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DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

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DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest.

A solicitation posted yesterday on the Fed Bid website details how the bullets are required for the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico.

The solicitation asks for 10 million pistol cartridge .40 caliber 165 Grain, jacketed Hollow point bullets (100 quantities of 100,000 rounds) and 10 million 9mm 115 grain jacketed hollow point bullets (100 quantities of 100,000 rounds).

The document also lists a requirement for 1.6 million pistol cartridge 9mm ball bullets (40 quantities of 40,000 rounds).



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  • medivac

    Make ’em get in line for the ammo !! The people needs theirs first !!

  • regulus30

    buy all you want you sick psycho bast66rds;; it will only take one to end this communist.

    • Earl Figgeroa

      Amen, brother!

    • The Old Man

      Personally, I would rather it was done with an arrow…..

      • regulus30

        I like our American native brothers technique of buried to the neck in dirt, with honey poured over your head ;;close to a fire ant hill.

        • MARYANN33

          Fire ants are so painful…good idea.

        • Just the facts

          Fire ants aren’t native to N America.

          • Santa Chuck

            I don’t know what country you are in, but fire ants are very common in N America, at least they are here in the south east U.S.

          • leah

            I lived in Georgia Plenty of fireants

      • Dr. Evil

        Ax or sword would be even better

    • Jim Bob

      We prefer a plastic bag – we can live without plastic bags after congress regulates them to prevent any more assignations by plastic bag.

    • ddt

      are you voluntaring
      bo has to go

  • $3846549

    What on earth is this about? Is Congress asking this question? Hollow points?

    • Victor

      No Silky, they are not asking. The FED has them by the short hairs, and they are afraid to fart without getting permission. As long as the Federal Reserve controls the Money supply, any of them that refuse to do the bidding of the FED, Loose their states funding, and you know what that means if a congress critter or senator looses funding for their state, they don’t get Vote Frauded in any more, and no Retirement.

      • pikemaster1

        You got that right ! They are spineless. God bless

      • Goshawk

        We may as well not have a Congress. They are letting the Traitor Obama get away with anything he likes!

  • John

    Its rather comical when you consider that the bullet that gets you may very well be purchased with your tax money.

    • Pete Horne

      That’s not comedy, that’s irony

      • cptphilb

        It’s neither comedy, nor irony…it’s criminal.

        • Dennis Carr

          It’s not “It’s neither comedy, nor irony…it’s criminal.” It’s the new reality!


      This is what happens in China, when the government executes someone for a capital crime, the government sends the cost of the bullet to the remaining family.
      Obama has never been a unifier, but he came to divide us in class warefare and class envey. It is up to us Patriots to educate our neighbors and bring to light what is going on.Congress, (i.e. Republicans) must stop the purse strings immediately.

    • ChinaMan

      Sounds like China more and more. Criminal is put to death, the family receives a bill from the government to pay for the bullet.

  • Victor

    I would have to say that it’s WAY PAST TIME for the Gun and Ammo makers to put the Breaks on selling to the Government ANYTHING. If they want Weapons, send them a load of Sling Shots or Pitch forks. NO MORE GUNS AND AMMO to the FED.

    • C Kipp

      They are dependent on the Gov contracts, the sales to the public are secondary.


        Congress needs to enact a purchase limit for government ammo Buyers! See our posts on facebook.

  • James R Chadek

    Hollow Points are not allowed by the Geneva Convention….Oh Wait. That does not cover civil insurrections ..But the UN says Drones are okay over the continental states. This still doesn’t reveal why there are no 22LR.

    • Rodney Small

      It is because that is all we can get our hands on so that is what we buy.

      • conservative

        The .22LR should not be underestimaed.

        • pikemaster1

          The .22 LR will do quite a job when placed right. And the beauty is that you can carry hundreds of rounds in a pocket V.S. the weight and bulk of the larger Cal. ammo.Humans are wimps when it comes to pain,a shot to the body of most, will end the fight quick. Lock and load and Molon Labe !

          • pissed off conservative

            while i love the wont do much against body armor

          • Goshawk

            You don’t shoot the armor. You shoot unprotected areas.

          • pikemaster1

            That’s why I said” well placed shot”, I agree that against body armor a lot of cal.ammo won’t do the trick,but shoot for the head or below the waist and hit your mark and it will do. At least with the .22 LR we can practice for a reasonable price and keep our eye.Good shoot’n all, and never give up your guns !! Molon Labe.

          • OldDocBen

            Perhaps those .22s will punch right thru the body armor too. I agree the .22 can be lethal but it is a poor choice with which to free a nation. Then again if J. Jackson believes we can down airplanes and destroy locomotives with our ARs then perhaps its best he believes we can rip through armored personnel carriers with our rimfires! Hopefully it won’t come down to our .22s vs their .223s!

          • pikemaster1

            I agree that it isn’t the best choice ,but I would rather have it than a stick and stone? I have plenty of other guns that I’d prefer also and the little .22wouldn’t be the first weapon I’d grab.Lets just make sure we don’t EVER Give up our guns of any type. Molon Labe and God bless.

  • foxxybey

    The obozo Gestopo getting reading for war? Sure looks like it and not against terrorist but honest citizens obeying their Constitutional rights. And why the IRS getting rounds also, to enforce unconstitutional laws? The enemies have landed and they are Ameican’s against America. This isn’t good so be prepared at all times as the nazi government has returned to our land.

    • MARYANN33

      We the people must stop this….Take the white house by storm…

      • foxxybey

        It may come to that sooner then later MARYANN33, hope not but, have to keep that on the table for sure, hope we don’t have to fight our own military? God Bless

        • MARYANN33

          Someone has to stop the radical fool imposter president who is constantly laughing at us…He thinks he cannot be stopped. We must show him differently…We must show the world differently…We are not like Germany…We are the people of freedom…We would have stopped Hitler..It is still our great blood that made this country great…Maybe we need to find a Zapata to fight for us?

          • foxxybey

            Obozo, clown in chief has followed the Hitler plan from the beginning and since most haven’t read real history are blind to his plans, If people would read about the rise of Hitler they would have known his next move would be gun control so that he can stay in power, I believe like Hitler, he wants to rule the world for satan his god. God Bless:

          • MARYANN33

            My neighbor has said from the first that he wants to be the one world leader…I sometimes think she is right…He has all the qualifications for anti-christ…He is the right age….Not everybody is loving him and I believe he has not answers…Time will tell…Any thinking person should be able to see he is at the very least a Hitler to America…

          • foxxybey

            Couldn’t agree more MARYANN33, one needs to be blind to accept this guy for any office? God Bless:

          • Goshawk


            I believe it was Thomas Jefferson that said..”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
            It is its natural manure.”

            It looks like we’re very close to that time!

          • ddt1

            i hope it is only his not ours
            bo has to go

        • common_citizen

          foxxybey – It won’t be our military if “We The People” have to fight “them” or our own government. And to our government, we will be the enemy. I’m afraid it’s coming.

          • foxxybey

            I have to agree common_citizen. God Bless Friend:

        • ddt

          i am not so sure about the military
          the was he is treating them
          i think he is worried about them coming to his defense
          if they do maybe to take him out
          bo has to go

          • foxxybey

            ddt; Not long ago the Marines asked if they would back the president and shoot civilians and shocking a lot said yes, I guess the new Marines forgot there oath or just some dumb one’s? They took a oath to protect the Constitution not the president. After the way this clown-in-chief has treated them I hope to would vote differently now, I guess we will see before long ddt? God Bless Friend:

      • ddt

        use the dronesthey want to use against us
        bo has to go

    • Hawkeye

      They have enough ammo for 30yrs and it’s not for target shooting. Hollow point ammo is outlawed for war. Nuts to use it for target practice. Looks like they are drying up the civilian

  • Sgt. York

    that’s ok boys watch where it is stored so later on we can raid their stash and replenish ours.

    • pikemaster1

      I have been saying it all along. Why buy an AR when all we have to do is take ours from them.After all it’s our tax dollars that bought them in the first place. They will find out too that there are people that are in their rank and file that will work our side of the fence when the s-it hits the fan .

    • ddt

      blow it up
      before they can use it on us
      bo has to go

  • The Lone Gunman

    I think when it comes to ammunition, Obama’s fascist regime is a fine example! I buy as much ammo as I can every chance I get; and I urge everyone I know, and all of you, to do exactly the same thing! Buy it up, as much as you can. Let Washington know that we out here in fly-over territory are not helpless, that we will not go quietly into the night, and that we are not as stupid as they think we are — after all, we didn’t vote for Obama — and that their tactics can and will be used against them!

    • MARYANN33

      Really makes me glad I am old and my kids will join me in Heaven soon enough.

  • celticwaryor

    How can they buy this much ammo when there is none available? Could this story be (gasp!) bogus?

    • gutterfalcon

      There is no ammo, because the gov. is getting it all.

  • Gerald Zirnstein

    Heck, I bought that much myself last week. They ‘aint impressing anyone.

  • ihatelibs

    If you see ’em, kill ’em

  • Gerald Zirnstein

    PS – Drones make good target practice, saves the real and clay birds.

    • ihatelibs

      If a drone enters my air space it will be shot down

      • ihatelibs

        If a lib violates my constitutional rights, it will be killed!

        • MARYANN33

          But they have laws for us…not for them…

          • curious

            as we can see by “their” purchase of millions of bullets! To be used against whom???

          • MARYANN33

            To be used against us of course…If they buy up all the bullets, how do we fight?…. A Communist woman told me once that when we lost all our liberties, we would not fight for them would we?…I gave a resounding YES.

      • OkdDocBen

        With what? If you have something that will reach 26,000 feet please contact me immediately. I have a market for THAT rifle!

  • denny

    they are coming for us

    • ihatelibs

      bing it on mother f**kers

  • grannie

    The first purchase of 1.6 billion bullets has been called enough ammo to shoot every American citizen six(6) times. Bad times are upon us and we need to get ready for anything.

    • Santa Chuck

      You are right. But they have to corner the market on ammo to keep up from stocking up on it for when they come for our guns.

  • pointman49

    Well Brothers, here is what I have to say. I’m a 64 y.o. Nam Vet, too short~winded to run. Stamina is gone, as is much of my upper body strength. Those facts stated, it is obvious I can’t run far nor carry all my ammo w/me in shoot & scoot ops. I’ll just sit here & do what I can before I am blasted away. Never expected to be this age anyway~!! I just hope the ones I get will be wearing their ‘blue’ UN berets~!!!

    • OldDocBen

      Hell, you aren’t old; you are experienced and pissed off. The bastards don’t stand a chance!

  • Russell

    The Government has no problem withholding anything they deem necessary to stop the public from getting ammo or guns! Let the basturds make their own bullets — call or send emails to the ammo manufacturing plant and tell them not sell the ammo to the Government! DHS have families and homes in the cities! Find out the addresses and give them out to the public just like New York because they will have guns and lots of ammo that we paid for!! They are getting ready for Martial Law to be declared by obozo!! Looks to be soon??

  • Gary Ray

    we will just go there and take those bullets away from them and If they shoot, all hell will break loose. American shooting americans will not stand. the government army will not shoot at all, they will turn against there own captains first. This Is america. we fought for freedom. we did it before and we will do it again.

  • william

    remeber they come for your guns give them the ammo frist .

  • ginger

    It is not just the large caliber one cannot find…just try getting .22s
    The government does not want us to fire back…they want to make it easier to kill millions of us and have no problem doing so. Don’t believe that the military won’t fire on us…and don’t forget all the bureaucratic depts that will in a heartbeat.

  • pointman49

    Come on people, be honest & set all this chest thumping bravo talk aside for a moment & be realistic. Those of you purchasing thousands & thousands of rounds & enough hi-cap mags to fill gun safes, what do you honestly think you will do w/it all?? You certainly can’t carry that much w/you in a real gunfight? If you think for a minute you can? Your nuts~!! Carry all that you can, if not, all you accomplish is supplying more ammo to your enemy and depriving other citizens the right to be able to defend themselves~!!~Share the ammo & mags & pass those C-rats!!~OH yeah, smoke’m if you gott’m~!!
    1st Aviation Brigade, USA
    RVN VET Tour 69-70
    Purple Heart

    • OldDocBen

      Sounds a bit defeatist don’t you think? Better to offer strategic and tactical advise. We need the spirit and the fire if we are to be a free people again.

    • American

      NUTS, are you kidding? they will not carry it, they will sell it or give it to 1000’s of fighters, each armed, willing to fight for AMERICA and our Constitution!

  • dan

    They can’t take your guns, they buy the ammo.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    The German people waited like sheep and that gave Hitler’s thugs enough time to confiscate their guns. We all know the rest of that sad tragic story.

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
    Adolph Hitler, 1935, on The Weapons Act of Nazi Germany

    In the here and now, at this time Obama and his thugs are talking Gun Control instead of the real problems in America: The staggering Debt, worsening race relations, open borders, nuclear Iran, Sharia Idiots being embraced and sky high unemployment….It is the economy Stupid!

    Obama is first and foremost a LIAR. Do Not Believe Any Promises From The Lips Of A Known Liar.

    • ChinaMan

      Why don’t you Americans get rid of him? If he is a liar, not even American citizen, steals the people, brakes the constitution, why you dont get rid of him? Here in China people have no guns. Crazy people have killed lots of children in kindergartens. They used axes and knifes, etc. Mr. Obama is using school shootings as excuse to ban guns but what he wants is slaves. Send Mr. Obama to hell with all his friends and companions from hell. He will feel at home there. Or send him to China. Same thing.

  • Frank

    Looks like Obama is getting ready to start shooting law abiding Americans. Can anyone imagine any other targets?

  • Mike


  • GrizzlyIX

    One would definitely WONDER how much the U.S. military services have purchased over the same time period! ! ! ! ! !

  • 2013 Watcher

    Sheriff Arpaio or some other law enforcement must step in and stop this insane act of this terrorist hiding behind a national official title. Since the spineless justice officer who should be investigating this has apparently gone into hiding, or just dropped out of sight, someone – our military officers, or Defense Department, or Congress must demand an explanation – at the very least. No individual citizen can protect themself from this massive buildup. The Nation deserves an explanation for what the past and present outrageous purchases intent of weaponry and ammo, and an answer should be given a timely scheduled announcement.

  • duh

    If you can’t see what the Obama administration is doing, here is the why they are buying so much ammunition. They KNOW they can’t pass legislation to achieve their gun laws, so they are buying up all the ammunition to keep it out of your hands. IF their orders are filled, there will be none for you! And that begs the question: manufacturers got sucked in and got greedy instead of caring about the 2nd Amendment. But if you ask Obama a direct question regarding this, his teleprompter isn’t fast enough to give a correct answer. He lies/who lies and who elected him?

  • fshnt21

    For a Government that’s broke, they seem to have no problem coming up with money to buy ammunition….

  • Fred

    Is Obama starting the “Brown Shirts” like the Nazi”s did in Germany. DHS buying enough armaments for a civil war. Save your amo, you may soon need all you have to stop tyrants from within! May God help us!

  • Charlie

    Agree with medivac “We the people” come before the employees of our governemnt. Ammo manufactors need to supply “We the people” first after all “We the people” need ammo to squelch tyranny (the absolute abuse of absolute government power).


    Make it illegal for only the government to purchase ammunition. Someone needs to stop their planned slaughter of us…Is anyone paying attention…It is our money…Is he going to send it to our enemies?

  • $29077531

    this is pure horse puckey, ,they are going to slaughter thousands of good law abiding citizens. These people are ruthless and tyrannical.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    It is my understanding that hollowpoint ammo can be used for target practice but is really too expensive. Hollowpoints are most effective against personnel. Almost two billion rounds could support a mid size war or major insurrection.

  • cptphilb

    I think Congress needs to ask these morons why they need so much ammo….although…keep buy the pistol stuff, morons…it’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight, when you’re up against rifles!! Idiots…

  • 2War Abn Vet

    They feel the need to buy it all up to keep it out of the hands of citizens.

  • Dr. Evil

    You don’t buy hollow points for target practice. Those are maximum damage to living flesh ammo.

  • sukhotai

    What nut case is selling them all this crap…and why.

    • pikemaster1

      need to find out ! and boycott them. Other ammo manufactures that won’t sell to obuthhead’s cause will make out fine from sales of the public.

  • Dan from Ohio

    consider this,many stock holders are dupimg alot of their shares of on the market,many suspect something big is gonna happen in ther next couple of months,possibly a stock market crash

  • pissed off conservative

    these ammo makers make me would think they wonder why the DHS is buying so much??..they are aiding our enemy..glad i bought my ammo before all of this madness..

  • OldDocBen

    Sadly that may well be part of the reason we commoners can’t find .223, .308, .45, .40, or 9mm. Those of us with our eyes open bought ours the minute the fat, slovenly, under educated welfare masses put their communist god back on his throne. Funny how those of you intend on “taking” the governments ammo have most likely never seen combat. Those of us who have know full well the cost of such attempts and I hope all of you step back and make plans. I agree we must fight, and many must die, but lets try to make sure it’s the enemy that dies for his Marxist cause, and not you!

  • Mz. Eulalia Titswiggle

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out where the bullets are being delivered and warehoused? Someone ought to know, or be able to find out. Reminds me of the reasons for the Harper’s Ferry raid

  • pikemaster1

    As an American vet myself I can tell you that my brothers aren’t going to shoot their own family members and friends for the obutthead cause! When they are told to shoot their grandma or mom because Barry told them to, they are going to tell him to go F himself. We were all sworn to uphold the constitution NOT Obama !!!! This will be the muslims last order from the W.H. and all hell will break loose and the American people and gun owners will survive and WIN !! God Bless. and Molon Labe.

  • Santa Chuck

    I would be curious to know what manufacturers are shipping to our tyrannical government when they can’t even begin to keep up with the demand for their retail outlets to provide for “We The People.” I for one would rather give my business to the companies that are wise enough to realize that once they have disarmed the people, they will probably seize control of all of the weapons and ammo manufacturing facilities just like the Nazis did just prior to WWII.

  • JustCommonSenseKy

    Start by reading Department of State publication 7277, Disarmament Series 5, released September 1961 by the Office of Public Service. The groundwork for trying to take our guns… any means.

  • mthammer

    Stop worrying Folks its all BS , DHS is just Full of Crap, I have some people that work for the DHS and all the recently published ammo buying is more tactics by Obama who thinks the public will get worried . He has nowhere else to go , because he is losing control, the House of Reps just turned down his recent proposal of kicking the can down the road. His choice for Secretary of Defense is on hold , after todays testimony to Congress by Panetta that Obama wasn’t involved in anyway with Benghazi , he didn’t even call to see how things were going , because he was too busy flying to Vegas for campaign talks on his election. Lyndsey Graham asked Panetta directly , you mean to tell me the President didn’t even call to get an update , Panetta said no, told me and Dempsey to take care of it. Then another question of General Dempsey was asked did you really read the cable from Ambassador Chris Stevens on August 14 2011 that he needed more security , Dempsey said Yes , can you believe Hilliary didn’t read the cable , Dempsey I was schocked when I heard she didn’t read it . Why didn’t you send more security , we called the Stae Department , they said they didn’t need it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can you believe these inadequate people we have running this government. Ther has been talk that none of the Generals and Admirals on the Joint Chiefs of Staff are very happy with General Dempsey at all. The military especially the Marine Corps and the New Commandant of the Marine Corps arent happy with the Obama Administration , after recently relieving USMC General Mattis of Central Command without as much as a phone call of notification . The general didn’t find out until one of his aids let him know after reading it in a memo. How can you work for a boss who doesnt have the courtesy to call you when relieved. Obama is not a Commander in Chief , he is worthless .

    • worried

      Until Obama is out of office, I will worry. Don’t underestimate Obama!

  • Dave

    Just trying to run up the cost of ammo maybe??

  • hitthedeck

    That’s a lot of rounds for Homeland security. WHY-will the Obama administration tell us the reason? Is this the results of Obama stating that the Homeland security needs to be larger than our Military? We already have the largest security armed force in the world! Our armed licensed American Hunters outnumber al the standing armies in the world unless Homeland security has their sites set on disarming American citizens.

  • Tulsi_Gungrabber

    This is the response I got from from TULSI GABBARD a Hawaii member of congress when I wrote in objecting to the gun ban. It sounds like these democrats have already made up their minds about gun control. It does not matter what we the people want!

    She is a TRAITOR!

    you for contacting me and sharing your thoughts about guns and gun
    violence. I appreciate your taking the time to get in touch.

    The debate over preventing tragic and unnecessary deaths while maintaining our constitutionally
    guaranteed Second Amendment rights should not be an ideological one.
    This is a pragmatic and urgent issue that we all must be concerned with, so
    we can prevent terrible tragedies, like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook,
    from ever happening again.

    As a Soldier and Military Police Officer, I have received extensive training and have significant
    experience in handling a variety of firearms. Having firsthand knowledge
    of the impact of these weapons, and the devastation they can cause, I do not
    see any role for military-style assault weapons on our streets and in our
    communities. This is why I support reinstating the assault weapons ban,
    and a ban on high-capacity clips holding more than 10 rounds. These
    provisions replicate the protections that we have already in place in
    Hawai`i, and which have played a role in our state having the lowest
    firearm-related homicide rate in the country.

    There are other policy changes that should occur- this includes increasing school security, shoring
    up our mental healthcare system, closing the gun show loophole, and requiring
    background checks on all persons wanting to purchase a gun. These are
    practical steps that both the public and gun owners have recognized as
    necessary to keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not own or
    use one.

    I support the Second Amendment and our constitutional right to bear arms. In Hawai`i, we have a
    rich tradition of hunting, and some of our families rely on it not only for
    food, but for their livelihood. These responsible gun owners will not be
    affected by this change in federal policy, and will be able to continue their
    activities unaffected.

    My concern is that we need to do more; we cannot just pass legislation and assume that it will solve the
    problem. The problems are much deeper. We have to take a holistic
    approach to protecting our communities. To begin with, we have to focus
    on resourcing and enforcing the existing laws that we have in place
    already. We have to come together and find creative ways to get illegal
    guns off the street. We have to empower the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
    Firearms, and Explosives to do its job. The agency has had five acting
    directors since 2006 and is in need of a permanent director and stable

    Everyone wants to reduce gun violence, stop mass shooting tragedies, and prevent the
    30 homicides from guns that occur every single day in America. I
    look forward to continuing the conversation with you as we work together to
    prevent more senseless death.



    Member of Congress

  • Christopher Long

    Note this! Who shoots Hollow Point (the most expensive ammo) at targets? I sure as hell don’t! You want to create shortages of ammunition? Then let the government purchase it all and stock pile it to be destroyed at a later date. Simple fact. They can’t control guns, so go after the ammunition.

  • slickzip

    ODUMBAS brown shirt army needs to be well armed before they try to kil;l us all ,,,,,

  • Snorri Sturluson

    News Flash: Bullets are cheaper than drones; Bullets do specific killing with less collateral and property damage; Bullets ala gun shots don’t disturb the night’s sleep of liberals the way drones do. But the best argument for the potential and capability of government mayhem is the ability to force citizens to work as directed by the government for what ever the government “pays” and to relinquish whatever wealth citizens have. Remember the liberal saying “Better Red than Dead”; it would seem that approx. 20 million of us will get the latter option when the government’s “necessity” happens. Read the liberal playbook: “The Black Book of Communism”.

  • Joe

    You don’t need “hollow point bullets” for the firing range !! How many people will work with HLS to kill our own people !! This is getting serious. A general has already resigned because he refuses to fire on
    his own people !!!! It’s time for an impeachment !!!

  • Eaglestrike

    The government knows they will be shooting at us. If you look back to the 80’s you will see we were practicing in the desert and low and behold we were fighting in the desert in the 90’s.

  • J R

    They should be worried about civil unrest because Hitler Obama has created this situation.If a civil war breaks out it will be exactly what Obama wants.He doesn’t care about the American people because he isn’t an American.Any knowledgeable gun owner has been doing the same thing for along time,that’s why the supplies are so low because we’ve been getting prepared ourselves.
    These anti-gunners will be thinking twice about their choice when Hitler Obama sends troops into their houses looking for guns and ammo and they shoot first and ask questions second.I read a comment about fighting our military and as an ex-serviceman I can say they would have to court martial me or kill me before I kill innocent law abiding American citizens.

  • $13614178

    Word of advice , buy reloading equipment and LOTS of reloading supplies , buy molds for every caliber you need , you can use free wheel weights for bullets , as well as any other lead laying around , Brass and primers will be you biggest stockpiling expense , the recipe for black powder is very easy to make and our forefathers made it , you just need charcoal , saltpeter , and charcoal .

  • gary may

    Shoot off the head of the snake before its to late!

  • donald oesau

    Two questions; where is the money coming from and is it authorized by congress? Hollow point ammo is banned from use by the military by international rules of war and i understand that police depts stopped using 40 cal ammo because it would penetrate the target and continue into any one beyond.It looks like germany all over again with obama as americas hitler.

  • RG

    The government is buying this ammo with our hard earned tax dollars so I truly believe that we need to tell the government that enough is enough…They need to stop buying ammo NOW since they have enough to kill each person on the planet 6 times over…So lets get this situation under control and let every one know that this buying of ammo by the government needs to stop immediately…THAT MEANS NOW…..

  • Granny

    The government will “ask” for our guns and ammo…we will decline..the next sound will be…pssst! The sound we’ll hear just before the drone strikes! Then most of our dear neighbors will comply! Then the rationing of “everything” will begin! Can anyone say..”heil husseinhitler?”

  • jd332

    The citizens have a Constitutional right to bear arms, the government has no right to arm it self against the citizens. The federal government has become a self serving uncontrolable monster.

  • foxxybey

    The-liar-in- chief doesn’t care about what he can or can’t do, he is lawless and thinks he is the messiah of the world and could care about laws, he makes them up as he goes. As a vet, I’m almost tempted to take the handycap sticker off my car along with the bumper stickers showing I was a Marine, Hitler went after them first and this hitler-in-chief will do the same, uses the same play book as the satanist Hitler of the past, I guess Churchill was right, we didn’t learn from the past.

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