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Winner of Gun Store’s Contest for an AR-15 Harassed on Facebook to Point Where They’ve Shut Down Account

2nd Amend.

Winner of Gun Store’s Contest for an AR-15 Harassed on Facebook to Point Where They’ve Shut Down Account

Since the gun control debate fired up strongly with the shooting of school children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., in December, one Pittsburgh gun store has been running a Facebook contest giving away AR-15 packages, which has drawn both support and criticism.

Up until this week, Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms published the name of the winner of its AR-15 giveaway Facebook campaign, but it is now revising its policy after one such winner said they were being harassed to the point where they had to shut down their Facebook page.

“So here is something that really pisses us off. Our winner of the [AR] package called us about five minutes ago to tell us this. ‘Thanks for what you guys are doing. Over the past few days people have been harassing me and my family on Facebook. I am closing my account because of this.’ That are not his exact words as he was swearing up and down about the liberal media and how they won’t leave him alone.



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  • foxxybey

    The only way they could shut me down would be in person and then I would put that semi-auto AR15 to real use. I could do a good job with what I have if need be.

  • rpr0174

    When the military comes after everybody that owns guns to uphold Obama’s future attempt at declaring a National Emergency so that the idiot can become a Dicktater, then they will understand what and how the 2nd. Amendment is so crucial to the survival of this country’s citizens. They will regret their stupidity and hopefully realize what a bunch of idiots they were. Don’t come crying to the gun holder for protection when you are put in that position.

    • leewacker

      You forget those military members are also private citizens when not on duty, and follow the same rules as the rest of us! They are also Oath Keepers, who are now in trouble with Obama because they swore to defend the Constitution, not Obama. Therefore, like Nero searching for a hidey-hole, what can Obama do? I have heard rumors that his own Secret Service guard just might turn on him if they are pushed too far. Sounds more and more like Rome, doesn’t it?

  • dad666

    Thats the liberal way, If you can’t control them belittle, harass and malign them every chance you get.
    If that still doesn’t work give their personal information to every left wing nut and let them bury the good guy with their hate. Liberals are a waste of space.

    • violater1

      Liberalism is a mental illness!!

      • greyghost69

        Hey V-1, the problem is that liberalism IS a disease, it cannot be cured, and it is not covered by obamacare. They just give you an aspirin and send you home to die.

        • leewacker

          AND, what is even more disgusting, is that if something happens, these same detractors will squeal like pigs under a fence for IMMEDIATE, UNCONDITIONAL ASSISTANCE for protection!
          Bet those same jerks who are calling the AR 15 winner with threats would be very glad to see him if they were being robbed at gunpoint!

        • wminaz

          If I pretend I am a diseased liberal can I qualify for disability, a free phone, food stamps, etc. ?

          • bayman61

            You forgot about the handicap placard to hang from your window. There has been an epidemic of certain people with these things hanging from their mirrors and misusing them to park in the handicap zones because they are so lazy.They see one with it and they all want one. Idiots.

  • thethinker

    Most people have NO idea why we have a 2nd amendment please read “A LITTLE HANDBOOK ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT” by Dr. Joseph L.Bass.,. great info goes back to the very beginning and why the second amendment is so very very important and why the Founding Father felt there was so much of a need for all Americans to enjoy the rightf the second amendment.

    • LLinLa

      You realize you are mainly talking to Obama voters, thethinker. First, you’re asking them to read something. Secondly, you assume they would understand foreign concepts such as “Liberty” and “Freedom.” (I estimate that with over four letters in the words, it’s hopeless.) if they got that far. Finally, if we could get a Constitutional Reading of it from a Conservative on maybe “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” “Basketball Wives,” or “The Jerry Springer Show” maybe–just maybe–more people would understand that the “Bill of Rights” is not something they will have to pay for . . . unless, of course, it disappears slowly like it’s starting to do now . . .

  • edro3111

    Facebook is run by Libs and the founder donated heavily to Obama’s re-election chest and they cannot stand anyone who is a patriot or has conservative views. I am on Facebook just to share some historic photos of my home town but if they shut me down tomorrow I wouldn’t miss it. There are numerous reports of Facebook deleting accounts with little notice where the main theme was anti-Obama or if they “over” emphasized gun rights. Screw them!

    • leewacker

      I joined Facebook to keep up with family, but I only go to the webpage occasionallly. If Facebook depended on you and me to keep them going, they would wither and die like leaves in the fall!

  • BorderGuard

    For a free AR-15, people could write whatever they want I my Facebook page! See if I care. Ha!

    • henryknox

      Who cares what they say. The liberal media has so delegitimized themselves that we shouldn’t even pay attention to them anyway. They are actually laughable and we should make clowns of them.

      • leewacker

        Good idea to make fun of them, and show them up for the clowns they are! The only ones they’re hurting are themselves!

      • Black Rain

        Just ignore them as if they have no meaningful thing to say, for most do not. I have one liberal democrat which a lot of our difference is in the medical field. Our big government is not the answer to every problem and pay for health problems of illegal immigrants or giving our social security away to illegal immigrants.

    • leewacker

      Me, too! Would LOVE to have an AR 15!

  • KC

    If Law Enforcement was serious about doing their job, they would search FB records to find those guilty of this harassment and bring them to justice. What they did was not only downright rude, it was illegal for them to threaten and harass in order to suppress that man’s right to free speech. It could also be labeled a hate crime as it singles out an individual from a certain group of society. Those animals use the same techniques tyrants have used to suppress those who oppose them.

    • Charles

      The company should sue FB for violating the First Amendment.

      • Jr Maki

        facebook has a clear no contest policy but they don’t enforce it, yet it states lack of enforcement does not mean it’s ok. FYI

  • paj

    The number one way lib-tards win their arguments – tell the lies so often it is accepted as fact. Just look at EVERY Dem win since Ronald Regan was President. And the last time they MSM admitted to it was when they helped defeat Bush Sr., admitting he was correct that the economy was improving, but they constantly said it was getting worse.

    • leewacker

      Bush 41 said, “No tax raise” and instantly got into trouble with the liberals who see only high taxes to justify their existence! He tried, but got submarined by the liberals and their Democrat counterparts! Out of that, we got Billy Bubba the Sax player and Monica Lewinsky!
      At the time Billy took over in Washington, the economy was doing quite well, then some of his silly ideas—like turning our guys over to the UN for Bosnia/Kosevo fighting—were not that good! Somalia, with all the Hollywood settings and news cameras was also stupid—yet we’re supposed to think he’s such a great statesman! Well, Bush 41 isn’t all that great, either, but he did have some good ideas!

  • Steve Harper

    give me one of those packages and I’ll deal with the liberal ass holes all they want,no I will not shoot them just talk calmly to kool them down!

  • James Maxwell

    Damm if I had would laugh at all the poor whiney libs especially when the get broke into and can only
    use a fly swater on the attacker. Must be hell to live in fear of your own shadow all the time and the
    cops never show up until they investigate the chalk mark on the ground.

  • Nadine

    Typical Liberal BS & Bullying! These people are retarded & probably NOT working as it’s easier to get Obama Money, so they abuse people for their pass time. Time to fight back & not let them get away with this…they are disgusting!

  • Nadine

    Hello….join other conservatives on our own FB….www.teaparty/

  • Sharon

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • BigDog1702

    Liberals are all cry babys because if they don’t get their way they will start crying until they get there way. They are a big pain in the butt. I would love to have one of the AR-15 packages so if you have any more please send one to me thank you.

    • leewacker

      Me, too–pretty please!
      I want one so badly I can taste it—-will work towards that goal!

  • Riggs2500

    I’m sure that Facebook is tracking all gun and Tea Party people to be targeted by Obama’s mob.

  • danstewart

    You have no doubt heard that liberals are so open minded that their brain has fallen out. Could explain their stupidity.

    • leewacker

      Good one! Might explain a lot!

  • Fred_Shrinka

    sounds like the ultimate in stupid – hey ar-15s are made just to kill lots of people – lets go piss off the guy who just won one !

  • WOP 2

    Some may think this is a lie, or some fabrication of the facts. Its not. I participated in the contest, the dealer is of good repute, and there are too many ill informed haters out there.

  • AZWarrior

    He should have invited them over to ‘get an up-close look’ at his weapon. “Hey, libtards, look in here.”

    • leewacker

      Yep! Peek in the little hole up there—see anything?

  • leewacker

    This is unspeakable harassment! Who do these people think they are? The man won the gun fair and square in an open contest, and now he’s being harassed and threatened?
    So obviously done by Obama’s anti-gun group who would love to see all of us disarmed so they could continue their anti-American, anti-citizen robberies with no possibility of being stopped!
    Buy more guns, and, the gun shop that backed the contest should have one every month until everyone in the area is armed to the teeth!

  • Helen

    The democrats have totally lost it! They are certifiably nuts! And anyone who supports their agenda is as well! We are certainly at end times because what is good is bad and what is bad is good according to these left wing dumbocrats!

  • usmc1063

    A liberal mind is a terrible thing to use.

    • bayman61

      The reason it is so terrible is they never use it.

  • Vic Bailey

    We are NOT dealing with DemocRATS we are dealing with Socialist Communist Democratic PIGS! They are TRAITORS to our country and need deported to a Socialist country! A FREE Society has NO room for these FREEKS of nature! That is why Hitler and his Regime lost! These dumb Bastards don’t have a clue about the assimilation into OUR society! Their mothers and fathers should have taught them a little better! Semper Fi.

  • quarkie009

    That is what liberalism/progressives/socialists/Marxists/communists are all about. They want to take away
    all of our freedoms piece by piece until they are all gone. I would like to win an AR-15 and its packages and I would not care if it was on Facebook, besides I would not care what they would put on the website
    to harass me and if I closed it down, it would not hurt my feelings. Those people are so bigoted, selfish
    and greedy that they are classified as non-human.

  • bayman61

    I thought it was against the law now to bully people.

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