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Harry Reid: ‘I’ve Got Lots of Guns’

2nd Amend.

Harry Reid: ‘I’ve Got Lots of Guns’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told ABC’s “This Week” “I’ve got lots of guns,” when asked his views on the Second Amendment and efforts by some of his Democratic colleagues to enact stricter gun control measures.

“I’ve got lots of guns,” Reid told host George Stephanopoulos in an interview Sunday. “I had guns from the time I was a little boy. I don’t hunt anymore, but I did.”

Reid said he now keeps his guns “for sentimental reasons.” The top Senate Democrat also noted that his father used a gun to commit suicide and that he had carried a gun as a Capitol policeman.



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  • jong

    I am sure that he does and since they are to heavy for him to carry he has lots of body guards. This fraud like Obama would have little idea which is the business end of a gun.

  • tlmartin

    After his father saw what he had fathered he shot himself.

  • Terry Lee

    Oh I have a gun so It is okay for me to take yours away. I could give a rip about your gun ownership, if you do not respect and uphold the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The same Constitution to which you took an oath to uphold.


      Having guns doesn’t mean you know how to use them responsibly, Sldo what is the point, my neighbor has a nicer and more than one car than me, does that mean his should be taken away?

  • donl

    O.K. Harry, Prove it, you lying Communist pig.

  • foxxybey

    Harry guns aren’t just for hunting idiot, and its a right and not at the will of left wing nut jobs who like living on the cool-aid plantation of the half white half black nazi in chief.

  • Russell

    It is a shame he can’t follow in his fathers footsetps!!!! The country would be a much better place!!

  • celticwaryor

    Of course he will admit to owning guns, but he knows his are safe from confiscation because Feinkenstein’s ban exempts members of Congress! Typical fed BS!

  • Saltporkdoc

    Another reason Hypocrite Feinstein’s proposed “BAN” specifically exempts Federal repressentatives and “agents”!

  • Dennis Wenger

    He’s happy about taking away our guns… Doesn’t that mean that he’ll lose his gun’s too? Oh that’s right he’s a democrat… Laws don’t matter to them!

  • jcrosby35

    The liberals have guns and ammo. It is not a problem for them. The problem is in the fact that you have a gun, (and may use it to preserve your freedom).
    Disarming people is about control.

  • GridRider

    He has enjoyed his freedom to keep and bear arms over the years – now he wants to ensure no other “kid” has the freedom to enjoy what he enjoyed as a child. I have guns I have kept for sentimental reasons as well. My first .22, my grandfather’s rifle, my stepdad’s police revolver and others, That’s one of the reasons NO ONE will take my firearms without a fight.

  • dave

    Like father like son. There is a screw loose there Harry Reed.

  • johnnyu

    goodbye senate and harry Reid the 2014 elections Dem’s in red state lose 14 seats this could work out good……. democrats were not getting free stuff now…. Obama taking stuff away their guns…. after he promise that he would touch them

  • hijinx60

    My guns have killed less than Ted Kennedy’s car. I dare say IMHO the pic of Obomination with that shotgun, may have been Harry’s shotgun. Also I say again, shotguns use smokeless powder and have for over 100 years.

  • Gary Johnson

    Since Harry Reid IS MENTALLY SICK and HE IS VERY DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOTIC and IS PARANOID!!! His GUNS MUST be confiscated and HE MUST be put on the list as a MENTALLY SICK person that should NOT be allowed to own guns!!!

  • Julian DH

    If, as Harry Reid claims, he has several guns, then why does he want to ban them? Or, why does he even own them? Once more the hypocrisy of liberalism shines through. “I can own them, you cannot, and I am smarter then you too.” Of course Harry is, but he also need to be excommunicated from the LDS church, treated as a common criminal (shady transactions), and of course removed from office.

  • mickey

    IMPEACH the Arrogant/Illegal/Muslim/Fraud/Obama.

  • barbiecakes

    Has guns for sentimental reasons. You can keep them Harry and we’ll turn ours in. I’ve recorded Harry’s voice and play it to put my daughter to sleep.

  • Terry C

    Careful, Harry. You don’t want DHS to know you have lots of guns. They will raid your place and take them.

  • bert lariani

    So, Harry Reid, I suppose it was the gun’s fault that your Dad committed suicide with it? Let’s ban the Golden Gate Bridge, pills, neckties, and razor blades too then Harry. It’s always someone or something else’s fault with those politically like Harry Reid.

  • William Mdcannold Jr.

    So the weasel has lot’s of guns. Response: “Yes, and………. I think it doubtful that Harry will mess with this one…….much? Harry is stupid but not completely stupid. Perhaps he had better give thanks that a particularly independent Utaan hasn’t decided to share one of his/her guns with him.

  • effie55

    I just have mine for sentimental rasons too,,,,try to hur my family and see how sentimental i am

  • Ralph

    I wonder if what Reid said is on the same level of awkwardness and bad manners as, I’m not a bigot, I have plenty of black and Hispanic friends.

  • Docs357

    I’ll bet there is a long line to put one so far up his digestives track so it winks at Jim when he washes his teeth. Roll model for the demonically inclined

  • sandman

    What good are having a bunch of guns, and no common sence? just because he is fortunate to live in a great state, doesn’t mean he can ruin it for others, someone should have shown him the door a long time ago!

  • Gary

    sorry harry, muskets don’t count, either do cannons from the olden days

  • Billster


  • Jeronimo Dan

    Father committed suicide after find out what he had Fathered…

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Guns are great for hunting, putting meat on the table, fun for traget practising, but the real reason for weapons is for defense of tyranny from your government…

  • $12994363

    Really?? So, do us all a favor and eat one. Preferably a .45.

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