A hooked marlin sinks a fishing boat? Well, something like that

A fisherman off Panama was battling a huge black marlin when the battle took a turn for the worse. The fish sank the boat.

Or as Marlin Magazine put it on its Facebook post, “Marlin Wins!”

Not all the details are in, but apparently the captain began backing down on the huge fish, a common practice in big-game fishing when a fish is taking line. He puts the boat in reverse to chase the fish.

One commenter on Marlin Magazine’s Facebook post who apparently had some knowledge of the incident said that the captain fell as he was backing down on the fish at full throttle. The boat took on too much water and, finally, there was no correcting the situation.

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  • Stan

    What? No cry for Marlin control? lol

  • DenverKitty

    Fish versus fishermen…score = 1-0 in favor of the fish.

  • violater1

    Marlins 1 Moron 0 yea Marlins!

  • Krell51

    Sounds like carelessness sunk the boat


    What a fish story! Next time, the captain should wear a holster for some scissors. He’ll be ready for anything then.

  • Lack of using one’s God given talents and a brain !

  • name

    Holy mackerel!

  • TAM44

    Well, isn’t it the big ones that always get away.

  • parlayer

    There ought to be a law!! Against “Backing Down” Same as giving up where I come from.

  • ves

    well tonight at the Marlin Bar …. Mr. Black Marlin tells his stunned audience about the humans and boat that he caught!

  • Docmo

    Yep, Marlin control, and back-up control too. From now on, no boats are allowed to be navigated in reverse. Sort of how our government is doing, going backwards and sinking the country.

    Thanks, and I really feel sorry for the captain. This has to be the end of his maritime adventures. Or, it would absolutely be the end for me. My friends would laugh me into the water or I’d be marooned on a deserted island.
    Big boy toys can be dangerous. Wonderful that the photo boat was so close. Otherwise lives likely would have been lost.
    U S Boy Scouts are prepared for such. Knife, scissors, or cutting pliers at the ready, back-up partner at the wheel, and not letting your adrenalin overcome your brain.

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