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Insurance Move Aimed at Pricing Guns Out of Existence

2nd Amend.

Insurance Move Aimed at Pricing Guns Out of Existence

California, as usual, is leading the Left in wackiness as liberals see their chances for eliminating guns fading after the Newtown slaughter.

When the latest nut job massacred a score of youngsters, the Left saw an opportunity to reach their long-held goal of eliminating guns, using a road paved with the bodies of children to achieve their dictatorial goals.

What they didn’t count on was resistance from the majority of Americans, including many who identify themselves as Democrats.

The result has been that their dream bill, introduced by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, faces increasingly slim chances of passage.



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  • Judy Ratliff

    insurance already covers things like this with home

    • gutterfalcon

      My insurance agent told me, if you want to insure guns, you have to buy another policy.

  • wildeagleone

    Is this guy leagally sane Check his doctor and get a ruling on his sanity as he has a problem and needs help


    Adding an insurance requirment would be an “infringement on our S
    econd Amendment rights. Just what part on “shall not be infringed” do legislatures NOT understand.

  • Annie

    This Obama is a very ugly man with snake like tendacies and should be evicted from the people’s house as soon as possible. Start removal now. His brain is not working properly it’s coated with layers of communism. Annie

  • Arthur Mackey

    I live in Florida and have a Concealed weapons carry License which I just renewed for the third or fourth time and am also a Law Enforcement Member of the Florida Sheriff’s Ass.. I have Insurance for legal defense and Liability, from the U.S.C.C.Ass. and its costs but 75.00 per year and is over 100K in coverage ! Does not cost that much money but the second that the Insurance Industry were to become involved they would take advantage of us and raise the premiums out of sight !

  • Average Joe

    They can’t get gun redgestration
    to work so this is just A hidden vershion of the same thing. So NO still means NO

  • Dennis

    This isn’t just about gun control it’s about Communism, Government Control and taking away all rights for everyone. There’s a new bill they’re trying to get passed that goes as far as to taking away guns from local police and it’s a “RINO” Republican from W.V. who wrote it.

    • Steve Harper

      some dickwad named munchkin or something like that

  • Frank

    Obama, and his crowd, know they can’t get our guns legally. All of the DHS guns and ammo stockpile tells us that they are willing to take our guns by force. All of you ex-Military Members, and all red blooded Americans, remember…politics comes out of the barrel of a gun! If you are in the military, or law enforcement now, your Oath was to Protect the Constitution, against all Foreign, and Domestic Enemies!
    Obama distrusted the Military from the beginning. Now we know why.

    • Jeffery Wood

      I agree with you, Frank. As a veteran, I don’t remember my Oath of Enlistment having an expiration date!

    • Steve Harper

      7000 verses 1and 1/2 million,does that remind you of anything?

  • spyderdalton

    this is what taking our guns away will evolve to… Disturbing video but would change even a liberals mind as to why you need more than 7 rounds in your gun…

  • Stephen Russell

    See Prohibition in 1920-33, same for guns IF laws enacted keep pace etc.

    • Steve Harper

      “not to be infringed” is the last words that needs said

  • Linda Dommel

    Add an INSURANCE requirement if your a left wing nut! ALL these MASS SHOOTINGS not only have guns but they were ALL DEMOCRAT LEFT WING NUTS! It’s the people holding the guns! Either the shooter or the parents were left wing nuts. PROOF they are teaching hatred to the extreme making it a disease. CONTROLL OTHERS FREAK O’S that can’t control their own emotions!

  • wildeagleone

    believe that Feinstein should have to undergo a mental evaluation as she has turned all the way over fro an Amerian to the Deep throat dream of Obama

    • Steve Harper

      all the “eletist liberals ” think they are a couple steps ahead of everyone else

  • reggiec

    How about this for an insurance policy against gun violence? Double any sentance handed down by the justice system for any crime committed with a gun.

  • Steve Harper

    Anything that I think infringes on my second amendment rights will be ignored,including illegal laws by fruit cake and company

  • Tom Townsend II

    RE: the title of this piece. No problem. Any insurance seeking to deny gun rights to citizens need not have any customers, just like anti-gun politicians such as Feinstein and obama need not have any supporters.

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