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Anti-Gun Maryland State Senator Ignores Pro-Gun Testimony by Playing Chess

During a public hearing last night in Annapolis about new sweeping gun control proposals in Maryland, State Senator Jamie Raskin decided to ignore testimony by pro-Second Amendment attendees and play chess instead.

Maryland Shooters posted the photo on their Facebook page and people were not impressed.

“Pathetic. I’d get fired from my job if I was playing a game in a meeting,” one person wrote.

“I would expect nothing less from a representative of Montgomery County. He and the majority of the voters in his county are the reason this state is circling the bowl,” another wrote.

Townhall reader Albert Hewitt sent this quote by email, “The rabidly anti-gun Sen. Jamie Raskin decided that he would rather play computer chess than listen to those testifying against his views and bill. I’m a Maryland gun owner and this makes me more angry than just about anything else I’ve ever seen.”

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