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Newtown Calls for Armed School Officers

The Newtown Board of Education wants more armed police officers in the town’s four elementary schools after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Last night, they decided to ask the town to approve the request to include one additional full-time Newtown police at each of the elementary schools in next year’s budget.

Members of the board will meet today with state and federal officials about obtaining additional funding for security.

“Our parents are demanding of us that things are made safe and secure and certain measures are put in place,” Chairwoman Debbie Leidlein said. “So we’re being very thoughtful.”

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  • Alfred Green

    ***Wow! In 2000 Bill Clinton called for appropriating $60 million to put an armed guard in every school in the nation. And didn’t the NRA head get mocked for making this suggestion not too long ago?

    • Rodney Small

      This government cut the funds for armed guards in school. I still think they should train 2 or 3 teachers for the school and give them a 10% raise.

      • caskinner

        Teachers have the responsibility to teach. Leave the security to professionals. Banks have armed security so why shouldn’t schools?

        • Santa Chuck

          I say do both. First, station guards that patrol all around the schools. And then offer training to all teachers who want to concealed carry and offer to help them to either buy their own guns. Or issue weapons to all of the teachers who show an aptitude for marksmanship. If an assailant had no clue which teachers were armed, chances are he would not be so bold.

          • David J. Stuehr

            I agree with you Santa. Try many options and many layers of security. Also, we need to think outside the box. There are dozens of reasons why more security will help. (Gangs, drug dealers, pedophiles, irate non-custodial parents, wild animals etc.) We know what happened last time but what is next? BTW, we had a large bear tearing apart the dumpster at my kids school in Parsippany, NJ. 40 miles from NYC. Luckily, no kids were outside when she showed up. The school stayed in lockdown and some teachers took some great video.

          • caskinner

            Where do the teachers keep their guns? What if a student gets one of these guns? I have substituted at our local high school and I would not want to have the responsibility of having a gun. Just my opinion. Leave it to the professionals. Ex military that has gone through an extensive mental health evaluation would be a good option.

        • ConservativeGrl

          I’m sure there are plenty of teachers who would like this training and certification. It would mean better pay and options to help in security positions over summers to earn extra money. If you don’t want it fine, quit whining and let others have an opportunity.

          • caskinner

            Wow….next time I will ask your permission to voice my opinion. Have a nice day….

      • David J. Stuehr

        One idea: Offer qualified teachers Police Auxilliary and Sheriff Auxiliary training/certifications and let them work part-time over the summer and breaks augmenting full-time law enforcement. (for part-time pay out of police budgets) They could do security and traffic control at large events and venues, crowd control, do “ride-alongs” to get real experience and augment “one officer” cars. The media seems to forget that not all teachers are mousy middle aged women. Many teachers work summer jobs anyway.

        • caskinner

          Mousy middle aged women? Really? Kind of offensive.

          • Robert Martin

            Don’t go gittin’ your Hanes in a wad, Sweetie. I believe David was generalizing in that remark. I’ve seen some pretty darn hot middle aged school marms, myself.

          • caskinner

            What does the way a person looks have anything to do with this subject?

          • ConservativeGrl

            Why are you so PC??? Seriously, get over it.

          • caskinner

            Wow….next time I will ask your permission to ask a question. Have a good one.

  • ron8072

    Now you know that the lib progs that support disarming, not arming, citizens, will probably come back with a video about everyone fighting back with maybe a PAIR OF SCISSORS! Newtown doesn’t have a chance. Obama will turn his evil eye on them and they will fold like old lawn chairs.

    • Frank St Clair

      Newtown can do what it wants. The feds have no say in the matter. The state does, the feds don’t.

      • medic2003

        Wont keep them from trying to demonize them though.

    • Ronald Christopher

      I am not sure that the State can stop it either. A School Board has awesome power. Put an armed guard at the school and that will end any more shooting by idiots.

  • Douglas Newsted

    If the town of Newtown can put armed guards in schools, then why is our government dismissing that as over reacting, then going after legal, honest, licensed and trained citizens. If the people in a town of one of the most harrific massacres can come up with a simple solution like this why can’t our elected officials?
    Seems there’s more brewing behind closed doors than the safety of our children.

    • Robert Jones

      Of course. Take the guns and then you have total control. Then you bring in your Muslem buddies and take the country.

      • David J. Stuehr

        Our Chinese masters will never let that happen. They already own us and they are not going to let someone else bend us over. Unless of course they can all agree on a “gang-bang” type situation or take turns screwing the USA like we are a fat, ugly drunk prom date at the foot ball team’s after party. I just hope I never need to see the video.

  • repubboy

    Bill Clinton wanted a non funded federal mandate it would start off with federal money, then the states would have to fill in the bucks when the fed stopped supplying the monies for the salaries. These people are doing it correctly the funding is not on the backs of other taxpayers.
    The big difference here is that the Township itself is asking for the local population to fund their own armed guards for their own school system.. Bravo its okay to protect your selves and your loved ones.

  • Douglas Newsted

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future. Adolf Hitler-1935.
    Adolph Hitler posed with children as he signed this into law. Obama posed with children when talking our nation into issuing gun control and full registration. And you know the rest of the story.

    • Ronald Christopher

      Please keep in mind that obama cannot make law. So whatever he signs is just a waste of time, unless it comes out of the House of Representatives.

      • Annoymous Patriot

        Wow, you are naively optimistic. Maybe you should go tell Obama that he can’t write laws, cause he seems to not know that based on the flood of EOs he keeps signing off as laws. Until the American people and Congress wake up and tell him he can’t legislate from the oval office he will continue to do so.

      • Ken Cariker

        Amazing that you really believe that. Last time I looked obamawannabeking was doing whatever he wanted.

      • jolly pirate

        the law doesn’t apply to obama he just issues an exutive order he’s ABOVE the laws of America don’t you know that by now

    • ConservativeGrl

      I know, scary right? So many brainwashed idiots out there who think gun control is such a good thing. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and the most murders. I’m from Chicagoland, so I can say Chicago has turned into a crap hole. IL in that aspect is the shame of the midwest, polluted with liberals.

  • Ray Shepherd

    Good job 4 our VET’s

  • The Old Man

    It’s amazing that in the very heart of the problem the board of education asked for the most common sense application to make sure this never happens again in any of their schools.
    Wake up Feinstein… this is the real answer.
    Oh, I bet this never gets on CNN, ABC or NBC…..anybody wanna bet ???
    Oh yes, I will give Bill Clinton credit for having the right idea then, it’s a shame he changed his mind to kiss Obama’s A$$.

  • ireAmerica

    Citizens of Newtown et al:
    Tread carefully here. Members of your community NOT connected to the government are capable of performing this duty. Police personnel can become thralls of the government who writes their checks.

    • Robert Jones

      The police are paid by the state, not the government.

      • ireAmerica

        I was speaking of the potentially split loyalty (or hey, corruptible loyalty) of local police employed by local government. State police paid by the state – now that would be an even WORSE idea.

      • James Crawford

        Look a little deeper…government is at all levels where you find politicians.

  • Raymond

    What Happens When Self Defense is Against The Law?
    What Happens When The Protectors Become The Predators?
    What Happens When Evil Rules A Nation??

  • Raymond

    So you think you’re fast with a gun?

  • Raymond

    Barack Obama & his communist friends are
    attacking America. Join the NRA

  • Raymond

    Let’s take a closer look at some brave patriots
    who took a stand against voter fraud & government

  • Raymond
  • Raymond
    • ConservativeGrl

      Watched and shared! Good video to get the message out.

  • Ralph Collier

    Rodney Small I like your idea and I’m sure you can find one, two, or three teachers, including ladies, that are proficient with a hand gun and, as you said, provide them with training. If they carry openly they might even get a little more respect from the students, knowing that they are there to protect them. Yes, our current administration in Washington wants to take our guns away, open the borders, provide unlimited benefits to all illegals, and the 50% of our population that isn’t on government assistance can pay for it all…….welcome to the new United Socialist States of America…….very sad.

    • David J. Stuehr

      Try many options and many layers of security. Also, we need to think outside the box. There are dozens of reasons why more security will help. (Gangs, drug dealers, pedophiles, irate non-custodial parents, wild animals etc.) We know what happened last time but what is next? BTW, we had a large bear tearing apart the dumpster at my kids school in Parsippany, NJ. 40 miles from NYC. Luckily, no kids were outside when she showed up. The school stayed in lockdown and some teachers took some great video.

  • Guest

    Fake laws from fake EO’s from a fake president, and American citizens listen to this guy and worse give him respect. Congress needs to stop this ASAP if they have the gonads to do so.

  • Ken Cariker

    We have many highly trained veterans who are leaving the military. Hire them as security personnel at the schools, pay them a good salary, and make sure they have the same benefits as teachers and administrators. Better security, more veteran employment.

    • Jim Dolven

      A lot of them would probably volunteer to do the job at no cost.

      • DenverKitty

        I would.

    • David J. Stuehr

      When I was in the service, there were many ads for teaching colleges posted on bullitin boards on base. The vets get the GI bill so let’s get them certified to teach, law enforcement training and certifications and let them work as teachers/coaches/part-time resource officers and security. BTW, the only teachers that we feared and respected as rotten jr high students were Mr. Tipes (BAR gunner US Army WWII) and Mr. Engle (Infantry-USMC)

  • Chuck Tilley

    The only way to stop a shooter ,is to have armed guards that are trained to face these shooters. I have never seen a sign stop a shooter .It just encourages them to target Schools because they become soft targets. Or targets of opportunity . These signs that say this is a “GUN FREE ZONE” was a stupid idea. They put these same signs in banks, movie theaters and Schools.One it don’t stop shooters,and it don’t stop bank robbers either. If anything it, allows these criminals free access to do what ever the heck they want. TAKE DOWN THESE SIGNS AND CRIME WILL GO DOWN . Because criminals will be afraid to rob banks and shot up schools.

  • stfranlit

    Finally a Board of Education showing some common sense.

  • Barry Davis

    There should be an armory in the principal’s office with defensive rifles, defensive shotguns and pistols. The school personnel should be required to train with the local police at their gun range. The knowledge that weapons exist at the school along with people who know how to use them shouldn’t be kept secret, let the whole world know about it. Also, the teachers who want to conceal carry on campus should be allowed to do so. The worst thing government ever did was to create the “gun free” zone around schools. The only thing this has done is tell every nut bag on the planet where they can go a shoot people without fear of anyone shooting back at them. The time to end this stupid idea was yesterday.

    • Reb Biker

      AMEN, brother!

    • Jumper82

      You are right, that would deter violence in schools. The gun free zones, the only ones that obey are law abiding citizens. Criminals could care less.

  • David J. Stuehr

    I worked at UPS in college. They had armed security 24/7. So, society values my book order from Amazon more than the lives of my kids.
    Try many options and many layers of security. Also, we need to think outside the box. There are dozens of reasons why more security will help. (Gangs, drug dealers, pedophiles, irate non-custodial parents, wild animals etc.) We know what happened last time but what is next? BTW, we had a large bear tearing apart the dumpster at my kids school in Parsippany, NJ. 40 miles from NYC. Luckily, no kids were outside when she showed up. The school stayed in lockdown and some teachers took some great video.

  • Charles Roden

    I, as a retired Marine and High School teacher, would do the job just to have something to do, and I do not need the money. I have suggested something along this line but was shot down because “it would deprive someone else of a job”. I am trained in the use of many weapons and have a ccl, so I could step right into the program. And, I would bet I could put a stop to most attention-getters, including politicians.

  • Robert Martin

    I live in a small city, just south of Boston, where there is a full time officer assigned to every public school in the city. So far, nobody has tried to shoot them up either.

  • Stealth

    Gee..what the NRA suggested and was JUMPED ALL OVER by the LIBERAL, CORRUPT, CONTRIVED, CONTROLLED majority of the MEDIA A-wholes!!!!

  • mgfred52

    This SHOULD BE FRONT PAGE NEWS and SENT TO THE STUPID POLITICIANS ON CAPITOL HILL. I will believe it when they print it. The demoCRAPS are to blame for letting the GUARDS IN SCHOOL BILL LAPST and if it were in place the SHOOTING WOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN PLACE, so let’s put the BLAME WHERE IT FALLS ON THE demoCRAPS?

  • AppraisHer

    After Barry’s ridiculing of Mr Pierre for suggesting the same, shouldn’t his assessment be that The Newtown Board of Education is “acting stupidly” and any Federal funding to the state be cut? Anyone who defies the narcissist must be ridiculed and punished. And no, it’s not really “all about the children”.

  • thimk

    The occurence at Newtown was tragic. Sounds like they are looking for taxpayer money. With Kerry giving away $60 million to the insurgents in Syria, tell Obama to quit sending your taxpayer money to foreign countries. So we sequester here, screw our own people and help out people who have been killing each other for 2000 years? Really dumb on Obama’s part.

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