Soft plastics — banned?

Soft plastics are on the chopping block in the state of Maine.

On Jan. 17, state Representative Paul Davis introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of all “rubber” lures. The bill does not define “rubber” — which is not a standard material for soft baits — so it leaves it open that all soft baits would be prohibited if the bill is passed. Tomorrow, the state’s Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will hold a public hearing on this bill. Make your voice heard!

KeepAmericaFishing officials released a statement last week, noting that it is not aware of any study of fish in the wild regarding problems with soft baits and that research experience is that fish either regurgitate or pass baits that they ingest.

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  • Just add to the bill that they can put Davis on a line and troll with him

  • edro3111

    My God, is there nothing the Libs won’t try to ban or take away from us?

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Where do they get these idiots?

    • A good question. I think they watch the polls, and the stupidist acting voter gets asked to go into politics. All his stupid as he or she is vote for them. They the elected person in kind votes for all the stupid as him/her ‘s other elected’s bills. Vala we have new rules!!

      • Daniel F. Melton

        I am of the opinion that these people might have once had some intelligence, but when they have been elected they suffer intellectual degradation from exposure to ‘Bozone’ particles emanating from the huge mass of bureaucrats, lawyers, and lobbyists that commonly infest concentrations of government.

        The longer they’re in office, the worse they get

  • Screw these Bass Tards! They support Commie Butt Obama, “The King ‘O The Kongo” and want to ban Soft Baits!!


    Is this all your representatives have to do???? You better fire them as they are not needed to provide us with a good laugh. That Job belongs to Washington.

  • Well, let the legislature pass it; my bet is (conservative) Governor Paul Lepage will veto it.

  • Well, let the legislature pass it; I’m willing to bet (conservative) Governor Paul LePage will veto it.

  • Frank

    Give an airhead a little political power, and they start doing stupid things, on any level!

  • Keenan Lee

    There should be a ban on politicians.

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