STOP THE PRESSES: SI Shock Buffer For Pistols

Strike Industries has introduced a new buffer for Glock, M&P, and Springfield XD and XDM pistols that softens recoil. They will be $10 and available in March. Send me some please!

The SI GSB is a polyester based thermoplastic polyurethane barrier that is uniquely designed to absorb recoil. The GSB was designed to increase durability between the areas of the metal slide and polymer frame while also decrease the amount of overall wear. The GSB is compatible with several models of Glock™ and comes in two degrees of hardness for the user’s desire comfort level of recoil relief.

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  • foxxybey

    Good deal, it will make me a better shot, and I already shoot well, thanks will order mine soon.

  • opy

    buy a real gun, you won’t have his problem

    • I’ve fired thousands of rounds through my M&P 9MM. There is no problem!

  • The actual recoil is mainly from the explosion of the gunpowder in the round, not the slide hitting the metal stop, this might minimize the shock on your hand slightly from metal hitting metal but it wont really do much for recoil. Think about it the only point that this actually has an effect is at the very end of the recoil stage when metal hits metal it cant possibly have any effect on the main recoil caused by the gun firing. The thing I would worry about is that this plastic piece is not really locked into place by anything so I could see it potentially slipping or tilting such that it might actually cause a FTF issue at a critical moment. Just my opinion however, try it out if you think it might help.

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