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Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors

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Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors

Is your workplace getting shot up by a crazed gunman?

No problem — just grab a pair of scissors and fight back!

That’s some of the helpful advice in a new instructional video from the Department of Homeland Security that was posted on the agency’s Web site just a month after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“If you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, you might consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available,” says the narrator in the video, which shows an office worker pulling scissors out of a desk drawer.



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  • Cooleemee Edd

    What a bunch of idiots? Don’t they know the old saying, “Never bring scissors to a gunfight?”

    • TiredOfIt

      They don’t know that because they’ve just ordered a bunch of real assault rifles and a ton of ammo!! You can bet they won’t be using scissors!! But they’re going to do their best to make sure that’s all you get to bring to the fight. IMHO

      • Sinatra98

        So we have to stab them while they use bullets on us

    • betsy ross

      Homeland security and ALL federal officers carrying firearms need to turn them in and arm themselves with scissors – dressmaker shears have nice long blades.

    • Jana Moran

      that’s good….. lol

    • FLBuck

      I want to see this individual defend himself with scissors while the perpetrator is trying to ventilate his ass.

  • $13614178

    Why not loan the schools some of their full auto , 30 round magazine personal defense weapons ?

  • Kirk Jess

    And our taxes paid for that message to be produced… pathetic

    • Black Rain

      We should get a refund for such crap. Did this come out of Hollywood, this is something they would produce.

  • Lurabyss

    I understand some people are not comfortable with firearms. How about arming teachers and staff with with potentially lethal “wrist rocket” sling shots – not just scissors and pencils!

    • $26222150

      Wasp spray I’ve heard is effective and has a range of 10-15 feet.

      • Barbara O’Leary

        Great detainer.

      • sandman

        have you ever held a lighter in front of the sprayer? it makes a nice flame thrower, but then you would be charged with the crime of using a WMD!

  • Folly67

    What happen to their “just run and hide” policy?

  • cjs28

    More evidence of the idiots running this country. No wonder we are in a mess!

  • JayCee

    Snip, snip snip and the mass murderer is buck naked. Now the potential victims are laughing and the embarrassed criminal slinks away as law enforcement scurries to aprehend the streaker.
    What is wrong with this picture ?

  • Ihatelibs

    and I’ll cut paper with my Glock

  • jim metcalf

    Approaching a determined shooter with a pair of scissors would be laughable if the situation was in a movie comedy. In real life, there would just be another victim.

  • fraccle

    I’d much prefer one of those fancy DHS ‘personal defense weapons.’. Being a prudent citizen, I’d even forgo the select fire option.

  • Gym Shu

    You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, you Idiots.

  • Prisonkeeper

    Are you serious???? Unbelievable. S, we take their guns and issue scissors. Cool!

    • LEL

      High capacity assault scissors?

  • DJ.

    Dumb shits….protect obama with scissors!

  • BigDog1702

    DHS must think were crazy to do that you’ll be shot for being a moron with scissors. Maybe they need to try this first to see if it will work and then try to tell the people to try it .

  • You’re All Idiots

    Who is the numb nut with an IQ of a banana that came up with this? Whoever needs to be FIRED !!

    • Gw

      He must have been a democrat senator.

  • Black Rain

    We all know how that worked out for the superintendent of the Sandy Hook Elem. School. What was that congressman from Texas(Gregory) during affordable healthcare debates said,”the republicans just want you to die”. Well, it sounds as if the Obarry Admin. Homeland Security just wants any and all non-gun owners to just throw your body at the shooter and die. Let me know how that works out for you.
    This has to be an ad to take all guns, for if enough of you defenseless people get killed, he could finely confiscate all guns.
    Should Illinois finely get a concealed carry law, Chicago police chief says, he is instructing his police officers to shot concealed carry citizens, then ask questions.
    Funny the paper didn’t print his name, fear if he leaves the comfort of Chicago, he may get his own medicine.

  • Janthony132

    Pathetic! What a bunch of idiots we have to entrust our safety advice from. If you are close enough to a would be armed killer with a pair of sissors, kiss your Axx Goodby. A frightenend woman holding a .38 revolver would make the bravest killer retreat. What incompetence we have to endure with ALL of these Obama appointments.

  • Robert

    If this is true,how come Homeland Security purchased 15,000 AR-15(full Auto)? I guess these idiots don’t practice what they preach!

    • Gw

      And they will be in the hands of every former gang banger they can hire. Where do you think these dildos were recruited from? Black market will be filled with full auto weapons supplied by Obam— Sounds like maybe- err -Fast and Furious hmm!!

    • celticwaryor

      All we have to do is shoot first and shoot straight and we will have these weapons in OUR hands!

  • CaptTurbo

    As they wait for their order of 7000 select-fire black rifles to be filled. I really enjoyed how they labeled their machine-guns “defensive weapons” and call our semi-autos “Assault weapons”. No end to the hypocrisy and a good % of the American public are dumb enough to believe this crap.

  • Robert Adams

    The inmates are running the asylum. What a bunch of knuckleheads!

  • conservative

    I want the full auto version of the scissors – you know, the ones with the selector switch.

  • dicksi

    Yep, The 2nd Amendment provided for the population to use scissors against a tyrannical government. Does it seem like we are in the middle of an 8 year nightmare….and we won’t wake up for another 4 years?

  • LEL

    What incredibly inane, fatuous, vacuous, mindless dip sheet could conceive such asininity. In these fools we depend on for Homeland Security.

  • watchdogman

    Idiots, idiots and more idiots..Me with scissors and him with a .45….Lets arm the HLS jokers with scissors instead

    • moonwinx

      I would feel a lot safer if the DHS carried scissors. I don’t think many of them know which end of a gun the bullets come out of!

  • newmexico joe


    • GW

      No, they are in deathly fear of the public , because of what they have done to this country. A muslem terrorist in the white house and they put him there. The backlash will consume them like a forest fire.

    • moonwinx

      They had better start learning to if they continue the crap they’ve been pushing.

  • dankster

    of course finestine will have to approve what type of scissors you can have. can’t have everybody using deadly assault scissors with thumb holes and serrated edges. pinking shears are designed to inflict maximum cutting action in the shortest possible direction and have no reason to ever fall into a civilian’s hands. nobody needs that type of weapon to defend themselves against armed lunatics

  • George2

    To show how DUMB those that are supposedly “smart” are…they recommend putting heavy objects at the doors..Don’t they even realize…doors open OUTWARD…by LAW? A lot of good a pair of scissors will be against a firearm…even if they are THROWN at the shooter. ABSOLUTELY…do away with gun-free zones, and that would-be attacker would think, “I AIN’T BOUT TO GO IN THERE…somebody might take me out before I can even do any harm.

  • The Old Man

    This is the most rediculous training video I have ever seen. A man with a pair of scissors against an armed intruder. Like they sat, do not go to a gunfight with a pair of scissors.
    It’s an insult to my intelligence or anyone else for that matter.

  • justathinker

    Remember, in schools, they only allow “Safety Scissors.” They have blunt tips on dull two inch blades.

  • colt38

    What a piece of garbage information that is. And coming from an agency run by a woman who said that veterans need to be watched because they are the most likely to become terrorists.

  • september

    I think we all know where they should stick those scissors. I would love to see all of obama’s secret service agents protecting him and his daughters at their school with scissors.

  • RightStuff44

    We must ridicule the leftists at every turn. Ridicule is sometimes better than any other weapon of war, and believe me, we are in a war for our liberty.

    If you will notice, Barack Obama uses riducule every day. He twists things on his opponents in a derisive way. Do you know where he got it? Read further.

    Muhammad, the founder of Islam, personally used ridicule as a weapon of war early after he announced his prophethood. Islamic poets were not mere literary artists; they were often warriors who wrote satire and ridicule of the enemy as an important weapon of offensive warfare. Muhammad banned the faithful from drawing human images, including his own, in large part to stamp out idolatry. Violent Muslim overreactions in early 2006 to some European cartoons depicting Muhammad appear to be less manifestations of offended sensitivities than of vulnerability to the power of ridicule.

    Barack Obama is a student of the Koran. He knows this stuff inside and out. He himself knows how powerful ridicule is, and he is quick to call others on it when it is used on him. Remember when the lady reporter said something about his fulsomely large ears, and he snapped her head off about it? Proof that ridicule is the best way to deal with this tyrant. Not even Satan can stand scorn.

    • $26222150

      Ridicule only works on the fearful who lack backbone and self-confidence.

      • RightStuff44

        Deep down, leftists are whining cowards, and Barack Obama is no different. Do you remember the episode I spoke of where the reporter said something about his ears? He snapped back pretty quickly, and let her know he was pretty sensitive to remarks about his ears. Self-confidence? Deep-down inferiority complex, masked by bravado.

  • Phoenomagus

    Guess I see this much differently than most. What I got from it is not “bring scissors to a gunfight” but to find a way, any way necessary, to fight back against bad guys.

    • Black Rain

      Could be your right but, the obvious is not a gun. They are trying to dispute the quote, ” the only thing against a bad guy with a guns is a good guy with a gun. ”
      Scream, kick, bite or blow the mother away.

    • moonwinx

      If your a liberal, you could hit a gunman with your purse! If you’ve got common sense you could use your own gun!

  • Sinatra98

    The IDIOT in charge of HS must also be a looney bird, so now i get rid of my guns and buy a scissor about six foot long, where in the world do these lawmaking idiots go to school, so now i will arm my self with Suimari swords, have to to Japan and see if they have anymore.

  • $5164204

    WELL, I think it is a GREAT IDEA, first let us confiscate his gun and all those who protect Obama and other politicians and give them a pair of scissors to replace them…

    • Black Rain

      Lets try it on Diane Feinstein. She’ll go for it, give up your concealed carry and carry scissors.

  • Nate

    Ya know, if somebody were to come up with a fiction book about a scissors-wielding superhero who takes down terrorists with barber–shears, there wouldn’t be a publisher on earth who’d print it.

    • moonwinx

      Yeah there would. He would be paid by our government with OUR tax dollars!

  • Barbara O’Leary

    I hope no one has to go through this. Sorry about the caps, it is easier for me to see.

  • moonwinx

    Every day in every way these liberals prove their stupidity!


    The best way to protect ourselves is to delete H L S

  • moonwinx

    They conveiniently failed to mention that the Fort Hood shooter was a Muslim! And he was praying to Allah while he was shooting.

  • disqus_Wis3ml9cLz

    the scissors pict. above are ok but the ones with the pinkycurl are not legal & would be banned under Feinsteins new bill as assault scissors…….


  • Eaglestrike

    Some how this doesnt supprise me one bit coming from these idiots.

  • dicksi

    In a late development, the Department of Homeland Security is also endorsing rock and paper as a defense against mass murderers. A spokesman for the department indicated that “rock, paper and scissors can be an effective deterent when facing a deranged killer armed with an assault rifle”.

  • Jon De Rusha

    Why isn’t anyone saying anything about capital punishment? A good, vigorous, swift, application of capital punishment would reduce the crime rate exponentially. We have a history of evidence to that effect regardless of the re-writers of history.

  • Patriotic Veteran

    Do you think that maybe someday we might find a cure for “stupid”?

  • 9Spoon9

    What psychogenics are these morons smoking, snorting, ingesting or injecting? Good plan if you have the advantage of surprise and had absolutely ZERO other options after being trapped in such a situation, but we’re not talking about cutting out paper dolls or snowflakes. The flaky lunatics will kill you unless you are armed, have adequate cover and can place a few rounds center mass. Often return fire has shown to be effective in deterring further advancement; criminals often retreat. In the case of a real nut jobs, his or her termination of their beating heart is the only sure thing.

    I’m sure we’ll now see DHS personnel carrying nothing more than a pair of pointed scissors and maybe a can of mace/pepper spray. I’ve also have land for sale 100 miles due south of Venice, LA that I’d like to sell.

  • Mike Won

    Homeland Security seems more & more like a Gay Gestapo, not just gender challenged but mentally challenged too. [And can we see an example of a ‘violent’ comment?]

  • $5905143

    Like getting road directions from a blind person.

  • WWSD

    Do you have to get a permit to carry a pair of scissors concealed? I’ll bet an armed lunatic would die laughing if several people pulled out a pair of scissors and tried to stop them (as he sprayed lead at them from his new DHS automatic rifle that Obuma gave to him).

  • Gary

    bear spray Is the best.40 feet range and will put you out of action for a very long time

  • Idadho

    Just think of all of the teachers found dead in the hallway while clutching their school issued ‘safety scissors.’ A KelTec PMR30 should be the minimum school issued defensive weapon.

  • JRCancio

    I wonder how much the expense of this piece of c**p video production; when one round well placed by a legal gun owner carrying concealed would end the critical violent incident immediately in most situations. And cost $0.67 cents. Some of the information was valid and good advice. The trouble, I have experienced several times when my life has been in jeparody, is just what the response time is for police and ambulance to arrive. I also, as a well practiced shooter and twice concealed carry and exposed carry person, I know precisely what can occur and how short of time frame required. So far, we have been lucky.
    Also there was in this production several very serious actions presented that would put a person’s life in jeparody if they do as seen in this video. Example the woman stopping to call 911 standing in front of glass doors; police officers advancing with only one set of eyes forward and though they may be wearing body armour their faces, necks, arms and legs are all exposed and anyone taking out the lead officer are going to ball up all the men behind them. One, two or three rounds from a shotgun shooting at the legs of those officers would render them all mute to the critical incident situation. There is the person electing to hide in their office leaving themselves vunerable when right behind them are windows and they are at ground level. Pick up a chair and throw it at the window and then flee. There are so many other potentially dangerous things presented in this video. The very worse not even discussed please consider with individuals who know what they are doing and are also capable of long range shooting even with a handgun what could happen. So far we have been lucky.
    There is one thing sure, for all their intelligence the persons working for the DHS are so childish and stupid it is embarrassing.

  • gutterfalcon

    Total idiocy Now Fire Homeland security officers. What if I can’t make it to my scissors ? Will a sewing needle do ?

  • sandman

    While they order a billion 9mm bullets? where can I find a pait of scissors with a high compacity mag.?

  • dadinmo

    Why not just give the Shooter a TIME OUT????

  • servant

    YES, SIR!
    Just leave it to the Progressive Liberal Democrats, to supply us with non-sense!

    What’s next? Please bring a knife to a gun-fight?
    Or better yet, tell them to sit down, while we bake them a pie?
    For this they spend our hard-earned tax dollars?
    D.H.S. I hope have many a red-faced personal, due to the shame of such non sense!
    R. Reagan was right, I am from the Federal Government…. I am here to help ! AS THE MOST DANGEROUS WORDS EVER HEARD!
    This proves there NO shame in OUR White House nor within His Cabinet!

  • vaarchery

    what a joke this is .

  • jfreddick13

    Wonderful. DOHS advice to law-abiding citizens: Cower and hide! Bring scissors or other IMPROVISED weapon to a gunfight if you can’t cower or hide. Very sad. What would it hurt to instead say: “If you are carrying a firearm and have been adequately trained in its use, engage the active shooter with your firearm. Be aware that there could be multiple shooters. Once the shooter(s) within your area of influence is neutralized, secure your weapon and offer aid to others until law enforcement and EMS arrive. Cooperate with and follow the instructions of uniformed law enforcement officers.”

  • Enslaved_at_gVnp01nt

    Why does our government arm themselves so heavily and disarm the honest citizen? Said the German Jewish man.

  • OldNorthState

    They didn’t even mention whipping out the Elmer’s glue and craft paper (pastel green and orange combination is nice) along with the scissors, then fashioning a realistic looking handgun, knife or even Jedi lightsabre while under desk, emerging and frightening away the perpetrators. Or, you could have the perp stand still while you glue his eyelids together, rendering him harmless. Or, sneek up and paper-cut the heck outa’ him (those really sting like crazy). Or simply call him out into the hallway, and tell him he’s “REALLY in trouble now, and will have to stay after school, and everything!”…

    Are we actually funding these DHS dufusses? Lord, help us all. Just pull out the hogleg and drop the dirtbag.

  • Sagebrush6

    Remember, your safety is your own responsibility.
    The only reason you call the police is to verify, justify and clean up the mess. And this can only be done after the fact. They do not show up prior to an event (except on TV).

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    So why is DHS purchasing 7,000 automatic weapons? Aren’t scissors good enough for them? The general public are being played as dupes by these power mongering over-controlling bureaucrats. One person with a CCW wouldn’t need to go looking for a pair of scissors

  • treerat

    Scissors wouldn’t work against ONE “shooter”, much less MORE than one! And if this is the solution, why is Homeland Security buying up ammunition in HUGE amounts? Shouldn’t they be buying up scissors?

  • Ashley Prince

    this is such a joke, it makes me wish i could burst into laughter, but this garbage is being pushed onto us. it’s not a joke unfortunately, it’s the state of our near communist government. for God sakes, obama’s little liberal cronies are now trying to appeal the 22nd amendment saying that a president can only have 2 terms. it’s time to “arise o ye sleepers”. a revolution is near people, be prepared for whatever happens. hopefully it doesn’t get to that, but it seems like the prime time.

  • Jeannine Jansen

    Well what is wrong with that? If we kill enough shooters with scissors what will we cut our paper with when they ban scissors? It is hard to believe these morons are in a position of authority. Soooo much easier and safer to shoot back with your conceal carry weapon.

  • Jeannine Jansen

    A Police Officer I know was at the air port and his gun was in his luggage and the IDIOT HOMELAND Security Officer did NOT know how to check the gun to see if it was loaded. This is the GARBAGE we are protected by? That is just another reason why we need our own guns to protect ourselves and homeland security. What a Joke!!

  • Don Vine

    I am surprised they did’t say the students scissors with the rounds edges…

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