Mercury Marine Unveils New Line of Bravo Three Props for Diesel Engines

Mercury Marine has introduced a new line of Bravo Three propellers designed especially for higher-horsepower diesel applications.

The Bravo Three Diesel Propeller line is now the top choice for heavier boats powered by 250hp to 350hp diesel engines and matched with Bravo Three drives.

Bravo Three Diesel Propellers, featuring a durable matte finish, offer unmatched acceleration, holding and cavitation resistance thanks to their aggressive large-diameter, four-blade front propeller and smaller-diameter, three-blade rear propeller design.

“Today’s pressure charged diesel engines generate a lot of torque at very low rpm,” said Dirk Bjornstad, category director for Mercury Propellers. “The high rake and extra cup on the Bravo Three Diesel propellers captures that power and holds the water, resulting in faster time to plane and superior cavitation and ventilation resistance on diesel-powered boats. They also provide more bow lift.”

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