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Searching For Judas: The Peril Of Being In The Gun Business Today

As we all should be aware of, the Information Super-Highway is most certainly a double-edged sword.

Valuable information that can be of benefit to all people is disseminated immediately.

Genuine news stories, no pap, are available to anyone with a mobile device. You don’t need to wait for a newspaper or magazine any longer. The biggest advantage the Internet provides to modern patriots is that it has broken the stranglehold that the old media had on what was or was not reported to the masses.

That’s the good news.

The other edge of the Internet sword is the speed and snowball effect of rumors, lies, and disinformation. And, like it or not, bad news and/or conspiracies fly faster from the keyboards of malcontents than any good or positive news ever will. People can’t seem to hit the “forward” or “post” button fast enough when they think they have a juicy piece of gossip or a conspiracy.

In the current climate, on one side of the argument you have a coalition attempting to force disarmament down the throats of the people. They are organized and have a definitive playbook from which they operate. In general, the patriots and those devoted to the founding principles of the nation recognized the other side. These same patriots are also extremely distrustful of any company or company representative who is perceived as being friendly or cooperative to the opposition.

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  • Stealth

    The ‘opposition’… are the EVIL, communist/socialist INGRATES who would destroy what AMERICA stands for….

  • back-off barack!! dont mess with second amendment!

  • marineh2ominer

    I am tolerant of everyone but homosexuals , abortionists , and progressive / communist / liberal a–holes . Oh! Yeah ! Muslims too .

    • pissed off conservative

      i second your comment..

  • Time to upgrade Industry IE Gun Dealers ( legal):
    Online credit & background checks from said store or online?
    Faster shipping to store.
    Nearby Range to test & use guns, rent guns to shoot.
    Legal Rep for Gun issues.
    & franchise some chains??
    IE Turners Guns in Big 5 Sporting store vs own gun area.

  • Lies like Liberals can not stand the light of the truth.

  • Builders4The2ndAmendment.com

    BHO has no business telling private groups like the Boy Scouts, or churches, how to pradtice theior religion and has no authority to unilaterally alter the 2nd Amendment.

  • StillWatching2

    In my defense I am NOT a “Conspiracy Theorist”
    – most things that look like a conspiracy are just STUPID PEOPLE with
    TOO MUCH Power!

  • wyatt81

    The left will not stop until they have dismantled every last vestige of traditional America-it is a religious mission to these people who hate religion (except Islam). They will gain ground, though, only if they are allowed to through laziness or cowardice.

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