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Anti-Gun Maryland State Senator Ignores Pro-Gun Testimony by Playing Chess

2nd Amend.

Anti-Gun Maryland State Senator Ignores Pro-Gun Testimony by Playing Chess

During a public hearing last night in Annapolis about new sweeping gun control proposals in Maryland, State Senator Jamie Raskin decided to ignore testimony by pro-Second Amendment attendees and play chess instead.

Maryland Shooters posted the photo on their Facebook page and people were not impressed.

“Pathetic. I’d get fired from my job if I was playing a game in a meeting,” one person wrote.

“I would expect nothing less from a representative of Montgomery County. He and the majority of the voters in his county are the reason this state is circling the bowl,” another wrote.

Townhall reader Albert Hewitt sent this quote by email, “The rabidly anti-gun Sen. Jamie Raskin decided that he would rather play computer chess than listen to those testifying against his views and bill. I’m a Maryland gun owner and this makes me more angry than just about anything else I’ve ever seen.”



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  • regulus30

    was he masterbating under the chess table as well? stupid liberal cocksu6666ker.

  • foxxybey

    Amen David wouldn’t put it passed these immoral idiots who are suppose to serve instead of dictate. God Bless:

  • Docs357

    This should be his last term vote them out

    • Emick12

      Sadly, Maryland is a DUMOCRAT State, through and through!!! I live here and KNOW this to be a fact!!!

  • Chris

    As a good democrat he sounds like a good replacement for the Ambassador to Benghazi? Ali knows he will be treated well, they use lead and rocket chessmen there.

  • Black Rain

    You know what needs to be done, fire this liberal, constitution hating, 2 amendment hating democrap in Nov. Maryland citizens are to close to DC so, this senator will be back and all these people will be crying again in two years.

  • TPS12

    He knew nothing would change his mind so why listen. So now we know he only cares about his point of view.

    • BS Flagger

      …and his constituents (that he was elected TO REPRESENT…) be damned.

  • cptphilb

    A liberal with the mental acuity to play chess? Really? Wow..that’s a first!!!

    • Scott

      Nah… he was faking it. Actually he never got past ping pong.

  • Fred_K

    Can’t they recall the idiot?

    • Emick12

      Not in Maryland!!! I’m sure they love him!!! Afterall, Our Governor is a “Mini-Me” of Obama!!!

  • spyderdalton
    • spyderdalton

      check out this speech by ex secret service pro gun speaker

      • Emick12

        Would that be Mr. Bongino??? A good man in a hopeless state!!!

  • Originalintent

    Once again, shows just what complete lowlife these anti-freedom liberals are.

  • gailfilerino0403

    We need to send this Rude Big Brain lots of faxes, e-mail him and let him know he needs to quit as he’s not interested in what law abiding good citizens have to say. Typical of these elitists. They could care less about the 2nd amendment or our rights.They are there to get rich and disarm decent people. They are disgusting! They are power hungry communist hate mongers. Check out Day of Resistance for our 2nd amendment rights on 2/23/13.

    • leewacker

      The Day of Resistance will be glorious!
      I can hardly wait!

  • stinkerbean

    Make sure you let him know that you are not going to be voting him in. I am sure there are more gun owners than not. If you can set up a recall. I am so tired of these lameasses not doing their job and taking home an enormous paycheck. Start calling your Governor and let him know that he needs to put a leash on these lame O’s . We need to start taking a stand or we are going to lose.

  • sreynolds

    Really? you moderate away a staement with no vulgarity, just don’t like my rock solid point of view?


    Break his fingers so he can’t play, shoot hin in the knee so he can’t get up. May this would help the ignorant SOB legislate.

    • Emick12

      There is NO HOPE for a Kool-Aid Drinker like Sarbanes!!!

  • $13614178

    I left the Peoples Socialist State of Maryland over twenty years ago , now you all know why .

    • Emick12

      And I am STRONGLY considering that same option!!! My Conservative vote in Maryland means NOTHING!!! Maybe I should move to a state where my vote might make a difference!!!

  • ConservativeGrl

    Emailed this disgrace, calling it shameful what he did, and included the town-hall reader’s quote.

    • Emick12

      He won’t care!!! He is as lost as the rest of the DUMOCRAT’S!!!

      • BS Flagger

        Once they get entrenched, the voter is lost.

  • Sgt. York

    he is another dumbasedcrat. Those who voted this blockhead into office should be really proud of there choice. Impeach this AH

    • Emick12

      I voted for Andy Harris. He is the Rep in my part of Maryland. He is a good man and a BETTER Conservative!!! Sadly, he is from a State that has NO HOPE!!!

  • whisper

    You CAN FIRE HIM, you know.

    • Emick12

      Not in Maryland!!! When the IDIOT comes out and says something this stupid, he is surely to be re-elected!!!

  • Emick12

    And this really explains a LOT about the Political Condition of Maryland

  • gdoggerz

    Stupid is as stupid votes.

  • Terry


  • Linda Dommel

    WHERE are the laws that TAKE ALL GUNS & PROTECTION/SECURITY away from these POLITICIANS? To think like them, they don’t need protection because the regular citizens doesn’t

  • BS Flagger

    He should be fired immediately for dereliction; abusing his government issued computer!

  • rikker45

    start a recall petition and get rid of him.

  • chet

    I wonder if his voters will ever hear about this. Probably not since the lib rag papers won’t say a word.

  • machodog

    … Well… you Maryland citizens know what to do at election time…or if you don’t want to wait ’til then you could initiate a recall in the very near future for ignoring the people and not doing his job.

  • Stan

    Gee, hes not biased is he? Reminds me of someone else, oh yeah About half of the party in power.

  • Doc

    You idiots in Maryland voted him into office. Deal with it.

  • dankster

    hey maryland, you paying attention?

  • 7papa7

    This proves that the left is ONLY interested in their agenda and could care less about the facts. Basic decency says he should have at least listened. And you wonder why the country is being flushed down the crapper. He should definitely be impeached. What part of the 2d amendment does this idiot not understand. It just goes to show you that when they take the oath they have absolutely no plans on keeping it.

  • niteguy

    How many times do those in power choose to ignore those who do not agree with their pre-determined agenda and face the public in an objective manner an are willing to listen to opposing points of view. THe esteemed senator showed total disrespect and should be censured for it.

  • Barnlady

    China is so “onboard” with us being disarmed.. Gee, I wonder why??

  • Zeon Deikun

    One of his conservative colleagues should have played ‘dodgeball’ upside his arrogant head! Molon Labe!

  • foxxybey

    This nazi senator was probably playing with himself, chess is a game for brains and he proves he has none.

  • colleenf

    He’s just another liberal jerk.

  • sreynolds

    These P’s OS MUST be shown hte door next election cycle, what cruddy person.

  • leewacker

    Disgraceful! Yet, if one were to point out this is unmannerly, and rude, the legislator would be the first to holler!

  • Joanne Satmary

    Unless he is playing with another lefty he will NOT win. If he is playing with a lefty NEITHER will win. They will only cheat and lose anyway. How much are we paying this clown???? Get rid of him and the rest of these numb brains!

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