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News Crew Knowingly Interviews Rapist As “Anti-Gun” Expert

Once upon a time, if you wanted reliable information you looked no further than your local news. Not so much today.

A news crew from WHIO-TV recently interviewed convicted rapist Jerome McCorry about his opinion on gun control. McCorry is a man who is unable to own a firearm because of his own felony conviction and yet he was asked how he feels about rights that belong to law-abiding citizens.

(Hmmm…a rapist who’s against gun control? Who would have thought!)

Of course criminals are against gun control; they want to be in control of them! However the news station fully neglected to disclose this pertinent information about the man and his background when they interviewed him.

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  • fliteking

    What will liberals and their media whores do when only they remain?

    There will be no truth.

  • OldDocBen

    America is a rape victim. We have been raped by the liars, thieves, and cowards we put in office and (surprise) they too are in favor of gun control. Anyone up for a revolution?

    • Obwon


  • foxxybey

    Leave it to the Lame Stream Media to do something like this, not one smart person works for them, a bunch of sick commies is all they are.

  • It is so sickening it is sad that the media has come to this?? it makes me gag

  • De-Que

    Wait ! Was his name Teddy Kennedy? Oh no wait This ‘gun control’ is in HONOR of him…

  • machodog


  • Randy131

    Who better to interview about peace and harmony than a convicted rapist, perpetrator of the most heinous and violent crime toward women, oh, that’s right, advancing the agenda is much more important, for the ends do justify the means, just ask any liberal or look at the actions of WHIO-TV. WHIO-TV proves the point of what is more important to them, and it’s not about protecting women from a rapist, either before the crime with supporting banning guns, or after the crime with a friendly rapist interview.

  • sandman

    Are these idiots for real? this sound like something Pierce on CNN would do, and then tell him he is a very smart man!

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    With a Washington Administration filled with subversives and Communists, and a “News” Media which functions no better than a propaganda machine, how can we believe ANYTHING we’re told? I don’t.

  • oldfox

    Knee-jerk journalism. Do not watch the news. In fact avoid the TV. They bombard you with 20 minutes of sales pitches an hour to make you buy stuff you don’t need and switch you from one brand to another, and then they turn around and deny that what kids and people see on television has no influence on human behavior.

    They actually SAY that. They are serially insulting you.

  • If you want the truth watch NRA news Cam and company on sportsman channel at 5:00 pm mon thru fri

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