Animal Rights Activists Plan to “Descend” on Annual Small Town Charity Squirrel Hunt

Holley, New York, has a total population of around 1,800. It’s not even its own town. It’s a village inside the town of Murray, in Orleans County.

In a town that small you can imagine the size of the fire department’s budget. Since fire departments are rather important to the well being of any community, Holley has an annual fundraiser to help support their firemen. That fundraiser is a one day squirrel hunt called the “Hazzard County Squirrel Slam.”

It costs $10 to enter the competition and the winner takes home $200. Several prizes are also raffled off. In the slam, teams of two hunt most of the day and take as many as six red and/or grey squirrels, the limit according to New York state law. Whoever takes the heaviest squirrel wins.

That’s where the animal rights group comes in. A group called “Friends of Animals” has organized a protest to take place on February 16–the day of the Squirrel Slam

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