you are being sarcastic.

      • dicksi

        Yep, that’s sarcasm! I’m trying to point out the far-left’s utter stupidity and extreme rationalization in dealing with criminals.

        • Mark Huffstetler

          I got the sarcasm right away. The far left’s goal is to keep all of us meek, defenseless, and as gutless as they are. I say good for the Coach. There is now one less criminal that is walking among us, and one less felon that we the people have to support. Who knows how many future crimes and/or killings the Coach’s actions prevented

    • FedupandReadytofight

      The coach did level the playing field. Unfortunately, one of them will rise to commit more crimes. Somebody will have to level him again.

  • Charles

    Wasn’t the 16 yr.old kid expelled from the school.

  • foxxybey

    If this is a alarming trend, I say right on, rather judged by one then carried by six and if it was me, I shoot well enough that they would be dead and therefore couldn’t get a lefty lawyer to sue me for anything. Seems the left is telling us the crooks have more rights then us?

  • 19gundog43

    This is an alarming trend…for the thugs!! Let them be VERY afraid
    everytime they look for a victim. It may be their last. Saves a lot on court
    costs and jail food.

  • LibertysSon

    Alarming? Really? Would it be better that the victim is dead or injured? Maybe it’s pretty alarming for the armed robbers. Look forward to a drop in the number armed robberies in the future.

  • draga

    good for the man,,kill a few thugs and maybe things will change!!

  • Doc

    Sounds like a clear case of Americans doing what Americans do best. Taking care of business. Punks beware.

  • lokiswife

    The “alarming trend” is that people are standing up and fighting back and the justice system is turning towards their side. That wasn’t in Holder’s and Obama’s agendas, especially when the losers in the battle are young black men. I call it the “Unknown Security” – unknown until it is needed, whether it be a one on one exchange or stopping a shooter in a public place. This is what it has come to be, when people make choices to rob or injure someone, that someone has the choice and the right to fight back.

  • Tonto

    Cheering for the coach! Too bad for the young “tough guys.”

  • Berzrkr50

    This story would be alarming to bad guys only. My hats off to these guys that had the presence of mind to get the drop on them. And as an afterthought: I’ll bet the local Democrats are screaming bloody murder that these “gentle young men” shouldn’t have been shot!

    • CaptTurbo

      Yep, two more of “Obama’s sons” got whacked. Baaahahahaha!!!!!!

  • Jward

    Alarming trend of “Scum Bags” getting what they deserve. We could use a lot more of that.

  • henryknox

    No wonder they are trying to disarm citizens. How is our gov’t going to force income redistribution if the citizens continue to shoot the redistributors? It is only fair that we are defenseless against the thug Socialists.

  • JuneUSA

    Gee, maybe the victims have realized they can do something to stop the violence by shooting back. What else are they supposed to do? Just keep on getting robbed, killed, or beaten up? I wish the lefties would get their heads on straight and put their brains in gear. Do they really think the cops are going to be standing around waiting for the robbers and killers to show up? Dumb, dumb dummies. Think. I dare you.

    • CaptTurbo

      Well, that’s what they do in other countries that were so careless as to let their governments take their guns away. Bend over baby, you dropped the soap.

  • Jerry Reames

    if the left have their way it will be illeagal to protect our selves

  • edro3111

    Yeah, that really bothers me. Hell, I’m just kidding! I think it’s wonderful! Try and rob someone else when you’re dead just ain’t gonna happen!

  • Independentrd

    Disturbing? I’s say I hop it’s the beginning of a very good trend.

  • standtallall

    Could be a case of sanity breaking out!

  • pysco

    Alarming ? Its as it should be, honest citizens have had enough of criminals, and aren’t going to be forced to be locked in their own homws to be safe.

  • buffalomaster

    Libs do not like the trend because it is removing their voting base……..

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    This is a GREAT trend. It saves taxpayer $$$ for trials and prison…and more importantly, it rids the Human Gene Pool from the pollution of these worthless Low Information Voters.

    • FedupandReadytofight

      Roscoe, you came up with a new thought; about the gene pool, that is.

  • Methuselah

    As a wise man once said:

    “Play stupid games… Win stupid prizes…”

  • Stealth

    Ya know..there are THOUSANDS of LEGAL use of firearms to save lives/thwart crime monthly-all OVER the frigging place ( which the moron controlled media NEVER reports ) so doesn’t it strike you as ‘odd’ they’re suddenly interested?? And TWISTING it!? One day- the MEDIA might very well be ‘fair game’…

  • William Oscar Hand

    Yep definitely alarming, to the criminals!!!

  • CaptTurbo

    Good job Coach! It’s a start at least.

  • edgineer

    The Democratic Party with allies (NAACP, ACLU, NAMBLA…) is sure to attack this “trend” full force.

  • ves

    Well y’all can sit here and comment on this IDIOT Reporters and Dumb*ss Demos or you can fax call email. Rand Paul … he is fixing to give a Pro Amnesty Speech and when he does I am done with the GOP!!!
    I guess you can NO LONGER TRUST any of them!!
    Whitehouse Switchboard 1 202 456-1414
    Whitehouse Comment 1 202 456-1111
    Senate Switchboard 1 202 224-3121
    John Boehner 1 202 225-0600
    Mitch McConnell 1 202 224-2541
    Marco Rubio 1 202 224-3041
    Lindsay Graham 1 202 224-5974
    Harry Reid 1 202 224-3542
    Nancy Pelosi. 1 202 225-4965
    John McCain 1 202 224-2235

  • Erin Ahmed

    How typical for the libs to worry about the increasing number of people defending themselves instead of worrying about why there is such an increase in crime… idiots.

  • worldwatchman

    Someone just got shot where I live for breaking and entering yesterday. Face up or face down; doesn’t matter to me. Way to go coach.

  • Anita

    Why aren’t the Repubs taking people like this teacher to DC? These two little b–tards probably would have raped these young girls after killing this teacher had he not had a weapon. This is what we need to start doing, sending these little b–tard animals back home to their Mothers in body bags. Then maybe, just maybe these bitches will take parenting seriously and stop raising these rabid animals they are turning loose on society. Good job my man. I would like to have you as a teacher for my children any day.

  • Fred

    that’s one teenager that won’t waste tax payer money being in prison – self defense in the first degree
    – it’s also called population control

  • DaveNTejas

    Too bad he didn’t kill both of them, he would have saved the tax strapped people of Michigan a lot of money down the road.

  • ginger

    This is the trend that should have been “trending” a long time ago…and perhaps the “pop culture” of today would be different today.

  • Jj

    Being a reserve police officer off duty this man new what was going on, and if any way possible could have done anything else he would have. Someone putting a gun to someone’s head is a life or death situation. It was his life or theirs. He was in the right & they were in the wrong. Drastic actions come with drastic consicuences .

  • 1776Patriot

    Personally Im glad the Coach shot those punks! And YES it is worth killing someone over libturds! If you want to play criminal, you should expect criminal results!

  • cae973

    Well since obama has given all the jobs our black citizens used to work to the illegals crime has become their new job as they can’t make honest money!

    • garysvent

      Obama hasn’t given anyone a job except commie criminals like himself. If blacks don’t have jobs, it’s not some hispanic swimmer’s fault. These are the only people on earth who can’t make it in America. They don’t have to illegally cross some border, they don’t have to get fake IDs; all they can figure to do is crime? The drug trade, ’cause that pays enough for a cadillac?

      I think we’re all just a little sick of this. And Coach, get you a really good lawyer, cause the libs are gong to come after you, make an example of you, to make the rest of us hesitate to defend ourselves properly from all these feral thieves the black community is rearing.

  • Joanne Satmary

    And they want LEGAL gun owners to give up their guns. Are they crazy!!! This was an example personified for keeping the 2nd amendment in place.

  • gunner48

    Better to be Judged by twelve, than carried by six……

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    What’s so alarming about criminals getting shot? That’s a good trend. Let criminals fear law abiding citizens!

  • MadPunter1963

    Of course the liberals are alarmed; it blows the liberal narrative that firearms serve no useful or lawful purpose.

  • greyghost69

    And the problem is……?

  • Marsue

    Something needs to be done for citizens to be able to defend themselves. Today’s children think it is really something to be able to scare or attack the elderly. Perhaps they will be careful about such action if they hear more about people protecting themselves.

  • whisper

    And this is a problem because……???

  • Old Curmudgeon

    I agree it should be alarming..for the would-be robbers, rapists and murderers in our world. If it happens enough you WILL see violent crime decrease. Most of these evil doers are cowards who normally prey on the weakest members of society and they will think twice if they think their victims may fight back. If the media would only report these incidents with as much coverage as the bad guys doing harm, attitudes might change when it comes to law abiding gun owners.

  • usmc1063

    Look these thug’s got what they deserved pure and simple.

  • Moronic Pentameter

    Maybe the sons of Barack should get a fricking job and stop robbing hard working folks. Now that would be a trend worth starting!

  • ja

    alarming trend indeed….

  • 9Spoon9

    Geeze…and maybe one day soon, the BGs will get the message and go target the liberal, anti-firearms cretins! I can remain hopeful…can’t I?


    SEEEE….Self Defense is Prolife..the coach is alive and well.

  • joanc

    Dianne Feinstein, is the Senator who wants to relieve us of our guns, but she probably will keep hers under some rule the Senate will pass to allow them the privilege to carry a weapon. We are expendable to the elite group who think they are royalty. Is this the same Dianne who made a statement in the 1990’s, that if anyone approached her with intent to rob, she would not hesitate to shoot them, yet she would deprive us the same right to defend ourselves? Is she so senile, that she can’t remember her fear of being unarmed when a criminal had bad intentions?. Congress members only take care of themselves, and to hell with the people who pay their too big salaries, perks and their do nothing jaunts to foreign countries. We need a complete change to oust career politicians in high offices ,by sending them a message, they are the ones who are expendable.

  • huddy

    Coach should have killed both.

  • sreynolds

    Nothing alarming about it, if this “alarming trend” keeps up, all the criminals will be dead. Perfect…

  • DaveP326

    Who says it’s an alarming trend – the criminals? That’s the way the story is supposed to end. Good guy alive, bad guy dead. I don’t think it’s alarming; I think it should happen more often. Then Detroit will be liveable again.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    Gee, I wonder if this coach got an invite to King Obozo’s SOTU speech ?

  • swaff

    Alarming for the thugs that people would dare to defend themselves. And I hope it’s a trend that catches on.

  • Tim Ives

    The powers that be believe that this behavior is justified because of racism and to defend yourself is then considered to be racist. Keep killing them, eventually the message will get out. Society at large does not have to put up with bad behavior (committing bodily harm).

  • Arrgh2112

    It alarms the lefties because it’s cutting into their voting bloc…ummm…nevermind…they can vote when they’re dead too.

  • $13614178

    Just yesterday , in Florida , one Maurice Renard , age 36 , was murdered in his own home by two home invaders while trying to keep them out of his 11 year old daughters bedroom . This should really send a thrill up the leg of ALL those bleeding heart , liberal , progressive a–holes . This man could of really used a < wait for it < a GUN !

  • Sgt. York

    This is why we have a CC licence to protect our selves,others and our family. Get Used To It

  • parebel

    When the word gets out maybe the bad guys will think twice about committing their crimes. Cost to incarcerate $0.00 cost to save taxpayer money $0.45.

  • James Scribner


  • Vic Bailey

    The Judges and Lawyers have caused all of this, they just keep running these little Bastards through a BROKEN JUDICIAL SYSTEM, and they swear that the system works. DEAD works quicker and NO REPETE OFFENDERS! I like that, wouldn’t it be nice to walk down the street not worring about a bunch of PUNK street gangs? Bill Tilghman and Wyatt Earp could clean these streets up in a matter of days! Tilghman cleaned up Oklahoma Territory and Earp cleaned up Arizona, and the gangs didn’t return! And with a few Judge Roy Beans we could clean up these PUNKS overnight! Semper Fi.

  • mar5t1n

    Alarming trend to idiots and criminals. Otherwise , proof positive that obama. biden, feinstein and all the other idiots of that type have interests other than our safety and ability to take care of ourselves.

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