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Obama’s delight: Mayors prepare boycott of gun manufacturers in order to push for gun control

2nd Amend.

Obama’s delight: Mayors prepare boycott of gun manufacturers in order to push for gun control

Minnesota Public Radio reports that Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis has said that he and 60 other mayors are considering boycotts of gun makers who don’t agree to their sweeping list of gun control demands. Taking a page from the Rahm Emanuel playbook, the mayors intend to use their police department purchasing power as leverage.

This is a re-hash of the Clinton Administration threat, spearheaded by then-HUD Secretary and now governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, to do the same with federal agencies. Despite a successful court action by NSSF to counter the threat at the time, the idea was kicked up again in 2010 by disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who suggested that gun makers must cease and desist the sale of ALL semi-automatic firearms to escape this punishment.

Choosing a service sidearm for police agencies is serious business. Law enforcement procurement officers will be less than pleased to learn that their political overseers seem to want them to go back to revolvers in order to make a point in the gun control debate. In Minneapolis, the deputy chief said “ultimately, it is the chiefs decision what gun is going to be authorized for use by the department,” but the city attorney countered by saying “the city can always set reasonable specifications for the purchases it’s making.”



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  • Texican

    Compared to the volume of purchases by citizens, I don’t think the collective boycott of 60 police departments – who probably are too broke to buy new pistols for their cops, anyway, since they’re Democratic cities – is going to bother any of the gun manufacturers.

    • Black Rain

      Like Texas, they would be welcome in Missouri.

    • Rattlerjake

      That’s right, let these dumb libtards boycott. That just frees up more weapons and ammo for We the People to buy. We need more inventory in the stores right now anyways.

    • 7papa7

      I guess these manufacturers get the last laugh if they move out of state and reduce the taxes that they get. They should be thanking these businesses for putting people to work. Once again we see that the left can’t see past their nose, we see how important their anti Constitution agenda is. I would love to see these gun manufacturers pack their bags and screw these cities and states.

    • jong

      Of course what is not being reported in the press is the many states that would welcome them. Move before these liberal mayor take illegally the means to produce the guns then jack the price up to them.

  • Sonny Vargas

    Liberal Dumocrats are too stupid to learn, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, criminals will never follow these laws, criminals might just be smarter than Libtards…………….

    • Sam W

      I have yet to know a criminal that is afraid of breaking a law. And I’m sure the more firepower the better if the criminal is in unfamiliar territory. As for the young who are out to break the law, a saturday night special made by anyone will be adequate.

  • J Hunt Morgan

    What a stupid idea. The police are already outgunned by by the thugs in the street. Making them go back to using revolvers will really help the police protect the citizens in their cities.

    • Steve Sparks

      Tell that to them when they are in the Commando 150’s and other armored vehicles.

  • vanguard7

    I think it’s about time the gun manufacturers “boycott” all law enforcement agencies that fail to recognize and support the 2nd amendment by refusing to sell to those departments/agencies. Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to visit a city like Minneapolis only to notice that every LEO you see is “gun-less” only to enter surrounding cities like Golden Valley, Edina, etc. and find those LEOs to have a gun on their person. Boycotts work both ways. Thankfully, Rybeck does not speak for the majority of police chiefs and sheriffs in Minnesota. In fact, an overwhelming number of Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, deputies and officers believe in the 2nd amendment and support the current “shall issue” laws in this state.

    • cottagemist

      Agree, …

    • IamWhoIam

      EXACTLY – see IamWhoIam above.

  • MadPunter1963

    I get “reasonable specifications” that include things such as efficacy of a particular caliber (you wouldn’t want to arm cops with just .22LR), maybe modular backstraps for grip size adjustments (since not all police officers have the same size hands), even trigger pull weights (to keep liability cases to a minimum), and, of course, cost (because budget constraints legitimately are a concern of municipal governments). But since when do “reasonable specifications” include a supplier’s willingness to bend over for a blatantly political agenda?

  • vanguard7

    The consumer in MN can also send a message to these police chiefs and mayors on this attempt to usurp our Constitutional rights by refusing to do ANY business within their city limits. Maybe once the businesses begin to lose their revenue they can look to their local gestapo forces and put the pressure on them.

  • rj

    Hey, let ’em go for it! That leaves more for the rest of us.

  • wyatt81

    These left wing dummies-er-mayors- are so full of themselves and their dopey “ideas” that they don’t realize what a national joke they are. I’m sure the gun manufacturers see them the same way.

  • Terry C

    Wonder how long it will be before the gun manufacturers move from those states.

  • Herman

    Let me know if and who they boycott, I know there are a lot of concerned citizens out here that will buy from them. In fact I would buy another gun just because.

    • Wayne Klotz

      ME TOO

      • wminaz

        Me three.

  • Rodney Small

    Let’s boycott the cities and towns that proprose to do this.

  • Rodney Small

    Remember the ammo folks that supply ammo to the police and military? What would happen if they said that we, the civilian population will come first and the amount of ammo sold to Police and military will be reduced to just what they need on a day to day basis.

    • Wayne Klotz


      • OldDocBen

        Then, by God, take it back!

        • Rodney Small

          That is coming and it isn’t too far away I hope.

      • Steve Sparks

        In the pooper?

    • Black Rain

      Good idea but, I pretty sure HLS would come down on ammo mfg and revoke the mfg permits. There are other ways. :-)with a little help from a friend.

  • John Parker

    The police are all ready out gunned by the crooks and drug dealers.

  • ireAmerica

    Let me see if I got this… the Mayors in protest are going to downgrade the response capability of the police. So the citizens will need to take MORE responsibility to protect themselves. Okay fine.

  • corpsman

    1: Any manufacturer of firearms, ammo, and parts should leave any city that acts on this idea.

    2. Any manufacturer of firearms, ammo, and parts should refuse to sell to any such cities agencies.
    3: Pro-2A people should boycott services and products made in any such city, until and if the producers
    leave any and all such cities.

  • sKDrrxCTFT

    I have an idea. Suppose gun manufactures refuse to sell weapons to police / sheriff departments in cities
    presided over by these mayors?

    • Sam W

      Maybe they can fall back on black powder pistols (single shot) and allow their police department to be out gunned by criminals…. Really smart…

    • Rodney Small

      And ammo !!!! Be careful with the sheriff Departments. A lot of them are not going along with Obummer and his %$#^holes.

  • rikker45

    Remember many of these mayors are criminals and cannot own firearms themselves, maybe they are just jealous and that’s why they want to end the 2nd amendment

  • Black Rsin

    It sounds to me like a few mayors may be facing a recall in the coming months. If my mayor decided to try this, I would start a petition for recall.

  • $13614178

    How about ALL gun rights organizations encourage their membership to boycott these cities and supply a list for the boycotters , The NRA , The NAGR , The 2nd Amendment Foundation , The USCCA , etc : etc : , people seem to have know idea of just how many gun rights organizations there are , but there are many more than the NRA , and counting ALL of their memberships there are probably more than eight million .


    Do any of these idiot mayors really think gun manufactuters actually give a sh*t? We the People will buy all the guns we need (or want). If the city police departments want to boycott gun manufacturers, they’d better take REALLY good care of the guns they have. They’ll eventually be outmoded, but We the People will have the latest models. Of course, mayors and the DHS could put their money on scissor manufacturers. They can be the first to develop scissor holsters for concealed scissor carry. Maybe scissors will be banned, some day.

  • fliteking

    You know what? PhckThem, gun sales are through the roof to the public and I can certainly step up and add a new firearm twice a year.

    The Mayors are punishing the job makers for the actions of the gansters and illegals.


    • cottagemist

      Those thugs,gangster Slingers are Barry,s buddies…Rhams guy..disarm populace more reason for alleged..Guncontrol..higher gun deaths…

  • Black Rain

    WOW, Mayor R T Rybak, don’t you have the mall of America in your city. What happens when people don’t come to shop? Your city is not quite the city Chicago is but, you go right ahead listen to Rahm and Obarry. Let us know how that works out for you. What happens with your city police have pop guns and the criminals have semi-automatic?

  • JJM123

    Good – more quality product for the citizen to acquire. I don’t think their overall sales will diminish unless it be in the full autos we are already denied.

  • fliteking

    Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show was recently canceled. . . due to gun owners no longer willing to put up with BS Political Correctness . . . Harrisburg lost $44 Million when the show was canceled.

    Knowing the above – – – You’d think these Mayors would have considered the economic power of gun owners.

    Gun owners should act first – – – BOYCOTT THESE MAYORS CITIES.

    • cottagemist


  • cool breeze

    when bad guys start doing bad things to citizens i hope they go to your house first

  • cool breeze

    that would be the mayors house first oops

  • Jeffery Wood

    Libtard politicians shooting their citizens in the foot just to make a political point…IDIOTS!

  • DouglasDauntless

    all those Mayors who want to boycott gun manufacturers are Progressive Communist Democrats who are in love with Obama and have their heads where the sun don’t shine. And what about the people are they going to sit there and let these guys do what they want?

  • OldDocBen

    So when their respective police departments need guns or ammo they can be refused service. After all what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

  • barbiecakes

    Why don’t the lib morons go after criminals. Half the violence is caused by drug dealers, pimps and gangbangers.

    • Jeffery Wood

      Barbie, because they voted for the lib morons!

  • hijinx60

    It will be interesting to see just how many of these mayors are re-elected after they take such a foolish stand against gun manufacturer’s.

  • paulainsc

    That’s fine. Just send them on down to SC. We’d love to have the jobs!!

  • Crowds Gather

    Thy put a political agenda above public safety and the safety and choice of weapons of their police officers. Wonderful! Welcome to the new world of total govenment control.

  • dad666

    I’m sure there are many states that would welcome gun manufacturers,like Texas. These people forget that a boycott can work two ways. How would they like it if the manufacturers refused to sell anything to the city’s who attempt a boycott??? No Guns, no peripheral equipment, no ammunition, no support.
    Now wouldn’t that be just fitting????? Is that what they want, an EYE for an EYE?????
    What a pack of Morons.

  • TexasJester

    Be fun to see if all the firearms manufacturers, farm equipment manufacturers (John Deere, Case IH, Farmall, etc), electronics manufacturers (Hewlett-Packard,etc), and so forth, all move to Texas – and then we break our treaty with the United States, citing “breach of treaty”, and keeping all these plants.. (And we bring in the red states throughout the Midwest, effectively cutting off the coasts from each other.) We would have all the equipment and firearms in the New United States, and the poor libtards on the coasts would starve to death!!

    And watch me weep with joy!!

    • cottagemist


  • Arthur Mackey

    The gun manufacturers HAVE PRODUCED And SOLD more weapons since Obama came on the scene than in the twenty years prior to that. They have enough money to keep going and just withhold any payments to the cities involved and bankrupt them !

  • stinkerbean

    These Mayors signed an oath to protect the Constituion. If they refuse to do so then I suggest that the people of these city’s need to immediately request a Recall. It is a dereliction of duty and they should be fired. Write Them, Call Them, Go to Meetings. Request an emergency meeting and if they refuse to stand down and do their jobs them terminate them. It is the job of the people. They work for you not the other way around.

    • cottagemist

      Oath Breakers…all..

  • Steve Sparks

    Screw them Having fewer assault weapons in the hands of police makes us safer.

  • Terry C

    I would hope that these mayors are not using city funds to pay for those ads. Those ads are not cheap and right now, most city’s do not have the funds availabel to waste on advertisements. I also wonder how many of those mayors will end their political careers with this ad.

    • cottagemist

      Taxpayer monies..HHS…

  • barbied

    All this about guns has been Obama’s goal from before day one. While he arms those radicals in foreign countries with really BIG weapons, he wants to disarm this country? If you were surrounded by 10 goons with guns, you wouldn’t care about others being protected either. So, he should first disarm his goonies and get out of the armored vehicle. Then you will find out what he really believes. Should the “fit hit the shan”, look for the closet folks to go back in and the dems to crawl on their belly to the nearest rock.

  • cottagemist

    If a mayor of my town did such, I would start a petition to remove..that mayor from office..most all buisness would support it.Selective, political interference of any buisness is a foothold not to be born,allowed.

    • cottagemist

      Oath Breakers..

  • Jay

    Yeah, I’ll bet the folks at Glock are shaking in their boots.

  • Stephen Russell

    Deny those cities Taxes then see them Change tunes, right.

  • Veteran

    These mayors forget what happened in California when those liberals decided to outlaw the Barrett .50 rifles from sale to civilians – Barrett immediately refused to sell to any CA Law Enforcement Organization, nor to service any rifle or part of any system sold to a CA LEO nor train anyone in its use. That meant not only were the systems in jeopardy but that CA had spent millions$ for equipment it couldn’t use properly, if at all.

    The president of Remington Arms told my gun club five months ago that if NY passed microstamping or any other laws they felt were abusive, that he would move them out of Ilion, NY to a more receptive state, and that he had the plans already drawn up for immediate execution, if he gave the word.

    Connecticut has already lost the manufacturing of several gunmakers, and although there are still three here and one headquarters (Ruger), the oppressive atmosphere here in CT makes it ripe for several moves if Hartford gets nutty. As a stockholder in Ruger, I’m going to suggest we move our headquarters the moment Hartford passes the proposed the gun restrictions presently before the legislature.

    • JTex

      Ruger makes great guns. Tell them we would love to have them in Texas

  • cjpilot

    I would encourage any Minnesota manufacturers to move their operations to Wisconsin if they are not welcome in Minnesota. Their employees are more than welcome also.

  • EBlake

    Sounds like the next election isn’t going to go so well for the mayors…

  • Janthony132

    Ahuh! These Mayors are elected officials right? Maybe they should think about an early retirement – prompted by the voters???

  • Doc

    If you have a company which manufactures firearms or ammunition, come to Texas. We will welcome you.

  • Randy

    Sure do a BoyCott stupid Mayors , as most police department weapons are Comped to them by the Manufacturers anyway, So bet you lose Police members also as guess they will be buying 7 rd mags and cheap firearms,

  • parebel

    I think the gun manufacturers should cease the sale of guns to any police department in any state that has a gun ban. You want to ban guns from the people then the people will ban guns from you.

  • Marine68

    Those Manufacturers should get together and agree to charge triple the MSRP to all localities making threats of boycotting their businesses. See how their Taxpayers like the stupid knee jerk reactions of their elected idiots.

  • foxxybey

    Amen, no more guns for cops and any other law enforcement officers of any type, especially HLS who isn’t worth the gun power to blow them away, little girly boys playing at being men. LOL

  • motljoe

    People should boycott politicians ; don’t ever vote for another one of them . make up your own rules as you go along .Don’t buy anything you don’t have to and put you tax money in escrow and let the politicians know why . Let them eat cake .

  • RAL

    All you have to do, when commonsense fails, is look at Chicago, and how corrupt, outside politicians, that city has failed.
    From what I understand, silently, gun and ammo manufacturers, are weighing their options, in leaving states that enforce this. From talking to a few police officers, many fear that it will take this move, and the increase of crimes, to open eyes, and take out the lies in feelings over facts, in this current administration.
    And while this is going on, the Federal government is expanding purchases of guns and ammunition..not for our military…but in industries Obama instituted and enforce on us, with tricks an bribes, which we better not forget was made possible on the sellout of the NRA, in supporting the passage of Obamacare.
    I used to be a member of the NRA, but I choose not to in my own personal belief in their roll in it getting to this point.
    Who do you trust? It seems empty words are the rage these days, laced with photo-op’s and children. There isn’t s blame on just one Party in this happening.
    Conservative mayors, are seeing a rush on Liberal orgs trying to get their foot in the door in their states. Most obvious are those in Texas trying to pull the same stunts that marked Chicago and California, let alone New York and that neck of the woods full of corruption.
    “Elections have consequences”…Damn right they do!

  • TAM44

    Time to sweep these mayors out of office in the next election they are all useless waste of taxpayers money.

  • GridRider

    I say GO FOR IT! More for the rest of us. 60 jurisdictions out of how many in the USA? I would suggest they do like Barrett did to California. When CA banned .50 cal firearms in that State, Barrett cancelled all orders from CA police departments for Barrett firearms. They now will NOT sell to California jurisdictions at all. Putting these 60 departments on a Black List seems like a very good idea to me.

  • Sawman

    The buying power of 61 cities might get trumped by that of 6,000 that have no PC agenda. Those 61 odd cities may have to contend with the Police Unions backlash, not to mention the loss of experienced officers and recruits looking for employment elsewhere.

    Could the brilliant mayor please provide the names of other cities/mayors that he feels is on board with this ill-conceived notion? We’d like to watch as police ranks dwindle and crime rates go up.
    Will we be surprised to see Chicago, D.C., & NYC on that list? Wonder what their take is on Hi-Cap Revolvers that have 7-8rd cylinders?

  • mickey

    All thje leftists nuts are coming out. All these Unpatriotic misfits, liars, who took an oath to uphold our constitution should be held to it, start getting these nuts out of office, thrown them in jail, do something to take our gvoernment back. I can’t believe we have so many Sociaistic.commies in the U.S. start weeding them out, and show some courage/guts, thrwon them in jail for their treasonous actions against the U.S. AND IMPEACH the Arrogant/Illegal/Fraud/Muslim/Obama.

  • pointdan

    The Democrat Party MUST now change its name to either:The Communist Democratic Party or simply
    The NAZI Democratic Party. Who do these miserable scum think they are ????

  • DaveNTejas

    I wish ALL of the American gun manufacturers would move to Texas.

    • JTex

      Perfect. We could have healthy competition within the state and none of that interstate commerce to contend with. The feds have no legal business in gun control when it isn’t interstate.

  • IamWhoIam

    That’s fine, Don’t use our gun manufacturers – Where you gonna go for guns then, Overseas??
    TOO BAD =- Obama and the Useless UN are stopping that too!
    The cost alone will stop this lunacy from happening, Next is Don’t buy US Made ammo.
    Soon it will be only the GOOD and Bad people carrying guns since the cops won’t have any.
    More Knee-JERK talk, emphasis on JERK, from Dumn Politicians!!

  • david

    I think the comments made says it all, let the people speak, not the government control

  • Terry C

    I don’t know about the mayors that are going to boycott firearms manufacturers in order to get gun control, they must have a lot of power in their city. In my city, the mayor may have his say, but he cannot vote on any issue unless there is a tie vote. Nothing can be done without a majority vote of the councilmen. And the mayor can not issue an executive order and bypass the council.

    • Jeffersonian

      Your right! The Mayor is the only person when the City Council has a Tie Vote. Pretty good catch!

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