Quail Unlimited Disbands

The country’s oldest quail conservation group has closed its doors for good. Quail Unlimited (QU) president Bill E. Bowles announced last Friday in a statement that the company was closing due to financial difficulties and internal problems discovered two and a half years ago. Unfortunately, QU was unable to reconcile these difficulties.

“This has been a valiant effort by everyone and we should all be proud,” said Bowles in the statement.

The organization will be shutting down immediately. QU’s site now redirects to Quail Forever, which had purchased the QU mailing list along with other organizational material. Bowles and the QU Board of Directors formally recommended Quail Forever as “the future of quail conservation in America” and are urging members to switch over as soon as possible.

Quail Forever also released a statement on Friday stating that the conservation group will be there to support former QU members and that Quail Forever intends to maintain a voice for hunters and conservationists in the nation’s capital.

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