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Virginian Carries AR-15 into Grocery Store

2nd Amend.

Virginian Carries AR-15 into Grocery Store

A 22-year-old man in Charlottesville, Virginia, scared the shit out of a group of people Sunday night when he walked into a grocery store with a loaded AR-15 strapped to his back. And as a result he pissed of folks on both sides of the debate.

Charlottesville’s reports that an unidentified man entered a Charlottesville Kroger grocery store at 5:00 p.m. Sunday night. He left again, returned to his car and retrieved an AR-15. He then went back into the store.

The real twist to this story is that he doesn’t seem to have been there to shoot anyone or steal anything. That’s how most of these stories seem to be going these days. Instead, it seems, the man was exercising his legal right to open carry.

The patrons of the store panicked and fled, dialing 911 as they went. The police arrived in time to find the man in the parking lot of the grocery store with his rifle. The peacefully detained the man. There was a note in his pocket, declaring his intent to express his second amendment rights. The police questioned him. And after determining that he had broken no laws, they released him.



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  • edro3111

    I appreciate him exercising his rights but people, let’s not piss off the public right now by showboating. He could just have easily carried a sidearm and never raised an eyebrow probably. I think he went just a tad overboard. Just my opinion and I don’t mean to piss anyone off. I wouldn’t carry my AR anywhere unless I was on the way to practice shoot or such.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Yup, that guy is throwing gasoline on the fire of the gun debate. People have already been scared by the propaganda coming from the “News” Media. Lets not give the gun grabbers more ammo to complain about.

      • Rodney Small

        He did show some people that it is quite legal and I actually don’t see anything wrong with it. What would have happened if he was to bring a ball bat into the store….. Machettie,,…….

    • Wayne Klotz

      they are not going to change unless they see it more often. but they see police every day.

  • Black Rain

    There are a couple states which you can carry openly. Why would he be arrested, David Gregory brought a 30rd clip on a nationally televised show. The 30rd clip is illegal in New York where the show was produced and nothing happened to him.
    Apparently the patrons of the state/city/store do not know the firearms laws. Would be a good idea for the local sheriff to hold a town hall meeting to inform residents the local gun laws. With everything going on in the country, be a good idea for all county sheriff to do so.
    Great job Charlotteville, Va police Lt.

    • Wayne Klotz

      good idea

    • Joel Jollymore

      Actually it was in DC where he had the magazine. The police refused permission for him to use it on the show, he ignored them, and they refused to charge him. Anyone busted for an ‘illegal’ mag in DC should contest it on the grounds of selective enforcement.

  • justathinker

    The note was obviously there in case he was shot & killed for legally carrying.

    • wminaz

      A number of years ago there was a news story about some dummy who tried to hold up a gun store that had a number of customers, including at least one off duty LEO, kn the store and apparently they made quite a mess out of him. Sounded like something a doper would do.

  • foxxybey

    I believe all states should be open carry states.

    • Reb Biker

      …AND concealed carry states. The Second Amendment is my concealed carry permit.

      • foxxybey

        Amen Reb Biker, you are so right. God Bless Friend and safe riding:

    • Rodney Small

      2nd amendment is the right to bear arms and I’m going to start but in Alaska and Texas where I winter it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Looks like I might have to take road trip.

  • phillyg

    Idiot. Just because there’s a right to carry doesn’t mean you have to exercise it in scenarios that unnecessarily upset people. He went into the store without the weapon, went back to his car and back into the store with the weapon. Regardless of his intent, he could have appeared to some people to be casing the store then reentering for some evil-doing. I’d be upset, too.

    • Reb Biker

      I agree. Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cool when going about your business.

    • Rodney Small

      He is only 22 and maybe he needs a little direction.

  • Bar0Ranch

    More people need to exercise their Second Amendment right in order to prevent the girly-men and bleeding heart liberals from going into panic mode. Fortunately I live in a rural area and I carry every day
    The folks down at Wal-mart, the gas station, and other places I go to don’t seem to mind. No one has ever screamed gun and dove under the table.
    Just sayin’.

  • Guard SGT

    Well, in Iraq we did have to empty and clear our weapons before going into the PX. We all had at least one magazine on us. I would have two.

  • Rattlerjake

    He’s 22, so he kinda over did it. Point is it shows just how paranoid this government has made the sheeple in this country. I open carry nearly everywhere I go (NC), I refuse to pay to conceal carry and be put on a government list, which are both unconstitutional. I have people look at me strangely a lot, but I figure that’s their problem, they’re just ignorant. This LEGAL immigrant put it best:

  • Guard SGT

    I led a Color Guard Detail for a Grand Opening of a Sam’s Club. We brought two M-16s, minus bolts and the State and National Flags. After the ceremony, my two Soldiers in uniform and with the knowledge of the manager, carried the M-16 openly in the store. No one ran out, but some customers did question us about it and the manager.
    We joked that if anyone stole one of the rifles, put a magazine in it, boy would they poop their pants when they pulled the charging handle back!
    That was why we didn’t take the bolts at the Armory. We didn’t need them. The rifles aren’t worth much without them!

    • crazzyotto

      think FORT HOOD, TX. having our soldiers UNARMED in their own camp is INSANE! talk about stupid ‘gun free zones’ ????????

  • Reb Biker

    Our cops in Virginia do seem to know the gun laws pretty well. That’s because our priceless Virginia Citizens Defense League keeps their noses to the grindstone, and makes a BIG deal out of incidents where our Second Amendment rights are violated. We have fun raising hell at city council meetings. I GLADLY pay my dues each year to .

  • 76reck

    I bet no one tried to shoot up or rob the store while he was in there. but , I agree a little over the top.

  • Garry

    The only reason it would be thought of as over the top is due to the MSM conditioning us to over reaction. The continuous sensationalism of mass killings where it is common place in Chicago for 10 or 20 people a week to be murdered and you don’t hear about it.

    Buck up, you guys. Don’t let them manipulate you into feeling guilty for exercising your fundamental rights.

  • Dan from Ohio

    i always open carry ny handgun when I,m out,but I think the ar15 might be a bit much at this time

    • Bambam

      Is Ohio an open carry state ?

    • crazzyotto

      here in IN, i open carry 24/7 ! some of my buds say ‘dont
      open carry, you give away the element of surprise’; my
      answer is ….. look, i do not want some brain dead hoodlum trying to
      hurt me; so, i open carry a 40. if he is dumb enough to take
      me on – instead of saying ‘ oops, i think i’ll go for that
      other dude who is unarmed ‘- then he deserves anything i can
      throw his way!!!

  • $29077531

    A little bit of discretion should be used in matter like these, I agree a hand gun is the least intrusive and probably would not start a small riot, so I think for all concerned a little discretion would go a very long way .

  • crazzyotto

    i participated in the GUNS ACROSS AMERICA rally in indy on 1/19. about 1,000 folks walked around the state capitol, peacefully. there were over a dozen with LOADED AR-15’s and/or AK-47’s over their shoulders. and dozens, including me, with open carry pistols on their belt. there were about six IMPD cars [two officers each] present. their function seemed to be to make sure some ANTI-gun nut did not try to upset the rally and get his own ass in trouble. there is NOTHING wrong w/ peaceful carry!! back in the 60’s myself and two friends boarded a city bus, late on a fri night, to the subway, to PORT AUTHORITY where we got on a bus to the catskill mntns to hunt squirrel. one had a .22 rifle over shoulder and the other two had shotguns in hand. we spent sat. hunting and returned late sat aftrnn with a few dead squirrels IN HAND via the same route and NO ONE gave us a second glance. IN NEW YORK CITY! oh, i forgot; that was in the era BEFORE cell phones. OMG! oh yeah, i forgot, that was back in the era BEFORE they were doping up any kid in school who had a ‘problem’. so, people had no reason to worry about three teenagers ARMED, on public transportation, late on a fri night.

    for a look at my sign at the rally, see this link [i’m the dude w/ the beard at the beginning of the news clip]: . peace.

  • Kestrel Blackfeather

    There should be a National Day of Open Carry.

  • Ed Williams

    A couple points: 1) Back when I was in high school in the ’60s, it was common to see pickups in the school parking lot fitted with gun racks holding actual, sometimes loaded, guns. As this was still America, it was no big deal and quite normal. 2) We have no “2nd Amendment rights”. We have Sovereign human rights, which are (at least theoretically) guaranteed by our Constitution and its amendments.

    • Casmige

      As one of the finest Presidents your Country ever had stated oh so eloquently:

      “..And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought
      are still at issue around the globe—the belief that the rights of man
      come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.”

  • Gaspar Cruz III

    Our biggest problem in America is that too many people have an irrational fear of firearms and yet I see them playing tag with tractor trailers on the freeways in thier Prius’ while doing 70 MPH.

  • Bob Duffey

    We’re getting to the point in this country where this is going to become mainstream, not to mention neccessary. It would be a surefire way to cut down on crime. What idiot with a Saturday night special is going to try to go up against someone with an AR-15 on their shoulder. Maybe if people did this in Chicago, the murder rate might drop.

  • scrambo

    more people need to have the balls to open carry without breaking the law…of course that would prompt every little two bit city council in amerika to pass an ordinance like dodge city and there would be no more open carry…what gives ?

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