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Family Threatened with Possible Prison Sentence for Rescuing a Baby Deer


Family Threatened with Possible Prison Sentence for Rescuing a Baby Deer

When Connersville police officer Jeff Counceller first encountered the baby deer, she was curled up in the corner of a front porch.It was clear the fawn was injured. Counceller could see the wounds… If left to its own, the animal would surely die… So the Councellers took in the deer, which they named Dani, cleaned and dressed its wounds and nursed it back to health, all with the intention of turning it out into the wild once it was big enough and strong enough to have a chance on its own. …she was unable to stand, and her maggot-infested wound was ugly. The Councellers contacted DNR at the time but were told to return the deer to the wild and let nature take its course. “It would have been a death sentence,” Jeff said.

So the family did what any decent people would do. They nursed the deer back to health. But decency and government often are in conflict.

Trouble is, what the Councellers did is against the law. Now, more than two years after rescuing the deer, more than six months after conservation officers began an investigation, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources wants them prosecuted. …DNR officials began an investigation that entailed half a dozen visits to their home and numerous calls to local authorities. In July, the agency issued an eight-page report and asked for a special prosecutor from another county to handle the case. Why the charges are being sought now — six months later — isn’t clear.



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  • lokiswife

    Isn’t it strange how government agents go after the “little guy” who is doing something right, but they don’t go against the big guys who are doing something very wrong? Isn’t there a zoo or animal refuge that can take the deer, it has been around people so long it has no fear of them and would be an easy target for a hunter or other prey. Turn on the common sense and find a solution that puts the deer first, not government regulations..They fudge on government regulations all the time for the big guys, give Dani a chance! What a waste of taxpayer money to keep pushing the case….

  • lionel

    Remain Anonymous, Keep your Head down and Always lie (not tell the whole truth) to the cops.

  • proudwhite

    Leave the COUNCELLERS alone, and go after ERIC HOLDER, who SOLD GUNS to the DRUG CARTELS. More asinine DEMOCRATS causing trouble.

  • sandy

    little government minds a work here. Common sense does not prevail at DNR. Hope they get off Scott Free by some sensible minded jurist, if there any left.

    • AndrewJerome

      D N RDNR? It’s what we should do with our government……….DO NOT RESUSCITATE !

    • mike88

      If the Jury members used Jury Nullification they would get off Scott Free. Anybody in the neck of the woods that this happened in, that is on the Jury should inform their other Jury Members about Jury Nullification where as the Jury has the power and authority to Nullify the Law, and all of the Charges against these kind people.

  • $13614178

    Just another of the THOUSANDS of incidents we are seeing today that prove that government is too big and out of control . We need to redirect out efforts to reduce the government at ALL levels , and one of the best places to start is with idiotic bullies that just want to show they have a little power over people , replacing them with people of commonsense .

    • mike88

      The only power over the people that these Agencies and or Agents have is the power we gave to them, if more people stood up to these agencies and refuse to comply with the Dictates that they law out for us to follow, they would soon lose their power over us and we would regain our original power back. We all should refuse to recognize their power or authority over us.

  • m2

    Right. Obviously the most important thing to do would have been to call LE and they will call someone like Animal Control who will come out with Jack Boots and guns drawn, scare the hell out of the animal and everything else within a 2 mile radius, and then murder it in the name of government proper intervention.

    We saw the same thing down here in FL where they shot a loose monkey out of a tree with a drugged dart, therefore making it fall and die from having fallen from such a height. The Goons were just done having a pizza party and watching Rambo episodes along with some of their blueshirt TSA goon friends.

  • mike88

    The family should have never calling the Department of Natural Resources or any other governmental agency for any purpose,it will always backfire on you for doing so, even if you believe it is the Right thing to do it won’t be. They should have just nursed the fawn back to health on their own, then released it back into the wild when it was strong enough to fend for itself. The DNR would have not been the wiser, and the family itself would have known they did all they could for the little deer. Moral of this story is don’t involve the government in anything you do , It will always backfire on you and be held against you every time. It should not be this way but this is the way it is in a Totalitarian Governmental System.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      I totally agree with your assessment about not getting any government bureaucracy involved. I had a buddy who was glider flying and struck a golden eagle. It damaged his sailplane. He watched the bird fall to ground, and then later drove out to locate the bird. Being the good citizen that he was (he’s dead now. A drunk driver hit him.) he called the Wildlife Agency to report what happened. Big mistake….the got a fine out of it! I suppose that had it been a duck, nobody would have cared? It’s not like he was flying around looking for a Golden Eagle to hit….the bird was just “there” and BANG! Never trust a government bureaucrat to do anything requiring Common Sense, because most of them lost their Common Sense when they got the job.

  • bodica

    Its called ‘lawfare’ and is used to systematically demoralise the citizen and render us afraid to take any initiative; to confuse us regarding our rights and responsibilities, and to set us up for legal abuse and potentially lethal conflict with authorities..

  • bodica

    Never feed the petty bureaucrat’s lust for power! I support the Councellors and an order for the DNR to attend back to back screenings of Bambi. Unleash the kiddies of America on them! Sounds like they’ve been subjected to the drip of Darwinist poison.

  • Jerry Reames

    ins’t that just great try to be good preson to the four legged and they come after you what a joke.

  • Eris

    And if they didn’t help it, the authorities probably would’ve brought them up on cruelty to animals charges. Either way one can be screwed by the system.

  • Joanne Satmary

    Stupidity and bad faith seem to be the hallmark of any government agency in todays world. I congratulate this couple for helping this animal. I just hope when one of these gov idiots get hurt they will not refuse to be helped because it is against some senseless law.

  • rivahmitch

    People need to learn that no part of government is their friend.

  • edro3111

    Sound like some government loony is enjoying getting an erection by messing with the common citizen!

  • foxxybey

    Idiots with power have to show it off from time to time, it’s their ego’s and nothing more, tell them to go pound dirt. Nazi’s at it once again.

  • BrassRing

    Last year I had a baby bear that kept climbing the fence into my chicken pen. The little fella loved those chickens (and he ate their feed) We’d run him off, and he’d peek out from behind a tree until we left and go right back.

    Some nosy neighbor called the game warden and said I had a baby bear penned up and bottle feeding it. I told him I couldn’t keep him OUT of my pen. Luckily, I had taken some great pics of him climbing over the fence and the game warden was an ok guy so I was in the clear.
    The laws on wildlife violations are tough, you’d be better off robbing a bank.

    • babygirl01

      sometimes you have to hide from your neighbors more than anything else !!!! my ex-husband brought home a nest of day-old flying squirrels when he was clear cutting some trees. one tree that fell had a small squirrel run out, so he thought it was a baby, but upon closer inspection, he found the nest with the 4 babies !! it was March, rainy and cold, and the mother never did come back. They watched all day to see if she’d come back, so they knew she hadn’t. we called a wild life vet in the area, to see what we could do for them. he gave us formulas and ideas on how to handle their needs. over time, the three males ended up dying, but the little girl made it through to adulthood !! we named her “weeble” because when she first started walking, she wobbled, but she didn’t fall down !!! (LOLOL) anyway, somehow the dnr found out and notified us that she was an endangered species and we could end up in jail for having her. when she was old enough, we let her go in a tree next to a lake where my inlaws had a home. the next time we went to visit, we found her again, with about 10 other f. squirrels, in the feeder we’d put out for her to help her until she adjusted to the wild. she remembered us and came to us slowly, but finally we could pet her again. then something scared her badly, and that was the last time she let us close to her. but the dnr will lie to get their agenda out there !!! flying squirrels are NOT endangered, they are protected, but that didn’t stop them from threatening us.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Does the Department of Natural Resources even need to exist? Are they existing simply to exist? Is that department “making work” for themselves by hassling these people who saved that baby deer? If these good people get prosecuted I wish I could be on the jury!

  • whisperatnight

    It’s not ok to save a little deer, but it is ok to give or smuggle weapons of mass destruction to violent regimes and criminal cartels..

    • babygirl825

      also abortions

  • Charles Sifers

    No arguing that the government is out of control, but how do people who are supposed to be about the “outdoors” not understand why this cop is being prosecuted? Really?
    I get that a bunch of leftist bedwetters would be all about saving “Bambi”, but wouldn’t outdoorsmen understand that this deer is food, first? If the guy wanted to be humane, he should have put the deer down and left it for the coyotes.
    Now, he has a human habituated deer that will be a danger to humans, and probably live a very short life.
    Come on guys, put on your big boy pants.
    This cop and his wife should be prosecuted, and if found guilty, the judge has the option of putting them on parole and ordering that they get educated as to how they should have acted in the first place. This is similar to how 1st time offenders are handled in drug and other nonviolent offenses.

  • donl

    Pure Communism, they want to control everything in our lives. The obama Regime is out to take our Freedoms no matter what. Read up on the history of communism, you will find out how obama is following the communist life style. He likes, trotsky, lenin, stalin, hitler, mussolini, castro, and all of the other Communist rulers. We The People MUST be prepared to fight this Evil Regime.

  • donl

    Oh yeah,I hope you can nurse this deer back to health AND happiness, the government is to busy trying to take away our Freedoms.

  • MrsPogadaeus

    If they had been in a conservation group or rescue organization, it probably would not have even been an issue. Because the groups and orgs have ‘permission’ from the government to engage in certain activities, while private citizens do not. It’s just how crazy government control has gotten. I would never call the government and ask for advice or if I were doing the ‘right thing’ or not. They are not the ultimate moral compass. (Even though it’s probably not the best thing to do – get a deer used to people and then just release it. That, too, could be a death sentence. Better to take it to a animal rescue place where they can adequately care for it and release it in a way that has been successful over time…)

  • TonysTake ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Great! Indiana is another State that will never see a tourist dollar from me or my extensive Email list of family and friends. In fact, if there is any way to drive around the hell hole, I will go out of my way to avoid having to breathe the same air.

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